20 Accepted Musicians Who Accept Never Won Grammy

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There are abounding who accept that the greatest accomplishment one can almanac as a artist is to acreage the Grammy. However, there are abounding that are advised amid the greatest in Assorted Genres that accept never won the Grammy. In the aforementioned light, there are those you accept never heard of who accept won the coveted award.

Often advised the Angelic Beaker for agreeable artists, the Grammy was founded in 1959 to accord musicians article in the band of the . Hence, aloof as you would acquisition abundant actors that accept not won either the Oscars or the Emmys, so additionally you would acquisition abundant musicians yet to acreage the Grammy.

Musicians Who Accept Never Won Grammy

1. Nas

One of the better musicians who has never won Grammy, Nas started rapping in 1991 and alone his admission anthology ‘Illmatic’ in 1994. The anthology was alarmingly and commercially acknowledged and is generally cited as one of the best rap albums of all time. His abutting anthology got bifold platinum acceptance aural 8 weeks and spent 4 weeks at the Advance charts. Nas has alone eleven albums so far and got 13 Grammy nominations to his acclaim but has not angry in any.

2. Björk

A above affiliate of The Sugarcubes, has appear 10 abandoned albums which got absolute reviews from critics and fans. At atomic 31 singles of her songs accept accomplished top 20 of music archive from about the world. She has been nominated for 14 Grammy awards but has never won.

3. Kid Rock

Robert James Ritchie aka Kid Bedrock is a able singer, songwriter, and DJ. He accomplished himself to comedy assorted instruments and to produce. He produced nine out of his eleven albums by himself. His amount of absorption involves aggregate rock, abundant metal, country music, and hip hop. Kid Bedrock began his career in the 1980s and has consistently impacted on the country music brand but sadly, that appulse is yet to win him a Grammy alike afterwards 5 nominations.

4. Sia


was a member and advance accompanist of the Adelaide based applesauce group, Crisp. Her advance would appear back she lent her articulation to David Guetta’s Titanium (2011)Her 2014 anthology ‘1000 Forms Of Fears’ won the hearts of millions beyond the apple with the alarmingly acclaimed distinct ‘Chandelier’. In 2016, her seventh anthology alleged ‘This is Acting’  was released. Like added abundant musicians who accept not won Grammy, Sia has abounding Grammy nominations (9).

5. Bob Marley

Bob Marley is not the one who needs any anatomy of addition for abounding lovers of reggae and music lovers as a whole. One of the greatest reggae stars to accept anytime lived. He affected and advice advance Reggae beyond the apple with his 13 flat albums. Inasmuch as he is one of the bestselling artists of all time, Marley never got to win the much-coveted award. Interestingly though, his sons Ziggy, Stephen, and Damian who are arguably beneath acclaimed than their ancestor accept won thirteen amidst them.

6. Busta Rhymes

is a rapper that is predominantly accepted for his fast-paced lyrics which has carved a alcove for him in the rap genre. The rapper who hails from New York has 9 flat albums accustomed to him. Unarguably one of the greatest MCs ever, Busta has eleven Grammy nominations but is yet to win any.

7. Busybody Dogg

If Busta Rhymes is accepted for his fast-paced raps, again Busybody Dogg is accepted for befitting it apathetic and simple for anybody to grasp. It’s about like he is talking while the beats comedy on in the background. He alone his admission anthology in 1993 and has gone on to absolution 15 added with some alarmingly acclaimed and others were not so much. 6 Grammy nominations later, he is still yet to win any.

8. Nicki Minaj

came into the rap arena with her mixtape ‘Playtime is Over’ in 2007 and back then, she has alone two added mixtapes and four albums. She is advised as one of the above alliance rap artists of all time and the greatest changeable artisan in the aftermost decade. Nicki is said to accept awash off over sixty actor singles and at atomic seven actor albums. She has gotten 10 Grammy nominations but yet to almanac one in her name.

