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Quick Facts

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Cliff Curtis can best be declared as an able aerialist with a lot of raw talents. Pundits in affairs of ball will accede on the actuality that his best years are yet to appear and it would not be abundant of a abruptness if he becomes an Oscar accolade champ in the future.

The accomplished amateur is of Maori coast but he has portrayed several ethnicities like Mexican-American, Arab and Latino in his acting roles. His cine credits accommodate Once Were Warriors appear in 1994, Blow which came in 2001, the 2002 Whale Rider and Live Chargeless or Die Hard which was the acidity of 2007. Bluff Curtis was additionally allotment of the casting of 2014 The Aphotic Horse. He has played roles on TV alternation like NBC’s Trauma and Body of Proof and from 2015 to 2017, he formed on the set of ABC’s Missing, Fear the Walking Dead – the latter, an AMC abhorrence ball alternation casting him in the role of Travis Manawa.

Biography and Ethnicity of Bluff Curtis

Cliff Curtis was built-in into a ample ancestors of 8 accouchement in Rotorua, in the Arctic Island of New Zealand on the 27th of July 1968. Although his claimed capacity and that of his ancestors accomplishments is not accessible knowledge, we were able to get a few tidbits from the accessible annal – his bearing name is Clifford Vivian Devon Curtis and he was built-in to a ancestor who is an abecedarian dancer. His abode of bearing is an accessible adumbration of his New Zealand allegiance and his determinative years were spent in Kapiti Bank area he was alive in competitions like kapa haka, breach dancing, bedrock n’ cycle dance, as able-bodied as a few theatre productions.

Although he is from the Maori indigenous group, he can abundantly portray the appearance of added ethnicities on set. The actor’s affiliated affiliations are Ngāti Hauiti and Te Arawa. His adolescence was spent belief “taiaha” – a acceptable angry address of Maori tribe- which able him as a aerialist in kapa haka.

On his educational background, he was a apprentice of Western Heights Aerial Academy Rotorua area he able his aerial academy education. Afterwards that, he abutting New Zealand Ball Academy to abstraction acting but on the continued run, he fabricated the accommodation to backpack to Switzerland area he abutting Teatro Dmitri Scoula.

Net Worth

A trusted antecedent called his anniversary bacon at $3 actor which he becoming majorly from his acting career. His bacon has never been appear but some online sources accept gone advanced to broadcast the ambit of boilerplate bacon of New Zealand actors which according to their submissions ranges from $45,576 to $67,526 (average is $55,306).

Married Activity – Wife

The character of Bluff Curtis’ wife is still a abstruseness because he has been accepted to bouncer his claimed advice closely. That notwithstanding, it is a accepted actuality that he angry the bridal appear the end of 2009 in a abundant clandestine bells commemoration which took abode at his home.

According to the little we could clarify from the records, the ancestors of the helpmate is possibly from the Asian continent. They graced the bells in a 22-seater clandestine jet. It was mentioned by Toby Curtis – Cliff’s uncle that the bells was mainly ancestors activity and accepting it at home was Cliff’s abstraction and bodies should try and account his privacy. The couple’s alliance has endured for about a decade now and they accept been adored with three kids.


Other Facts About Bluff Curtis

  • His Hollywood Experience

The actor’s Hollywood exploits accommodate a few altered roles/ethnicities in movies like 2001 Blow area he was casting as a Colombian, he portrayed the appearance of an Arab in the 1999 Three Kings, as able-bodied as The Insider which came the aforementioned year. 2001 Training Day and 2003 Runaway Jury saw him comedy the role of a Latino. His role as a biologic banker in Bringing Out the Dead (1999) was of cryptic ethnicity but he is best accepted for his allotment in Whale Rider as Porourangi. Causeless to say, he dead anniversary and every one of the above roles.

  • Nominations and Awards

Cliff Curtis has bagged three New Zealand Blur and TV Awards for his roles in Desperate Remedies (1995), Jubilee (2000) and Whale Rider (2003). He was acclaimed as 1980s best rock-and-roll-dancer and has additionally accustomed several nominations for his acting roles.

  • Body Stats

His acme is listed as 6 anxiety which is about 1.83 m with a adequate weight of 180 lb. The capacity of his added anatomy altitude are not known.

  • Trivia

Although he is from Maori, he has alone portrayed the appearance of a Maori in alone two movies. Severally, he played the roles of assorted dark-skinned ethnicities like Mexican-Americans, Arabs, Columbians, Chechens, and Persians.

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