Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies (Filmography) Ranked From Best To Worst

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Arnold Schwarzenegger movies accept bedeviled the arena of activity films so abundant that he is amid the greatest that the activity cine apple has seen. It is because of this that he has appear to be accepted by the abounding names of the characters he has portrayed including Terminator, Conan, Arnie, and the Governator, amid abounding others.

Also a baby-kisser and above bodybuilder, he is a Aureate Apple champ whose acting career began back the backward 1960s. Actuality is a baronial of his movies based alone on the Box Appointment records.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Ranked (Filmography)

1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Box Office: $520,881,154

Arnold takes the role of The Terminator as he did in the aboriginal blur of the authorization in which he was beatific aback to the accomplished to annihilate Sarah Connor. This time around, his job is to accumulate her alive.

2. Terminator Genisys (2015)

Box office: $440,603,537

Terminator apache is afterwards Sarah Connor. Her son who is now in the future, John Connor, sends Kyle Reese a baker with the animal attrition to assure her so as to aegis the future. Sarah has a guardian, Arnold who is a terminator and has accomplished her to fight. The approaching charge be displace afterward an about-face in the timeline.

3. Terminator 3: Acceleration of the Machines (2003)

Box Office: $433,371,112

In this blur which was directed by Jonathan Mostow, a awful avant-garde automatic apache is on the coursing for Connor (Nick Stahl) and the woman who would after be his wife, Kate Brewster (Danes). The Terminator comes aback to the accomplished to assure them.

4. Accurate Lies (1994)

Box Office: $378,882,411

This time about Schwarzenegger portrays Annoy Tasker in this activity ball film. He has fabricated his ancestors anticipate he is into the affairs of computers back in the absolute sense, he works for the US government as a spy. Now, things accept gone a little messy.

5. The Expendables 2

Box office: $315 million

Arnold Schwarzenegger appearance alongside some of the finest in activity cine stars including , , and . It tells the adventure of a acquisitive afterwards a mission seeks to animus the afterlife of one of its own in the easily of addition mercenary.

6. The Expendables (2010)

Box Office: $274,470 million

In this movie, Arnold alone fabricated a adornment actualization as at the time, he was the governor of California. The cine is about a aggregation of mercenaries assassin by a CIA accessible to booty out a Latin absolutist and a CIA abettor that has angry renegade.

7. Absolute Anamnesis (1990)

Box Office: $261 million

Set in 2048, Schwarzenegger plays alongside who plays his wife. Arnold takes the role of Douglas Quaid who decides to accept a anamnesis of a vacation out of amplitude built-in in his head. It doesn’t assume like a vacation anymore as he has austere battles to face.

8. Batman and Robin (1997)

Box Office: $238 million

In this superhero film, Arnold plays the role of Mr. Benumb who calm with Adulteration Ivy () appetite to adulteration and benumb Gotham. However, afore they can accomplish that, they accept to aboriginal action Batman and Robin who are all about extenuative humanity.

9. Twins (1988)

Box Office: $216 million

Arnold who stars alongside (Vincent Benedict) portrays Julius Benedict, the accompanying brother of DeVito. The two men accept been created from a abiogenetic agreement and aloft separately. Now, they are attractive to acquisition their mother.

10. Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Box Office: $201 million

Playing the role of a cop, John Kimble, Arnold poses as a kindergarten abecedary so as to get advice on a biologic aristocrat in adjustment to get him apprehended.

11. The Expendables 3 (2014)

Box Office: $214,657

This cine brings calm some of the best in activity movies including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, , , and . It builds on the antecedent films in the Expendables franchise.

12. End of Canicule (1999)

Box Office: $211,989,043

The devil is in boondocks advanced of the end of days. He is attractive to acquaintance a called woman, Christine York (Robin Tunney) but one being that has begin himself up to stop Satan and his armament is Jericho Cane, an ex-cop, portrayed by Arnold.

13. Maggie (2015)

Box Office: $187,112 

In this movie, Arnold is out to save his babe () who has been angry into a Crank by a virus. He is activity to move every abundance that stands on his way in his accomplishment to save her.

14. Escape Plan (2013)

Box Office: $137,328 million

Yet addition of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies to affection Sylvester Stallone, the closing Ray Breslin is ashore in one of the best difficult prisons one would acquisition himself as infiltrates and tries to go out. Now, he has to appear up with an escape plan with the advice of Arnold who portrays Emil Rottmayer. With aggregate set, there is the administrator Hobbes () who is in their way.

15. Aftermost Activity Hero (1993)

Box Office: $137,298,489

Thanks to a abracadabra ticket, a kid who loves movies acquisition himself in a fabulous apple area he meets his hero, Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Unfortunately, the angry Backstabber (Charles Dance) gets the admission and comes to absolute activity from the fabulous world. Slater and Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) accept to appear afterwards him in adjustment to stop him.

16. Chime All The Way

Box Office: $129,832,389

Howard Langston played by Arnold is set to get his son the best toy of the season, as able-bodied as his wife. The botheration is that time is active out and he is not the alone one who has the ambition in apperception as he meets addition abroad who wants the aforementioned thing.

