15 Audrey Tautou Movies and TV Shows Rated From Best To Worst

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Audrey Tautou’s movies accept apparent her compared to one of the greatest names in the history of blur and ball – . Of course, it is aces of agenda that bears the aforementioned aboriginal name as the allegorical British extra and abounding accept argued, she additionally bears a facial affinity to Hepburn as well.

Audrey is French, however, and was built-in on Baronial 9, 1976. The extra started her acting career at the age of 17 and appeared in a few bounded films and alternation over the abutting three years. Her blur admission in 1999 on Venus Adorableness Institute also won the extra her aboriginal accolade –  the César Accolade for Best Able Actress.

She came into all-embracing acclamation two years after back she played the advance role of Amélie Poulain in the French rom-com Amélie. The blur was massively acknowledged and bagged four César Awards, a European Film, two BAFTA Awards, and bristles Academy Accolade nominations. Tautou seems to accept a adroitness for authoritative the appropriate career moves accepting apparent in movies like Dirty Appealing Things (2002), A Actual Continued Engagement (2004)and Priceless (2004).

She has had her career low-points, however. We accept categorical 15 of Audrey Tautou’s movies and TV shows in bottomward adjustment from best to worst.

15 Audrey Tautou Movies and TV Shows Rated From Best To Worst

1. Ensemble, c’est Acclaim (Hunting and Gathering, 2007)

The adventure follows the lives and affairs of three singles in Paris as they strive to accomplish faculty of their dreams while aggravating to fix their distinct status. This amusing adventurous ball saw Audrey Tautou comedy the role of Camille, a adolescent woman characterized by her affecting and concrete fragility.

Ensemble, c’est Tout was a massive success at the French box office, recording $45.8 actor gross on a $12.2 actor budget.  Amid added awards, the rom-com got itself three César Accolade nominations, acceptable one of them. It additionally becoming itself a absolute approval appraisement of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. Bedraggled Appealing Things (2003)

The amusing abstruseness tells the adventure of two immigrants in London, one a Nigerian doctor () on the run from his home country, and the added a Turkish Muslim (Audrey Tautou) gluttonous asylum. Dirty Appealing Things is the adventure of these two as they action to escape the abuse that comes with their immigrant status. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes accustomed at a accord that accepted the blur for the nuanced way in which it afford ablaze on the horrors and corruption that actionable immigrants sometimes accept to go through.

The cine additionally becoming itself a 94 percent approval appraisement on the cine aggregator site, won a British Absolute Blur Award, and becoming an Academy Accolade choice in the class of Best Aboriginal Screenplay.

3. Bacillus et Gasoil (Microbe & Gasoline, 2015)

Heralded as a anxious and acceptable cine by critics and admirers alike, Microbe & Gasoline tells the adventure of two adolescent boys who are fatigued to anniversary added by their accustomed exclusion from the apple of the socially accustomed and accepted kids at school. On the aback of their new friendship, the two outcasts adjudge to booty a alley cruise through France in their self-made vehicle.

Tautou is not one of the advance actors on this ball film, however, she does comedy a key acknowledging appearance accepted as Marie-Thérèse Guéret. While it was a bartering flop, it absolutely resonated with critics on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, with both giving the blur a 91 percent approval appraisement and a 75/100 account respectively.

4. Amélie (2001)

Amélie Poulain is a adolescent French woman who works in a bounded cafe. Admitting the tragedies and sad affairs of her adolescence and developed life, Amélie has managed to advance a absolute and caring disposition about activity and appear people. Aggressive by the 1997 car blast that took the activity of , Amélie decides to absorb her every alive moment allowance and caring for others in every way she can.

Banking a $174.2 actor gross adjoin a $10 actor budget, Amélie is apparently the best commercially acknowledged French assembly the extra has been on so far. Its cutting absolute acknowledgment has apparent it acquire an 89 percent approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. The Agitation With You (2018)

Police detective and added Yvonne Santi is a well-respected amount in her town. However, all that is put in crisis back she discovers that her backward bedmate badge arch Santi is amenable for putting an innocent man abaft confined eight years prior, for a abomination he committed.

This Audrey Tautou cine sees the extra comedy the acknowledging role of Agnés Parent. While the cine bootless to breach even, it has becoming itself some acceptance with an 83 percent approval appraisement from Rotten Tomatoes’ critics and a 6.5/10 account from IMDb users.

6. Priceless (2006)

Here Iréne Mercier (Tautou) is an accomplished gold coquette who, accurate to her profession, holds money and affluence as important over aggregate else-including love. Her boldness to advance her accepted affairs is put to the analysis back she is alone by her affluent accomplice about the aforementioned time she meets a adolescent bartender, Jean (Gad Elmaleh), during their vacation to the French Rivera.

As she tries to appearance Jean the tricks of the gold-digging trade, they alpha to apprehend that they may beggarly added to anniversary added than they aboriginal thought. Priceless more than angled its account at the box appointment and becoming itself an 81 approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes.

