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March 2019 saw absolutely a continued account of agitative and awful advancing additions to the Korean pop world, not to acknowledgment the abandoned and accumulation acts that fabricated their comebacks in the aforementioned month. Some of the acts in the Admission calendar again are already carving their names in the anamnesis of K-pop admirers aloof months after, like the all-boy bandage 1Team.

The accumulation debuted beneath the South Korean-based label, Liveworks Company, on 27th of Advance with an anterior anthology blue-blooded Hello! An anthology that awash able-bodied over four thousand copies and accomplished no. 23 on the Korean Gaon Music Chart. As of November, Hello! has been followed by two added albums, all in beneath than eight months.

Allow us to acquaint you to the alluring almost new accumulation by bringing you their members’ profile, discography, facts and every added affair you charge to apperceive about 1Teammembers.

1Team Members’ Profile


Born in Texas on 18th July as Jin Sungho, BC is a rapper who got his date name from the brand of his English name Bryan Chin. Afore 1Team, he debuted beneath Tarzan Entertainment’s boy bandage I-REX as Ra.E but larboard the aggregation afterward I-REX’s disbandment in 2014 afterwards their alone album, Rush to the Top.

Je Hyun

Moon Je Hyun is a ballerina and accompanist built-in on April 20, 1999. Je Hyun’s best appearance of ball is Burghal ball and he has been assuming in festivals back he was in aerial school, continued afore his 1Team days.

Jung Hoon

Rapper Lee Jung Hoon is the youngest affiliate of the group, built-in on June 4, 2000, in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. Jung Hoon’s afflatus to address lyrics generally comes from his emotions. His adopted appearance of music is allurement music and he has listed Drake and J.cole as his admired musicians.

Jin Woo

Born Lee Jin Woo on February 20, 1998, Jinwoo is a accompanist who comes from a ancestors of singers. His absorption in music began as a adolescent boy back he watched his ancestors members, who were associates of their abbey choir, rehearse.


The final affiliate and the group’s baton is Rubin. He is a diva and was built-in Lee Hae Joon on Baronial 16, 1995. In 2017, the accompanist did a change of name from his bearing name to Lee Rubin and has been activity by the name anytime since. He can comedy the guitar and piano.

Discography of the K-Pop Group

The group’s admission mini-album Hello! was appear forth with the music video of its advance track, Vibe. The mini-album additionally contains two added tracks- rap song, Countdown and Bout U on which BC is accustomed as biographer and composer.

Their additional mini-album blue-blooded Just was appear on July 11, 2019. Peaking at no. 21 on the Korean Goan anthology blueprint and affairs over 5000 copies, Aloof performed alike bigger than the antecedent one. It contains the arctic song Rolling Rolling, BC and Je Hyun’s admired Ice in the Cup, as able-bodied as the clue Tak! The music videos of both Ice in the Cup and Rolling Rolling were additionally appear on the aforementioned day.

1Team’s best contempo absolution is their third mini-album blue-blooded One. It contains three tracks- Make This, Not Afraid, and Love it – and was appear forth with the music video of Make This on 6th November 2019. All their songs are produced and appear by Liveworks in accord with Kakao M entertainment. They can be downloaded and/or streamed online and they are additionally fabricated accessible on CD.

Other Facts You Charge to Apperceive About 1Team

1. All associates of 1Team were alien to the accessible by Liveworks Aggregation in December 2018.

2. Rubin was in the red assemblage of the pre-debut 27-member boy group, BOYS24, during its adaptation appearance in 2016 but he did not accomplish it to the top 8 associates who fabricated their admission as IN2IT.

3. Rubin contested on MIXNINE, addition adaptation absoluteness show, in October 2017 and fabricated it to the top 9 that was to admission in 2018 but for some reason, the admission never happened.


4. BC additionally contested with BOYS24 as the baton of assemblage red and clashing Rubin, he fabricated it to the final band up. However, he withdrew from his position citation differences in agreeable viewpoint.

5. BC additionally contested alongside Rubin on MIXNINE but he was alone afore the final episode, at 15th position.

6. Associates of 1TEAM are reportedly acceptable accompany with associates of adolescent all-boy bandage IN2IT.

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