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Irish-born singer-songwriter Niall Horan rose to fame as a affiliate of the awful acknowledged boy band One Direction, the 5-piece music accumulation which was formed in 2010 by contestants on division 7 of the music competition The X Factor. One Administration accomplished abundant success as they appear several flat albums, boarded on assorted apple tours and accustomed abundant accolades. Afterward the band’s broad aperture in 2016, Niall Horan apace launched a acknowledged abandoned music career for himself. His admission anthology Flicker was appear in 2017 to a absolute accession in several countries of the world.

Who is Niall Horan?

Niall James Horan was built-in on September 13, 1993, in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland. He had his aboriginal apprenticeship at St. Kenny’s Civic School and for aerial school, he attended Coláiste Mhuire, an all-boys All-embracing academy amid in Mullingar. He learnt to comedy the guitar on his own application that of his brother. As a teenager, he got to accomplish at several venues including the Mullingar Arts Centre and the Academy club in Dublin.

In 2010, 16-year old Niall Horan auditioned for the 7th division of The X Factor in Dublin. His arrangement of ‘s hit distinct “So Sick” had the board divided, but he eventually becoming abundant votes to calibration through to the bootcamp stage. However, his achievement at bootcamp could not authorize him for the “Boys” category. Afterward the advocacy of bedfellow judge Nicole Scherzinger, the added board took the accommodation to absorb Horan with 4 added accomplished boys; , ,  and  all of whom did not additionally authorize as abandoned performers. They formed the 5-piece boy bandage ‘One Direction’ and calm they auditioned and able for the “Groups” class of the competition.

One Administration calmly became accepted during The X Factor division 7, anesthetic admirers all over the UK with their performances of several hit songs. Afterwards finishing third in the competition, the bandage got active to ‘s Syco Music characterization on a $2 actor recording contract. Their brief acceleration to acclaim can best be declared as a bogie account as they went on to become one of the best acknowledged boy bandage in the apple aural aloof a few years. Of the 5 awful acknowledged albums appear by One Direction, the aboriginal four albums debuted at the top of the US Billboard 200 and alone their fifth anthology debuted at No. 2 of the chart. They additionally boarded on 4 apple tours during their 6-year run all of which were massively successful.

Niall Horan apace began alive on his abandoned career afterwards his bandage One Administration boarded on an broad aperture in aboriginal 2016. He got active to Capitol Annal in September 2016 followed by the absolution of his admission abandoned distinct “This Town” that aforementioned month. He alone a brace of added singles afore ultimately absolution his admission album Flicker on October 20, 2017. The afterward month, the accomplished accompanist boarded on a common bout tagged ‘Flicker Sessions’ to abutment his admission album.


Niall Horan’s parents are Blockhead Horan and Maura Gallagher. He was aloft alongside an earlier brother Greg Horan. His parents’ alliance fell afar back he was 5 years of age. Afterward the split, Niall and his brother lived amid anniversary parent’s home for the aboriginal few years afore ultimately affective in with their father. Interestingly, the music brilliant offered to acquirement a new country abode for his ancestor in 2014. However, Mr Horan affably angry bottomward the acceptable action as he is actual agreeable with his old home.


Niall Horan is accepted to be in a accord with American extra and singer . The two accept been accepted to be accompany for a while, however, rumors of a brewing affair amid them aboriginal filtered out in aboriginal 2018. Admitting they are yet to accord an official acceptance of their relationship, this picture-perfect brace has connected to augment the accessible with attenuate pieces of affirmation that they are absolutely an item. Their accessible appearances accept been attenuate but they accept been pictured accepting all cosied-up on a few occasions.


Net Worth

Before activity solo, Niall Horan had a awful acknowledged 5-year assignment as a affiliate of One Direction. The bandage appear 5 awful acknowledged flat albums and boarded on 4 apple tours. They were ranked fourth and additional amid the accomplished earning celebrities in the apple in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Horan additionally began his abandoned career on a acceptable agenda with the absolution of his admission abandoned anthology Flicker in October 2017. Acknowledgment to his blooming music career and several added advantageous ventures, the multitalented brilliant has accumulated a net account of $70 actor (approximately £52.9 million).

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