7 Things You May Not Apperceive About Xiumin (EXO Singer)

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An amazing k-Pop performer, Xiumin consistently leaves the apple in awe with his connected affectation of adept achievement whenever he appears on stage. The handsome singer, dancer, and amateur is a man you aloof you can’t get abundant of as he continues to amaze his admirers about the apple with his abrupt artistic art forth with his EXO accumulation members.

Join us as we analyze some of the facts you apparently didn’t apperceive about this K-pop sensation.

Xiumin’s Accomplishments Details

The K-pop accompanist bargain accepted as Xiumin was built-in in Guri, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. He was built-in on 26th Advance 1990 afterwards which he was accustomed the name Kim Min Seok. His aboriginal educational accomplishments has not been fabricated accessible but he accelerating from All-embracing Kwandong University in South Korea.

He is not an alone adolescent as he has a sister whom he tries as abundant as accessible to adumbrate from the accent due to their mother’s instruction. Although he looks actual adolescent back compared to the added eight associates of EXO, he is the oldest of them all.

Before he abutting the SM’s Everysing Contest, Xiumin had showcased his aptitude at the JYP audience in 2008 but he didn’t get in. The aforementioned year, he took the additional position in SM’s Everysing Challenge and additionally abutting the SM Entertainment’s Casting Arrangement as a trainee.

In January 2012, Xiumin recorded a big breach in his career back he was appear as the seventh affiliate of South Korean-Chinese boy group. Exo. The group’s admission came on April 8, 2012, and Xiumin has additionally connected on his added career endeavors alfresco the group, he fabricated a bedfellow actualization alongside extra Kim Yoo-Jung in the music video for “Gone” by South Korean accompanist Jin.

Xiumin’s agreeable career includes a cardinal of collaborations with added able singers, decidedly in the year 2016 back he performed with an AOA member, Jimin, for his distinct blue-blooded “Call You Bae” and additionally featured in the video. In the aforementioned year, he did a collabo with two of the associates of the EXO group, Beakhyun and Chen on the soundtrack of the television alternation – Scarlet Affection Ryeo, The appellation of the aboriginal soundtrack was “For You”.

Xiumin additionally featured consistently as a casting affiliate of the accepted MBC absoluteness TV appearance blue-blooded It’s Alarming Above the Blankets. This appearance added helped put him afore the all-around admirers at an aberrant rate. He additionally did a agreeable accord in the year 2017 with Mark, a affiliate of the NCT bandage on a distinct blue-blooded “Young and Free”.

In May 2019, the accompanist was enlisted to serve his country through the binding aggressive account which requires him to accompany the military. Interestingly, Xiumin took his agreeable aptitude to the aggressive account as account abounding his appointment that he will be featuring in the army agreeable blue-blooded “Return”.

7 Facts You May Not Apperceive About Xiumin (EXO Singer)

1. He Is A Accomplished Fighter

You don’t appetite to claiming this pop brilliant to a duel. Xiumin is a accomplished aggressive artisan and to adulate things up, he has a atramentous belt in Kendo, as able-bodied as Taekwondo. He abounding a aggressive art academy as a adolescent boy and grew with the skills.

2. Nicknames

Asides his date name – Xiumin, the K-pop brilliant goes by the appellation BaoZi which agency “little bun”. The alias was accustomed to him because his admired bite is aflame buns, accumulated with his handsome annular face.

3. Anatomy Stats

At a acme of 173 cm, Xiumin is amid the beeline associates of Exo with Tao and Kai demography the atom as the tallest at 1.83 m and 1.85 m respectively. He weighs 57 kg which gives him an able-bodied build. The accompanist has aphotic amber eyes and dyes his beard with altered colors, mostly brown.

4. Xiumin’s Amusing Media Presence

On the 9th of September 2018, Xiumin opened his Instagram annual with the handle @e_xiu_o. You may appetite to chase him to apperceive what he is up to in contempo times.

5. His Admired Things

Blueberry is the musician’s admired acidity and dejected is his best admired color. His admired foods are kimchi soup and miso soup, Chinese hot pot, ambrosial Sichuan food, and huoguo. His admired accessories are corpuscle phones, computers, and MP3 players.

6. Xiumin’s The Co-founder of Aboriginal EXO Sub-unit

In October 2016, Kim Min Seok, Beakhyun and Chen abutting talents calm to anatomy the sub-unit of the EXO accumulation alleged the EXO-CBX. The accumulation debuted the aforementioned ages with an continued comedy titled Hey Mama!.

7. Acting Endeavours

Xiumin is absolutely a bag of talents. He has continued his ability to the cine industry and has done appreciably able-bodied appropriately far. He has featured in a few dramas, films and TV alternation including “Falling for Challenge” (2015), “Exo Abutting Door”(2015), “Travel after Manager”, “The Man Who Sells the River” (2016) and “It’s Alarming Above The Blankets” (2017-2018).

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