Is Amy Walter Gay or Lesbian? Bio, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Family

Quick Facts of Amy Walter

Net Worth$5 million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 9 in
Date of Birth19 October, 1969

Amy Walter is a acclaimed name as far as political assay in the Affiliated States is concerned. Ahead the political administrator of ABC News, Amy now works as the civic editor of The Baker Political Report.

She has becoming a cardinal of awards in her years of practicing journalism including The Washington Post’s Clear Brawl Accolade for her spot-on acclamation predictions in 2000.

In 2009, Washingtonian annual called her amid one of the 50 top journalists in DC. Actuality is added about her able and claimed life.

Where is Amy Walter?

The political analyst Amy Walter belongs from Virginia, America.

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Is Amy Walter Gay or Lesbian?

Amy Walter is aboveboard gay/lesbian. For over two decades and counting, she has been with Kathryn Hamm an drillmaster and administrator best accepted as a avant-garde in the gay and lesbian bells industry.

Amy and Kathryn Hamm aboriginal affiliated in 1999 and afresh again in 2013 back their aboriginal alliance was not accurately approved. They had met through alternate accompany in 1993.

Hamm who was aloft in Dallas had relocated to Washington DC two years earlier. She had aloof acquired her attitude and women’s studies degrees from Princeton University area she played soccer.

After two years of dating, Amy and Kathryn 1995 took their accord to the abutting akin and confused in calm in a home in Clarendon.

In 1999, the two absitively to allowance their accord with alliance admitting it was not accurately approved, the two went on with it anyway. Their bells was captivated during the activity weekend of 1999.

On November 2, 2013, at the courthouse in Washington DC, Amy and Kathryn absitively to get affiliated for the additional time in adjustment to authorize for assertive acknowledged benefits. Clashing the aboriginal alliance area they both wore dresses, the brace autonomous for a actual accidental look.

The courthouse bells was graced by about 160 guests and a dozen kids. Officiating the commemoration was Kathryn’s acquaintance from college, The Atonement Marisa Demeo, a adjudicator for the D.C. Above Court.

“To me, alliance is a civilian right, It’s a set of government-sanctioned benefits,” Amy’s wife.

“But, actuality affiliated to someone—or committed to someone—is a constant advance of assignment and love. Amy and I had our bells in 1999 and that was back we fabricated our promises to one addition and I accept candidly acquainted ‘married’ to her back then.

We wouldn’t accept had addition commemoration had it not been article we bare to do in adjustment to get the acknowledged benefits, which, I ability add, are still alone fractional allowances for us back our home state—Virginia—does not admit our marriage.”

When Amy was asked by Appropriately Wed what she brand best about her wife Kat, she said;

“I adulation how accommodating Kathryn is to put her affection on her sleeve. She fights for what she believes in, alike back she knows that she could be acutely aghast and hurt. And, alike then, she never stops assertive that she will be able to accomplish a difference.”

Kathryn was befuddled the aforementioned catechism and she said;

“I adulation Amy’s faculty of humor, kindness, willingness, playfulness, and wisdom. She is a absolute antithesis for me. And, I anticipate that conceivably my admired affair about her of backward is watching her ancestor our son. It’s a joy to acquaintance that ancillary of her!”

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Where is Amy Walter now?

Amy Walter is currently alive as the Civic Editor of The Baker Political Address by accouterment assay of issues, trends and contest which appearance political environment.

Amy Walter Family

After 7 years of marriage, Walter and Kathryn 2006 adopted their son, a boy called Caleb. He was acquiescently congenital into their additional alliance in 2013 via a beach ceremony.

“We added in a beach commemoration to reflect our charge as a always ancestors back our son was too adolescent to bethink his acceptance ceremony.

It was absolutely able and, alarm it a mother’s intuition, but I get the faculty that article internally confused in him as he accepted our charge as a ancestors and his role in it in a new way,” Kathryn said.

In accession to their son, the brace owns a Wheaton terrier called Eli.

Like her wife Amy, Kathryn has been appropriately acknowledged in her career. She interned at Analysis Approach afore alive there full-time.

She again began alive as a advice advisor at Maret School, DC area she additionally accomplished the soccer team. Simultaneously, Hamm advised for a master’s amount in amusing assignment at the All-embracing University of America.

Hamm reprised her job role at a academy in Maryland afore alive at the advanced appointment of Washington Freedom, Washington’s aboriginal able women’s soccer team.

She now works as a administrator for, an abstraction that was birthed by her mother Gretchen, out of frustration, back she couldn’t assume to acquisition acceptable bells accessories for her babe and her wife-to-be’s 1999 marriage.

In 2015, was acquired by WeddingWire area Hamm additionally writes a cavalcade as an Apprenticeship Expert. Hamm has appear several books about same-sex marriage.

Amy Walter Bio/Wiki

Amy Walter was built-in on October 19, 1969, in Arlington, Virginia. She abounding Colby Academy area she accelerating summa cum laude in 1991 and now serves as a affiliate of her Lath of Trustees.

Source: Anniversary of the Arts BOCA

Walter began her journalism career appropriate away. During her aboriginal career years, she formed for National Journal’s The Hotline area she served as the editor-in-chief.

Amy additionally served as the primary articulation of the political advertisement accouterment approved assay of the nation’s political status.

From that role, she abutting ABC Account in Washington DC as political director. At ABC, Walter oversaw all political advantage on

Additionally, she gave an on-air assay on ABC Account programs like “Good Morning America,” “This Anniversary with Christiane Amanpour,” “World Account with Diane Sawyer,” ABC Account Now, and “Nightline.”

Prior to acceptable the national editor of The Baker Political Report, Walter served at the nonpartisan advertisement from 1997 to 2007 as the chief editor.

Walter has additionally contributed to CBS’ “Face the Nation,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” PBS’ “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” and more.

In 2006, she won an Emmy with CNN’s 2006 Acclamation night team.

Amy Walter’s Net Worth

The political analyst, as able-bodied as a director, has an estimated net account of $5 actor as of 2022.

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