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Call her The Godmother, the Atramentous Widow, La Madrina, the Cocaine Godmother, or alike the Queen of Narco-Trafficking and all who knew about Griselda Blanco, the woman who dealt in drugs with the Medellín Cartel, will nod in acceding that from the 1980s through the 2000s, Griselda accepted herself as admirable of those names in the abyss cocaine biologic barter of that era in Colombia and Miami.

As always, hardly will you acquisition any biologic aristocrat who was (or is) not complex in murders, and Blanco was no exception. Letters accept it that she was amenable for the annihilation of about 200 bodies in the advance of accustomed out her drug-related dealings. However, over time, she was beatific to accommodated her maker, in the aforementioned address she aside the activity out of others.

Griselda is no more, but her tales still makes the aerial of anyone that hears it to tingle. Here, we are activity to put calm best of the above contest that apparent her activity while she lived, her accounts as able-bodied as acquaint you about her ancestors associates and what became of them.

Griselda Blanco’s Bio

The Cocaine Godmother whose abounding name is Griselda Blanco Restrepo was built-in on the 15th of February 1943 in Santa Marta, Colombia. She had as her parents Fernando Blanco (father) and Ana Lucía Restrepo (mother). Back she was about 3 years old, her mother relocated to Medellin with her and it didn’t booty continued afore she got complex with bent activities. Griselda admitting actuality a adolescent became a pickpocket, kidnapper and alike attempt a adolescent in her neighborhood. To add to her woes, her mother’s admirer was additionally sexually abusing her and this led her to abscond their abode back she was 16 years old.

Out in the streets, there was no axis aback for Griselda Blanco as she alone got worse. She got affiliated to Carlos Trujillo, a adolescent bent while still a jailbait with whom she had three kids afore they divorced. In the aboriginal 70s, she began a accord with Alberto Acclaim – a biologic baron who she after married. With the advice of her additional husband, Griselda got complex in the cocaine barter and got actual acceptable at it. In the mid-70s, she immigrated to the Affiliated States of America with her bedmate and acclimatized in Queens, New York.

They set up a cocaine business in Queens which anon began to thrive. In April 1975, Griselda alongside 30 others was accusable on biologic charges. However, she fled to Colombia to abstain arrest but alternate to the US afresh in the backward 70s. This time around, she acclimatized in Miami which at the time was afflicted with drug-related crimes. The crime-ridden atmosphere in Miami enabled Griselda Blanco to not alone accretion a ballast in the cocaine barter at the time but in addition, she got complex in the biologic abandon dubbed Cocaine Cowboy Wars or Miami Biologic War.

As her ascendancy grew, so did her enemies in the biologic trade. For this reason, several attempts were fabricated to assassinate Griselda but they all came to naught as she bound able to California. The law bent up with her in the Buck Banderole Accompaniment for which acumen she was bedevilled to added than 10 years in jail. While in prison, the Queen of Narco-Trafficking kept active her cocaine business with the advice of one of her sons – Michael Blanco. In 2004, Griselda Blanco became a chargeless woman and got abandoned to Medellín, Colombia.

Then, on the 3rd of September 2012, she was murdered by a apache who pulled up at the Cardiso boner boutique area she had gone to buy meat. The apache alighted from his motorcycle, attempt La Madrina alert on her arch afore dematerialization into the streets on his motorbike. Thus, the alarming Atramentous Added was no added at age 69.

Family: Husband, Sons, Daughter

Griselda Blanco as ahead mentioned was aboriginal affiliated to Carlos Trujillo (1960 – 1969). The brace bore three sons called Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo. All three of Griselda’s sons were dead in Colombia afterwards confined bastille sentences and displacement from Colombia. Letters accept it that she after had Carlos, her aboriginal husband, assassinated.

Alberto Acclaim who was Griselda’s business accomplice at the time after became her bedmate (1970 – 1975). After a disagreement, the duo had in 1975 while in a Bogotá bistro parking lot about some millions missing from their cartel, the duo pulled weapons at anniversary added which resulted to a gun battle. Alberto and six bodyguards laid asleep after while Griselda abiding alone but a accessory gunshot anguish on her stomach.

Blanco confused on with her activity and had addition adolescent with Darío Sepúlveda, a son called Michael Corleone Blanco. Dario about afar from Griselda in 1983 and after kidnapped Michael back he had a altercation with the Cocaine Godmother on who should accept aegis of their child. It angry out his kidnapping of his own son was a actual amiss affair to do as Griselda Blanco paid to accept Sepúlveda assassinated in Colombia. Appropriately all three of her husbands died by her own hands.

Her youngest son Michael Corleone Blanco, however, appear that Griselda after became a built-in afresh Christian and got into a claimed accord with a assertive Anna Cruz whom Michael appear she admired as a daughter. However, back Anna abstruse of her accomplished and who she absolutely was, she cut ties with the Queen of Narco-Trafficking. Who wouldn’t?

Net Worth

While she lived and at the aiguille of her cocaine business, Griselda Blanco’s cocaine administration arrangement in the Affiliated States of America was raking in as abundant as $80 actor monthly. This of advance came at a abundant amount for which she ultimately paid the price. The Cocaine Godmother reportedly accumulated $2 billion as her net account while she lived.

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