Jeff Kaplan – Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Gay?

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For hardcore gamers, amateur like Apple of Warcraft and Overwatch are amid those that will consistently angle out. Afar from actuality amateur that were appear by Blast Entertainment, one affair they accept in accepted is that they were additionally advised by Jeff Kaplan – an American video bold artist whose amateur are amid the best in the gaming world. Added than aloof a designer, he is additionally the carnality admiral o Blast Entertainment.

Jeff Kaplan – Adventures and Age

November 4, 1972, was the date Jeff Kaplan was built-in in New Jersey. However, it was in La Cañada Flintridge, California, that he was brought up, alongside his brother whose name is Jason.

The capital absorption of Kaplan as he was growing up was to become a artistic writer. He took this dream so actively that he went to the University of Southern California to abstraction Artistic Writing. His ambition afterwards he accelerating was to added his apprenticeship and again get published. Hence, he confused to alum academy at New York University area he connected in the aforementioned field.

However, back he was done, absoluteness anon hit him as he was clumsy to accept any of his works published, including his abbreviate belief and poetry. Added so, he accustomed bounce belletrist that were added than a hundred.

Long afore then, Kaplan was a gamer and so, afterwards declining as a writer, he absitively to go aback to gaming and acknowledgment to the fantasy bold EverQuest which he played, he met Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s advance artist for Warcraft III. Pardo after abreast Jeff about an opening, arch to him accepting his job at Blizzard.

Eventually, he formed his way about and got complex in a cardinal of projects including Apple of Warcraft for which he was the Bold Director. In the franchise, he was the artist for Warcraft III: Administration of Anarchy (2002), World of Warcraft (2004), Apple of Warcraft: The Afire Cause (2007), and Apple of Warcraft: Acrimony of the Lich Baron (2008). He was additionally the artist of the 2013 bold Titan afore it was cancelled. In 2016, he became the advance artist and bold administrator of Overwatch.


Jeff Kaplan is a affiliated man who met his wife back he was still in his 20s and like best bodies in the gaming world, he met her through gaming. She was a night elf warrior who he begin actual adamantine defeating. At the time, he was still an ambitious biographer while she was a abundant gamer whom for years that followed, he believed was a man.

The two became friends, acknowledgment to the bold and back they assuredly met, they fell in love. A few years of dating and they absitively to accomplish it abiding by acceptable man and wife.

The bold artist has managed to accumulate all the advice about his wife able-bodied hidden. The alone affair accepted about her is that her name is Angela and she is additionally a gamer who met her bedmate through EverQuest afore they got affiliated in 2006. Appropriately far, it is not accepted if the brace has any kids together.

Net Worth

When it comes to the affluence that he has been able to get through the years, Jeff has not done abominably for himself. He has a net account that has been estimated at $10 million. He fabricated this bulk mostly from his career as a video bold designer, as able-bodied as actuality the carnality admiral of the behemothic gaming company, Blizzard.

In bike with the affluence that he has, he additionally has assorted comfortable stuff, including a multi-million dollar abode at Santa Rosa Valley, California.


The official acme of Kaplan has not been fabricated accessible but it is accessible to see that he is a man of boilerplate height. There are some sources that abode him at 5 anxiety 9 inches tall.

Is He Gay?

Inasmuch as Jeff Kaplan has not appear out to accomplish any animadversion apropos his animal orientation, it is safe to accept that he is not gay. This is because the actuality that he has been affiliated for added than a decade and has been with his wife for abounding years.

Also, he has never been affiliated to any man in the accomplished in the name of a relationship, neither accept there been any austere speculations.

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