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Whenever Nigerians feel the charge to deflate the boundless affect about them actuality acceptable for annihilation in across but to alone blackmail bodies out of their money and possessions, they accredit to bodies like Dr. Bennet Omalu to accomplish a point or two about how they are not the scumbags of the apple as generally appropriate on several quarters.

There is no agnosticism about this, Omalu is one of the accepted Nigerians active in the Affiliated States of America and definitely the best acclaimed amid those in his chosen profession. If you accept watched the 2015 sports ball blur (Concussion), starring as Dr. Bennet Omalu, again you already apperceive that the Nigerian acquired absorption for his groundbreaking allegation on CTE (chronic alarming encephalopathy) in affiliation to American football which becoming him the animosity of the National Football League (NFL).

NFL abundantly against Dr. Omalu’s able drive to apprentice added about CTE in American football players and acquaint the apple about it as it was admired as an abhorrent development able of antibacterial the acceptability of the sport. As such, Omalu’s allegation remained broadly inconsequential until Jeanne Marie Laskas, a announcer got the CTE, the Nigerian physician and NFL adventure appear in New York’s monthly men’s magazine, GQ.  Laskas would after accomplish a book out of the story; the book titled Concussion was eventually acclimatized into the above film.  

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Biography

Dr. Omalu, a man from the Igbo indigenous accumulation of southeastern Nigeria was built-in on the 30th day of September 1968. His abode of bearing was in Nnokwa amid in Idemili South, Anambra State. As the sixth of his parent’s seven children, Omalu’s bearing came at a difficult time, Nigeria was accepting its civilian war and fate apportioned him to the best afflicted allotment of the country during the war. His ancestors had to escape from their Enugu-Ukwu home with little Omalu to break alive.

While we are still appetite to apprentice added about Omalu’s six siblings, we apperceive that his mom becoming a active by bed-making and that his dad who was accepted amid his bodies and a leader, was a mining civilian engineer.

To be formally educated, his parents ensured he started academy at an aboriginal age. Annal accept it that he was a apprentice of the Federal Government Academy in Enugu, it was from the accessory academy that he confused on to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka area he acquired his Bachelor of Medicine, Available of Anaplasty degree. That was in 1990. Omalu initially capital to booty an alive allotment in the medical activities of Nigeria; he alike served as a doctor in the arctic allotment of the country. But then, the political alternation in the country handed him the action to leave the country, he did and acclimatized in Seattle, Washington. That was in 1994.

In the Affiliated States, he pursued added ability in his chosen profession. This saw him move from Washington to New York and added cities, acquirements and alive with several medical institutions which culminated in him actuality Dr. Bennet Omalu, the renowned Nigerian-American physician, neuropathologist and argumentative pathologist.

His Wife and Family

Omalu has been bedmate to Prema Mutiso who came to the Affiliated States from Kenya. Afar from the actuality that she’s the mother of Omalu’s two kids – Ashly and Mark, what abroad do you apperceive about her? Well, here’s what we know, and it is quite, admitting hardly altered from what was depicted in the 2015 biographical film.

The two aboriginal met at a affair and not at church, back the Dr. started seeing her in church, he approached her and their accord blossomed from there. As a Assistant from Nairobi, Kenya, Mutiso came to the Affiliated Accompaniment to added her studies. Things were absolutely boxy for her and Omalu offered her a allowance duke every now and then. She after confused in with the doctor, their accord became adventurous and the blow is history.


Quick Facts About Dr. Bennet Omalu

1. He’s generally admired as a man authentic by his name. His surname Omalu is an abridge of Onyemalukwube, which agency “he who knows should speak”. This was accessible in his CTE findings, NFL formed adamantine to shut him up but the man wouldn’t stop appetite to acquaint the apple about the bloom dangers of arena American football.

2. In 2017, he accommodated from his position as the arch medical examiner of California’s San Joaquin County. According to the doctor, the county’s Sheriff wouldn’t stop interfering with afterlife investigations. Omalu the Sheriff is consistently appetite to assure cops who dead people.

3. Dr. Bennet Omalu is one of the advisers confined at the Administration of Medical Anatomy and Class Anesthetic at the University of California, Davis.

4. He’s an author, his books include Play Adamantine Die Young: Football dementia, abasement and death which he appear in 2008 and Truth Doesn’t Accept a Side: My Alarming Analysis about the Crisis of Acquaintance Sports published in 2017.

5. Ancient in 2016, Omalu triggered a altercation back he asked Hillary Clinton’s presidential attack aggregation to conduct a toxicologic assay of Hillary’s blood, suggesting that she may accept been poisoned.

6. The man became a aborigine of the Affiliated States of America ancient in February 2015.

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