17. Inferior (1994)

Box Office: $108,431,355

Arnold (Dr. Alex) becomes the aboriginal abundant man afterwards an antecedent is built-in into him to analysis a biologic for alert women created by his colleague. He is accepted to alone backpack the abundance for three months but somehow, things go addition way.

18. Eraser (1996)

Box Office: $100 million

Arnold portrays the Eraser, John Kruger who works as a U.S Marshall. His role is artlessly to affected the deaths of federal assemblage and abolish their identities. His assignment now is to accumulate Lee Cullen, portrayed by Vanessa Williams, safe from her advisers at Cyrez Corporation who are affairs clandestine weapons to terrorists.

19. Predator (1987)

Box Office: $98 million

Taking the role of a soldier of affluence alleged Dutch, Arnold and his aggregation are on a accomplishment mission in Guatemala. Now, they are there and they apprehend there are strings of asleep bodies and a monster is on the apart aggravating to add them to the pile.

20. The 6th Day (2010)

Box Office: $96,085,477

This cine is set in a time back cloning has become boundless abundant for bodies to carbon their pets and added creatures. However, it is actionable to carbon humans. However, Adam Gibson played by Schwarzenegger allotment home one day to acquisition he has been cloned. Now, he has to action to save himself and betrayal the admirable cabal hatched by a billionaire.

21. The Terminator (1984)

Box Office:  $78,371,200

This is the cine that aboriginal comes to apperception back you allocution about Arnold. Appear added than three decades ago, he plays the role of The Terminator who is beatific to annihilate a abundant woman, Sarah Connor who will accord bearing to the baton of the aggressive army.

22. Conan the Barbaric (1982)

Box Office: $68 million 

Arnold portrays a adolescent boy called Conan whose who has absent his parents afterwards the aggression of Thulsa Doom, a sorcerer, and warlord. Thulsa additionally destroys the absolute association of Conan who is now a slave. He is now a chargeless developed man who still has acrimony in his apperception and wants to accept his vengeance.

23. Commando (1985)

Box Office: $57,491,000

One of the best accepted Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, he plays the role of John Matrix, a retired Appropriate Armament soldier whose babe is kidnapped. He will stop at annihilation to get her aback and accompany bottomward Arius (Dan Hedaya) who is abaft the kidnap in adjustment to accomplish cast advice him aback to ability in Latin America.

24. The Aftermost Stand

Box Office:  $48,330,757

A above LAPD officer, all that Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) hopes to do is to accept a peaceful and quiet life. However, there is a botheration as a abomination aristocrat has able from FBI aegis and is affective with a abundant acquisitive appear Sommerton Alliance in an accomplishment to escape. Actuality the sheriff of the quiet bound town, Ray has got his men calm to stop the escapee.

25. The Active Man (1987)

Box Office: $38,122,105 (Domestic)

In this cine that is set in 2019, America has become a absolute state. The Active Man is the best TV affairs that bodies watch. It is a bold appearance that has prisoners fabricated to run for their lives or face a barbarous death. Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) finds himself confined by the government and he will stop at annihilation to run for his activity alike as the host of the baleful bold appearance wants to angle in his way.

26. Red Calefaction (1988)

Box Office: $34,994,648 (Domestic)

Viktor Rostavili (Ed O’Ross), a alarming biologic arbiter flees to Chicago from Russia for his crimes. He is additionally the analgesic of the accomplice of a common Russian militia captain Captain Ivan Danko portrayed by Arnold who now finds himself alive with a detective Art Ridzik (James Belushi) on the case.

27. Conan the Boner (1984)

Box Office: $31,042,035

In this Conan movie, Arnold charge assure the Angel Jehnna (Olivia d’Abo) who Queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) seeks to abort afterwards artful Conan. His big obstacle is the bamboozlement that lies ahead.

28. Demolition (2014)

Box Office: $17,508 million

This time around, Breacher portrayed by Arnold, is arch an aristocratic DEA aggregation on an aggression adjoin one of the better biologic cartels in the world, he is arch the aggregation to backpack out a arrest on one of the cartel’s safe houses.

29. Raw Accord (1986)

Box Office: $16,209,459

Arnold is a ashamed FBI agent, Mark Kaminsky, who is assassin to acquisition a birthmark in the bureau afterwards efforts to accept Luigi Patrovita (Sam Wanamaker) who is a mob bang-up prosecuted, keeps derailing. Appearance his death, Kaminsky now comes as Brenner, an ex-convict whose job is to acquisition the mole. He is not alone undercover, but he is additionally answerable to alone himself.

30. Red Sonja (1985)

Box Office: $6,948,633 (Domestic)

Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) faces the tragedy of the accident of her ancestors and she is now on a animus mission adjoin Queen Gedren of Berkubane and her soldiers. Although Sonja believes she can do it all on her own, Aristocrat Kalidor played by Arnold Schwarzenegger has insisted on accompanying her and she accepts afterwards he wins her respect.

Cameo and Accessory Roles

Apart from The Expendables, Schwarzenegger has fabricated some adornment appearances. Some added Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies accommodate Around the Apple in 80 Canicule (2004), The Continued Goodbye (1973), and Terminator Conservancy (2009). Added so, he has additionally taken some accessory roles in films like The Villain (1979), Pumping Adamant (1977), Stay Athirst (1976), and Hercules in New York (1970).

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