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Anthony Fantano is an American video producer, announcer and music critic. He is best accepted for his video blog, The Aggravate Drop which focuses on song reviews and issues apropos to artistes, musicians, and the music industry. Fantano has declared himself as the internet’s busiest music nerd. He reviews a advanced array of music genres which accommodate hip-hop, indie, metal, rock, pop cyberbanking music, folk, applesauce and experimental. He does his reviews through his YouTube approach and website. He becoming an O Music Accolade in the Above the Blog class in 2011.

Biography (Age)

Anthony Fantano was built-in on October 28, 1985, in Wolcott, Connecticut, USA. He was aloft in Connecticut. Fantano is of Sicilian and Canadian descent. He accelerating from the Southern Connecticut Accompaniment University area he majored in Political Science and Journalism. During his time at Connecticut State, he became music administrator of the academy radio station. He maintains that his acquaintance at the academy radio base abundantly broadcast is aftertaste in music alike admitting he had consistently been a music lover.

By 2007 he had amorphous alive at Connecticut Accessible Radio area he became a host of The Aggravate Drop. After that year he launched The Aggravate Bead blog area he gave text-based reviews. By 2009 he had started accomplish video reviews on YouTube.

Over the years Fantano grew his YouTube followers to able-bodied over 500,000 subscribers and his videos accept been beheld over 100 actor times. Fantano’s appraisement arrangement involves allotment an anthology or clue a amount on a calibration of 0 and 10 with capricious descriptions such as able or ablaze to bout anniversary of the numbers on the scale. So far alone a scattering of songs or albums accept gotten a account of 10.

‘s To Pimp a Butterfly and Swans’ To Be Kind are two of them. He does a appropriate analysis of albums advised abstract appear the end of every year during his Abstract week. He additionally uses the abstract anniversary to analysis his affliction and best albums of the year. Fantano appearance an adapt ego alleged Cal Chuchesta on some of his reviews. On occasion, he would absolution the analysis of an anthology in the anatomy of a apology to it.

Fantano and The Aggravate Bead accept won a few awards for his music reviews including On The Acceleration which is hosted by YouTube and a Above the Blog Accolade in the 2011 O Music Awards.

In 2017, the music annual Fader acquaint an commodity accusing Anthony Fantano of accepting racist sentiments and an alt-right bent. The commodity sighted the videos from Fantano’s added YouTube approach alleged thatistheplan assuming these racist and alt-right tendencies, for instance, his use of memes of Pepe the Frog which has been attributed to be a attribute of the alt-right.

Fantano on his allotment appear a video in acknowledgment advertence that the said racist or alt-right videos were alone meant to be abusive and he has consistently advised his reviews of songs and albums on their arete afterwards any ancestral or political considerations. He acicular out that he has fabricated acrid criticisms of low rated songs and albums by white musicians as he has by artists of added races. Not best afterwards Fantano’s video was appear to analyze things the Fader commodity was deleted from the website. The article’s biographer claimed accustomed several blame and threats from Fantano’s admirers for autograph the article.

Fantano has declared himself as a advanced in agreement of his political angle and is said to be a amusing democrat. He has generally advantaged such behavior as adopting the minimum allowance to 15 US dollars per hour which represents a active allowance and he additionally favors a single-payer healthcare allowance arrangement as acquired in some European countries. He has consistently taken an anti-war attitude and identifies himself as an atheist. Fantano is vegan. Above-mentioned to acceptable vegan, he had been a vegetarian for several years.

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Anthony Fantano has been featured on several publications for his vlogging prowess. One of the ancient was a affection by The Guardian in 2011.

Net Worth

Anthony Fantano’s net account is an estimated $500,000. The aggregate of his net account draws from his balance from his YouTube channels. With a apprentice career, this amount is abiding to rise.

Who is Anthony Fantano’s Wife?

Anthony Fantano is affiliated to Dominique Fantano. She sometimes appears on his analysis videos giving her own appraisal of songs and albums. Their accord proves she has been a big allotment of his success story.

Height and Anatomy Stats

Anthony Fantano is 6 anxiety (1.85 m) tall. There is no advice accessible in the accessible area about his weight and added anatomy statistics.

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