9. Belled B.I.G.

is no agnosticism is one of the greatest and best affecting rappers of all time. He rivaled Tupac during the east and west bank hip hop feud. His career lifespan was abbreviate as he alone his aboriginal anthology in 1994 and was murdered in 1997. In the year 2000, his additional anthology ‘Life Afterwards Death’ which was appear 2 weeks afterwards his adverse annihilation was design certified acceptable one of the few hip-hop albums that got to that threshold. He was nominated four times but didn’t win any.

10. Tupac Shakur

Many accede him additional to none as far as the rap bold is concerned. Accepting started his career with the absolution of 2pacalypse in the aboriginal ’90s, he rose up to be the advanced man of the west bank hip hop accumulation and was accepted by critics for infusing civilian and amusing affairs and bandit rap. was nominated for 6 Grammy but won none.

11. Martina McBride

Labeled as the of country music, McBride has done over 17 albums with over 14 actor copies actuality awash worldwide. She has had added than bristles of her singles peaking at the acme of country music charts. McBride has gotten over 14 Grammy choice back her aboriginal choice in 1995 but has won none.

12. Dierks Bentley

Bentley is an American accompanist and songwriter who is primarily vested in country music. Accepting been alive back 2001, he has appear 9 albums affairs added than two actor copies. He has had added than 25 singles boss the hot country songs top 5 from time to time. However, he has not won any of his 12 Grammy nominations.

13. Blake Shelton

Another Country musician, Blake’s advance distinct ‘Austin’ from his 2001 self-titled anthology spent bristles weeks at the aiguille of the hot country songs chart. The anthology itself was certified as platinum. Blake has 10 albums to his acclaim with 3 extensive at atomic a gold akin certification. He has been nominated seven times but has won none with his best contempo accident in 2015.

14. Accessible Enemy

Public Adversary is an African American hip hop accumulation with best of its music politically tilted. It has 15 albums to its acclaim back 1987 and the aboriginal four albums were either platinum or gold certified. Admitting accepting ample followership apprehension some of the best socio-political acquainted albums, Accessible Adversary is yet to win any Grammy.

15. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is a bedrock guitarist, singer, and songwriter who was advised as a cutting brilliant as he died aloof four years into his career. Alike admitting he died early, he is generally anticipation as the greatest guitarist anytime and one of the best affecting musicians of all time. Jimi died at the aboriginal age of 27 which may annual for why he never won the award.

16. Jason Derulo

Before he started singing, formed as a ambassador and ghostwriter. Bearing for A-list artists including Diddy and , Derulo appear his aboriginal distinct ‘Whatcha say’ which was actual acknowledged alarmingly and commercially. He has formed with Nicki Minaj, , and The Bold absolution four albums. He is about yet to acquire a distinct Grammy nomination.

17. One Direction

The British boy bandage includes , , , , and till he larboard the accumulation in 2015. The group’s aboriginal four albums debuted at the aiguille of the advance 200 blueprint authoritative them the aboriginal bandage to anytime accomplish the feat. The bandage awash added than sixty actor albums globally but is yet to win a Grammy.

18. Miley Cyrus

acclimated to be a boyhood idol arena the titular role in Hannah Montana with Disney. Her ancestor who played the role of her ancestor in the Disney alternation is a country Musician. Afterwards Disney, Miley alone her aboriginal anthology in 2007 and has appear bristles added since. Accepted for her singing accomplishment and affection affecting lyrics, Cyrus has alone got a Grammy choice which she did not catechumen in 2015.

19. Run DMC

Run DMC is an Afro-American rap accumulation with origins in Queens, New York. The accumulation consists of , Jason Mizell, and Darryl McDaniels. They were allotment of the ancient proponents of the new academy hip hop brand. They were the aboriginal accumulation to get a platinum and multi-platinum certifications. The accumulation has not won the Grammy admitting actuality alone additional hip hop accumulation that was inducted into the bedrock and cycle Anteroom Of Acclaim as of 2009.


20. Diana Ross

has been about for as continued as a lot of us cannot alike remember. She was the advance accompanist of the all ladies accumulation alleged the Supremes which was one of the best charting and bestselling ladies act of all time. With several albums that in about-face gave her several cardinal 1 hit singles, Diana is one of the musicians that accept never won Grammy, although she was accustomed a lifetime accomplishment Grammy.

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