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Brian Kolfage is an apotheosis of a accurate American hero with a never-say-die spirit to the vicissitudes of life. He has been through blubbery and attenuate but still wears a smile whenever you see him. Kolfage is a Affiliated States Airforce veteran, a amateur amputee and the best acutely blood-soaked airman anytime accepted in history. He is additionally the aboriginal afflicted victim to accept accustomed the fastest medevac from a war area to the Affiliated States.

His activity angry about in Balad, Iraq, on September 11, 2004, in an adverse accident area he absent 3 of his limbs. However, the accident apparent a new alpha in Kolfage’s life; career, accord and the accepted acumen of the accessible about who he is. This was the aforementioned man who at a time was actual abutting to death. Today, he still lives and is anytime aerated with life. Actuality is aggregate you charge to apperceive about this war adept starting with his adolescence life.

Brian Kolfage – Biography

Brian Kolfage was built-in in Detroit in Michigan on September 21, 1982. He lived his aboriginal years in Detroit afore he relocated to Waikiki, Hawaii to alive with his mother afterward her break from his dad back he was 13. Brian spent the blow of his boyish years in Hawaii and it was from there that he abutting the Affiliated States Air Force in 2001.

His aggressive account began with his stationing at the Goodfellow Air Force Abject with the 17th Aegis Armament Squadron. In the advance of time, Brian got deployed to serve in Kuwait in 2003 afterwards which his 2nd deployment came in 2004. He was deployed to serve in Balad Air Abject in Iraq. While there, on the afternoon of 11th of September 2004, a 107mm rocket carapace exploded 3 anxiety from area Kolfage had gone to go get some water. That became the aftermost day Airman Brian Kolfage fabricated use of his two legs and appropriate hand.

He abiding life-threatening injuries, the appulse of the access on him was so astringent that it threw him several anxiety into the air afore he landed on a bank of sandbags. Still acquainted but actual abutting to death, he mustered the backbone to bound alarm out for advice which was quick to appear from adolescent Airmen in the abutting tent. Kolfage declared the affliction he acquainted like the affliction ever, from his knee bottomward acquainted liquified and he anticipation there was a huge adventitious he will die any moment. Brian couldn’t be administered any affliction anesthetic because he absent so abundant claret and any affliction anesthetic administered on him will bound annihilate him. The affected hospital had to get claret from over 100 hundred claret donors to accumulate him alive.

Once he got stabilized, he was transferred to Walter Reed Civic Aggressive Medical Centermost 36 hours afterwards the attack. He was put beneath an induced medical blackout for 4 days. Two months later, he got absolved from the hospital and began an 11 months adventure of rehabilitation which additionally came with chase up surgeries.

After he recovered, he had to move on with activity and absitively to backpack to Tuscon burghal in Arizona. There, he got a non-military job at Davis-Monthan Air Force Abject as a abject aegis manager. Brian Kolfage formed 2 years in the Airforce ability and was still bent to get added out of life, he enrolled at the University of Arizona to abstraction architectonics with abutment from the Pat Tillman Foundation. He accelerating from the academy with a amount in 2014 but while he was there, he reconnected with his aerial academy crush.

Wife, Kids

Brian Kolfage reconnected with Ashley Goetz now Ashley Kolfage on Facebook. Ashley had aloof accelerating from academy and was in Texas. He chatted her up on Facebook and they rekindled their friendship. Back Ashley flew over to see him, she met a man who admitting accepting been through so abundant affliction in activity still had a lot of absolute outlooks. They both accomplished that they don’t appetite to be afar from anniversary added anymore. Two years later, Ashley became Mrs. Kolfage on May 28, 2011, and they anniversary connected their careers in architectonics (Brian) and in teaching (Ashley). The duo today, are parents to two kids and are active appropriately together.


Other Facts You Charge To Apperceive About Him

  • Brian Kolfage accustomed a Amethyst Affection afterwards his injuries which concluded his aggressive career.
  • Following his recovery, the above Airman began to allege about his acquaintance and was alike a appropriate bedfellow at above Admiral ‘s Accompaniment of the Abutment abode in 2012.
  • He began a GoFundMe attack advantaged “We The Bodies Will Armamentarium The Wall,” in abutment of President ‘s Affiliated States and Mexico bound wall. The attack had a ambition of $1 billion and aural 3 canicule of its launch, it aloft over $9 million.
  • Brian and his ancestors alive in a resort-like home congenital by the Gary Sinise Foundation. was confused to ability out to him afterwards he heard his adventure at a Skyball accident in 2011. Back Gary asked him to administer to the foundation so they can body a home accurate to his needs, he initially declined, but 2 or 3 years afterwards afterwards they had their aboriginal kid, the demands of actuality a ancestor began to acquaint on him because his condition. He reconsidered Gary’s action and by 2016, they confused into their new ample home.

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