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Ian Connor aka King of the Adolescence (he called himself that) is afar from actuality an American appearance archetypal abounding added things, amid them, are; a creative consultant, appearance guru, and a amusing media mogul, yeah! there’s article like that now. And oh, he is perhaps, bigger accepted as one of the associates of the A$ap Mob.

He has formed with some of the better names in the ball industry from to to Asap Bouldered to . Sit bound as we acknowledge added absorbing facts about the dreadlocked model.

Ian Connor Wiki/Biography, Family

Connor was built-in on January 2, 1993, in New York. He relocated to Atlanta Georgia at the age of 9 and alternate to New York back he was 18, however, he has accustomed Atlanta for giving him the activity he now lives.

In an account with the in 2015, Ian appear that he has never accepted his ancestor and that he gets forth with his mother, although they don’t talk. He added that his mom doesn’t assume to accept what he does, and he doesn’t accomplish an accomplishment to force her into it. However, he maintained that he loves his mom the aforementioned way she loves him.

There was one a time back Ian’s mom, in a bid to get his attention, went out on Instagram announcement that she was his mom. Article that Ian said initially pissed him off, admitting he after had to accept that amusing media was her alone aperture as she almost gets to allege with him.

Ian alone out of academy in the 9th brand and began active in the streets “without boundaries.”

Soon, he began architecture a afterward on his Tumblr blog which began to allure some absorption his way from 2012. On Tumblr, Ian marketed his “L3NF” band of tees and sweatshirts which he formed in accord with Glyn Brown.


The band became a hit afterwards designer Will Fry produced a Warhol-styled face of Connor on his acme which was sported by rappers like Trinidad James. This ultimately opened the doors of clay gigs for Ian.

Still in 2012 back Ian was alone 19, he was contacted by Virgil Abloh, Kanye Wests’ creative administrator and the two became abutting friends.

After his 2012 break, streetwear brands like Lumières, Stussy, & Bape began to acquaintance Ian for gigs. Ian’s accomplishments airtight him a atom on Complex’ 2012 account of 25 Beneath 25: The Adolescent Leaders of Style.

Ian again became accompany with A$ap Mob’s A$ap Bari who looks up to Virgil Abloh as his appearance role model. As a aftereffect of his accord with Bari, Ian got chip into the aggregation acceptable accompany with added aggregation associates like A$ap Rocky, who became his administrator while he, in turn, began confined as Rocky’s artistic director. Ian has said that Bouldered was the aboriginal ancestor amount he had in his life. He is the face of Rocky’s AWGE artistic collective.

By 2015, Ian had amorphous alive with Kanye as a artistic adviser for the aboriginal accumulating of his Yeezy appearance line. Ian additionally modeled for the brand. During Yeezy Division 2, Ian admiring lots of absorption for smoker a cigarette all through while scrolling his phone.

In accession to Yeezy, Ian has additionally consulted for added streetwear brands like Guillermo Andrade’s 424, Pink Dolphin and Emotionally Unavailable. He has formed as a artistic administrator to both Wiz Khalifa and Kylie Jenner. Ian /line he dubbed Animus x Storm. He manages Atlanta rapper Playboy Carti.

Ian Connor’s Girlfriend

Ian has severally bragged about bedding porn stars. He told Circuitous annual that he has slept with over 300 women. He additionally explained that he was in a abrupt austere accord which concluded because his animosity for her changed.

Since ascent to stardom, Ian hasn’t been romantically affiliated with a adolescent star. In 2016, a 23-year-old adult called Malik Anderson accused Ian of raping her in a column on her blog. Anon after, abounding added women came accessible about actuality sexually assaulted by the appearance model.

Ian accustomed abutment from his friend, rapper Theophilus London who dedicated him but afterwards a confounding and pubic fist-fight which was acquaint on amusing media, took aback his words, calling Ian a rapist.


Ian has been advised for rape. However, abounding accept been affected to accept the allegations, anticipation from his weirdness  – he is amorous by consecutive killers. He told ; “For some reason, I acquisition consecutive killers cool.”

Height: 5 anxiety 5 inches

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