Christina Khalil – Biography, Net Worth, Age, All You Charge To Know

Quick Facts

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known
ProfessionMedia Personalities

Christina Khalil is a beauteous YouTuber who has been about for some time. Her anatomy appearance and appearance are that which any archetypal would be appetent of, however, she is not a archetypal herself. According to sources, she is best accepted for her fettle and affairs videos which she uploads on her channel. It is not accepted back she started the channel, however, the approach anon boasts of over 400k subscribers. Back the approach was launched, she has not bootless to accumulate her admirers alert to it with her artistic videos.

Khali maintains a actual low contour as abundant is not accepted about her. It is not accepted if she has any academic apprenticeship history, whether she has anytime been affiliated or if she has any children. However, it is accepted that she is Lebanese by agent but confused to Santa Barbara to abide her boyfriend, Jaret Campisi. He too keeps abroad from media as actual little is accepted about him. Let us get to apperceive added about Christiana Khali, accumulate reading.

Christina Khalil’s Adventures (Age)

Christina Khalil was built-in in Beirut, a boondocks in Lebanon. She was built-in on  November 19, 1993. The character and occupations of her parents are not accepted and it is not assertive if she grew up in her bearing town. There is additionally no advice apropos her educational accomplishments accessible on the internet.

Her career kick-started on the advance as she was an amateur in clue and field. It is not accepted back she began racing, neither is it accepted back she stopped. She is currently a YouTube brilliant who interests her admirers with videos on fettle and lifestyle. She has over 400k subscribers and her best beheld video is blue-blooded Not in California Anymore…. It got as abundant as 975k views.

Net Worth

As of 2019, there has been no absolute accord on the exact net account of the amusing media personality, Christina Khalil. Some sites put her net account at $17 actor while others tagged it at a abundant bottom amount. However, one affair is certain, she has been able to accumulate a huge admirers which in about-face yields a lot of income. As for her account or annual salary, that advice charcoal ambiguous at this time. The assets she possesses such as cars and houses are not accepted to the public.

Other Facts You Charge To Apperceive About Christina Khalil 

Parents and Family

There is nthing that credibility to any advice about the parents of this Youtube sensation. Their names and occupations are not appear except the actuality that they are Lebanese. Also, it is not accepted if she has or had any siblings.

Spouse and Children

There are no annal that announce that Christina Khalil has anytime been affiliated or has any children. Generally, abundant is not accepted about the YouTuber. Although she doesn’t accept a husband, she has had a longtime boyfriend, Jaret Campisi. There is no advice on how they met or back they started dating. Also, no advice has alike to announce that they accept had any accouchement together.

Jaret Campisi is additionally a YouTube star, aloof like Christiana Khali. His eponymous YouTube approach is acclimated to advertise his adulation for fettle and motorcycling. While in aerial school, he was a 5-time accompaniment clue champion. He was additionally a hurdling amateur with a few championships to his name.


In accession to YouTube, he is a able anatomy competitor, agreement aboriginal at contest like Ferrigno Bequest Men’s Anatomy in 2014 and 2015.

Height and Measurements

As a fettle able and ancient athlete, it is accepted that Christina Khalil will be in acceptable appearance back it comes to her anatomy and health. Best fettle experts allotment and accomplish accessible their fettle diets online, but Christina is one exception. However, through her videos, she has been able to accommodate routines for altered types of workouts and actuate bodies to accumulate fit. By aloof attractive at her, it can be empiric that she has an amazing anatomy physique. It is best adverse that she has not cared to allotment capacity about her anatomy abstracts with the public.

Despite that, some online sources accept been able to almost her anatomy abstracts through accurate examination. For height, she is about 5 anxiety 3 inches or 160 cm. She about weighs 58kg, a acceptable weight for a lady. Her bust, waist and hip sizes accept been estimated to be 35-27-36 inches.

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