Franz Drameh – Bio, Wife, Daughter, Age, Height, Parents

Quick Facts of Franz Drameh

Net Worth$11 million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 11 in
Date of Birth5 January, 1993

Although Franz Drameh is not the best accepted amateur out there, admirers of Legends of Tomorrow not alone apperceive him but additionally adulation him. One of the finest actors in the DCS superhero series, he began his career in 2007 back he got a role in an adventure of the British medical ball series, Casualty.

Since then, he has appeared in a acceptable cardinal of TV shows and films. A acceptable cardinal of questions accept been asked about this amateur and beneath are answers to some of them.

What is Franz Drameh accomplishing now?

A acclaimed English amateur Franz Frameh is currently complex in the British abomination ball blur “Twist” and the Angel TV alternation called “See”. Recently, he has additionally formed in a 2019 activity ball cine called “The Gentleman”.

Franz Drameh Bio (Age)

Of Gambian and English nationality, it was as Franz Alhusaine Drameh, and on 5th January 1993 that the amateur was built-in in Hackney, London. However, it was at Hoxton that he was brought up.

Source: Scriling

While growing up, he was a big fan of Batman: The Activated Series which he would consistently watch alike afore abrogation for school.

One of the things that pulled his absorption in comics is the adulation his ancestor has for them. Added than aloof the adulation for comics, Drameh additionally developed an absorption in acting.

In adjustment to accord him an befalling to accompany his dreams of acceptable an actor, he was beatific to the Adolescent Actors Theatre in Barnsbury Alley by the time he was alone 12. Back he was 14, he active to the bureau of the ball academy and association theatre.

Soon afterward, the auditions started advancing and that was how he got to arise in the “Lost in the Rough” adventure of Blow in 2007. At first, he got afraid back the auditions came but he anon begin his way about that.

In 2009, he fabricated an actualization in the abbreviate film, Be Good, and again in 2010, he fabricated his aboriginal blur actualization afterwards he landed a role in the fantasy film, Hereafter. 

Source: TV Fantastic

The blur opened the doors for him to get roles in Attack the Block (2011), My Murder, and Now Is Good in 2012. In 2014, he played Ford in Edge of Tomorrow, actualization alongside Hollywood’s A-list.

In TV, Franz Drameh has appeared in assorted DC Comics alternation such as Firestorm or Jefferson Jackson. Amid 2015 to 2018, he appeared in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Superhero Action Club 2.0 (short video), the web series Coquette (voice role), Supergirl, and Arrow.

In the third division of the activated series, Legends of Tomorrow, Franz larboard but there are some rumors that he may return.

With a abundant career, he has not consistently been on the best ancillary of the law as he was arrested in 2017 afterward accuse of advance adjoin a man alfresco of a angle and dent shop.

From a CCTV record, the British amateur was apparent kicking, punching, and headbutting a man, Joshua Berenger, whom he claimed angered him and threw ancestral slurs at him central the shop.

Jurors were told that back the amateur was arrested afterward the advance on Joshua who stood at six-five, he laughed at the situation. However, he insisted it was alone a beam in irony because he advised himself to be on the right.

Who played Jax from legends of tomorrow British?

Franz Drameh has played the role of Jax or Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm in 3 seasons of legends of Tomorrow from 2016 to 2018.

What is the Net Account of Franz Drameh?

A acclaimed English amateur Franz Drameh has an estimated net account of $11 actor as of 2022.

Franz Drameh’s Wife, Daughter, and Parents

Counting his blessings, Franz Drameh will consistently put the actuality that he has both his parents whom he believes will consistently be there for him. His mother’s name is Kerry.

As of 2011, she was still active in Hoxton. According to the actor, afar from actuality his mother, Kerry has additionally remained his afflatus and best friend.

There is hardly abundant that is accepted about his ancestor who as beforehand stated, was a huge fan of comics. While it has not been confirmed, there are some sources that affirmation that both of the parents of the amateur are from The Gambia.

As commendations his ancestors life, it is not accepted if he is affiliated or not, but he is in a accord with Anna Maria Drameh, who because of the name, some get to accept that the two are married.

Franz and Anna accustomed their babe whose name is accustomed as Aurora Drameh on December 23, 2017.

Source: Reddit

Based on her Instagram profile, Annamaria is a registered assistant and she lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Was Franz Drameh arrested?

Franz Drameh was arrested in 2017 afterward accuse of advance adjoin a man alfresco of a angle and dent shop.

Franz Drameh’s Acme and Weight

A DC banana superhero, Franz Drameh has a acceptable acme and build. As commendations his height, he may not be the tallest man around, but he has a actual acceptable acme of 5 anxiety 11 inches. However, his anatomy weight is 70 kg.

Source: Autographia

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