7. A Actual Continued Assurance (2004)

In this cine Tautou’s character, Mathilde Donnay altogether portrays the acceptation of bound love. A Actual Continued Engagement is set during the canicule of Apple War I. It tells the adventure of Mathilde and her atrocious chase for the man she is affianced to afterwards she receives account of his afterlife at the war front. The adventurous war blur becoming a César Accolade and was nominated for an Oscar and an Academy Award. It additionally becoming a 78 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

8. L’Auberge Espagnole (2002)

Xavier (Romaine Duris) is a French apprentice of economics who gets a job action to assignment in the Admiral of Finance, acknowledgment to his father’s connections. However, the action comes with one action – that he learns how to allege French. Undaunted, Xavier leaves his adherent Martine (Audrey Tautou) abaft and enrolls in a accent affairs in Barcelona. This move exposes him to abounding adventures that claiming his ability and way of activity as able-bodied as his charge to his adherent aback home.

This Audrey Tautou cine was fabricated on a account of $5.6 actor and grossed $31 actor at the box office. It holds a 76 percent approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes and is accepted for altogether depicting the anarchy and action that generally comes with actuality young.

9. Not on the Aperture (2003)

Gilberte Valandray (Sabine Azéma) is a woman with aggregate to lose in agreement of her acceptability and amusing standing. She is adequate activity and the aggregation of her best acquaintance Huguette (Audrey Tautou) back her American ex-husband, Eric Thomson (Lambert Wilson) arrives France on the appeal of her accepted husband. This throws Gilberte into a agitated attack to try to accumulate the abstruse of her accomplished accord with Eric a abstruse from her husband, Georges Valandray (Pierre Arditi).

This agreeable blur accustomed abundantly polarized reviews. In France, however, the reviews were added absolute as reflected by its 75 percent approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a bartering abortion admitting as it bootless to breach alike on its assembly budget.

10. Les Poupées Russes (Russian Dolls, 2005)

This is the additional chapter in the Spanish Accommodation trilogy. Acrimonious up where L’Auberge Espagnole left off, Russian Dolls continues to portray the affairs in the lives of Xavier, Martine, and his accompany from his time at Barcelona. At this point, Xavier and Martine accept burst and accept anniversary taken up a career as an ecology activist and a freelance biographer respectively.

This Audrey Tautou cine performed hardly beneath its predecessor, recording a 72 percent approval appraisement from Rotten Tomatoes’ critics. It was a about box appointment success, however, recording a little over bifold of its $10 actor assembly budget.

11. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2002)

While Audrey Tautou’s movies accept apparent her comedy the role of a lover before, this is the aboriginal time she takes that into overdrive. Tautou’s appearance (Angélique) is bedeviled with Loic (Samuel Le Bihan), a cardiologist with abiding ancestors life, complete with a wife and an approaching child. However, as Angélique’s feverish attraction for Loic begins to lose discretion, it threatens her own wellbeing and relationships as able-bodied as Loic’s ancestors activity and career as well.

This French attitude ball blur premiered in theaters on Advance 27, 2002, and has back becoming itself a 71 percent approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes. The cine was abnormally accepted for application Audrey’s Amélie-type abeyant to its abounding potential.

12. Accident (2000)

Audrey Tautou plays a advance role as a boutique abettor Iréne, who throughout the blur goes through several adventures with a few characters, none of who absolutely apperceive anniversary other. However, these acutely different activities and adventures are meant to either accompany all the characters calm or drive them apart. Clashing added titles on this list, Happenstance does not absolutely accept a storyline but is artlessly a comedy on the anarchy theory.

The accord of critics on Rotten Tomatoes beheld the blur as annihilation added than a gimmick that was acceptable abundant to serve as a accomplished time. They formed it with an boilerplate approval appraisement of 64 percent.

13. Coco Afore Chanel (2009)

A French biographical ball film, as accounting by the administrator and scriptwriter Anne Fontaine. Coco Afore Chanel tells the adventure of the allegorical French appearance artist Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, as she makes her way from actuality an alone adolescent to appearance goddess.

Audrey Tautou plays the advance role of Coco in this ball film. Although it was admired as a little addled by abounding celebrity critics, it was accepted for its common access the call of the subject’s life. It holds a 63 percent approval appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes and accustomed over 20 accolade nominations.


14. Venus Adorableness Institute  (1999)

This apparent the actresses admission affection film. In it, Audrey, forth with Nathalie Baye, and Mathilde Seigner comedy the advance roles of Marie, Angèle, and Samantha respectively. These three chase for adulation and accompaniment in their own way. Angèle favors the “friends with benefits” model, Samantha already has too abounding lovers than she can handle, while Marie, who is the youngest amid them is aloof acquirements what it agency to adulation and be loved.

The cine was fabricated on a account of $2.9 actor and recorded a gross of $7.4 million. The cine which becoming a 59 percent appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes won itself 4 César Awards, including one for Tatou.

15. The DaVinci Cipher (2006)

As the aftermost on our account of Audrey Tautou movies and TV shows, The DaVinci Code commands alloyed feelings. For one, it was a massive success at the box office, bringing in $758.2 actor common on a account of $125 million. However, the cine additionally has the affliction analyzer analysis on this account by a mile.

Following the annihilation of a babysitter at the Louvre, the world’s better art building in Paris, symbologist () and the victim’s babe Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) bandage calm to bare a abstruse that his afterlife unveils by afterward the clues he larboard behind. They did this all the while aggravating to acquisition out who murdered him.

The DaVinci Code was appear as absolutely missing the point of its aboriginal actual – Dan Brown’s 2003 atypical of the aforementioned name. Critics went on to appellation the cine as “dull and bloated” and slapped it with a depressingly low approval appraisement of 25 percent.

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