5 Absorbing But Bottom Accepted Facts About WayV Boy Accumulation Members

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WayV Boy is a sub-unit of accepted K-pop accumulation NCT. The WayV assemblage which has its abject in Ceramics comprises of seven associates – Kun, Winwin, Ten, Lucas, Yangyang, Hendery and Xiaojun. The Chinese boy bandage specializes in C-pop and Mandopop genres.

WayV appear their admission album, The Vision, on January 17, 2019. Above-mentioned to the formation, all of the seven associates of the accumulation were ahead allotment of a pre-training assemblage accepted as SM Rookies. The accepted bandage is currently active beneath Characterization V, a analysis of SM Entertainment.

Learn added about the associates of the Chinese based boy bandage as we break bristles absorbing facts we accept been able to bare about them.

5 Bottom Accepted Facts About WayV Boy Accumulation Members

  • They are not all from China

There is a accepted acceptance that all of the associates of the seven-man bandage are Chinese. That’s not absolutely accurate as the accumulation comprises of associates from altered ethnicities and nationalities.

Kun, who happens to be the baton of the group, was built-in and aloft in China. Winwin, who does the beheld in the group, is additionally of Chinese origin. Ten, a accurate ballerina and vocalist, is of Thai descent.

Lucas, one of the group’s rappers and vocalist, possesses bifold nationalities admitting actuality built-in in China. His ancestor is of Chinese agent while his mother is of Thai descent. Xiao Dejun who goes by the date name Xiaojun was built-in and brought up in Guangdong arena of China.

Wong Kunhang, bargain accepted as Hendery by his fans, was built-in in Macau which is mapped beneath the People’s Republic of China. Wong is generally mistaken to be a South Korean because of his Korean name Hwang Kwan Hyung.

Yangyang has Taiwanese allegiance as he was built-in in Taiwan. The Taiwanese celebrity can additionally be said to be a German civic as he possesses a German passport. Yangyang relocated to Germany in 2011, alone 11 years old at the time.

  • Hobbies

Many admirers and followers of WayV would absolutely acquisition this actual agreeable and absorbing due to the actuality that the assorted hobbies of the associates of the accepted boy bandage are kept hidden from the public.

Kun’s hobbies are cooking, arena the piano and accomplishing what he calls abracadabra tricks. Ten, on the added hand, loves sports, arena with animals, singing, rapping, dancing and drawing. For Winwin, it is either swimming, watching movies, arena the piano or nothing.

Lucas is added of a foodie and additionally loves appliance his dogs. Xiaojun, asides his constant adulation for food, additionally loves reading, autograph songs and watching movies. Hendery’s hobbies are arena billiards, basketball and alert to music. Yangyang is added of a sports being with accurate interests in basketball and football.

  • Nicknames

The self-acclaimed or fan accustomed appellation of WayV accumulation associates are absolutely absorbing to note. Kun has a lot of nicknames accustomed to him by his admirers and followers. They accommodate Little Kun Kun, Dandan, Kun-ge and Xiaodan.

Ten, whose absolute name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, was nicknamed Beautiful Devil and TNT by his fans. Winwin, Lucas and Xiaojun don’t absolutely accept nicknames added than their date names. Hendery has the best agreeable nicknames of all the associates of WayV Boy members. His nicknames accommodate Prince Eric, Cucumber and Donkey.

Yangyang’s German admirers nicknamed him Brezelbruder and Ehrenmann. The Taiwanese generally action at the names to the action of his adolescent accumulation members.

  • Age

All seven associates of WayV are in their aboriginal twenties. The alone associates of the broadly acclaimed accumulation in adjustment of the oldest to the youngest are as follows- Kun (January 1, 1996), Ten (February 27, 1996), Winwin (October 28, 1997), Lucas (January 25, 1999), Xiaojun (August 8, 1999), Hendery (September 28, 1999) and Yangyang (October 10, 2000).

  • Height

The Chinese based boy bandage comprises of actual alpine adolescent men. Abounding alike aspect their acme to the acumen for the huge changeable followership they accept amassed. Kun, the baton of the group, stands alpine at a acme of 1.76m which is agnate to 5 anxiety 9 inches.

Ten is not as alpine as Kun admitting accepting a acme of 1.7m. Winwin, on the added hand, has a acme of 1.78m. Lucas ranks as the tallest affiliate of WayV Boy accumulation with a acme of 1.83m. Xiaojun stands alpine at a acme of 1.73m while the heights of Hendery and Yangyang are not accepted at this time but we accept it to be aloft 1.7m.

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