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When the producers of the British blur alternation about the fabulous MI6 agent, James Bond, was attractive for an American to comedy the role of Chiffon Case in the blur Diamonds Are Forever (1971), extra Jill St. John was called not aloof because of her looks but for her talent. She went on to become the aboriginal American to comedy the role of the acclaimed Band babe character, paving the way for added American actresses like Teri Hatcher, , and . Apprehend on to acquisition out added about her career and claimed life.

Biography (Age)

Jill St. John was built-in Jill Arlyn Oppenheim to Betty (nee Goldberg) and Edward Oppenheim on the 19th of Baronial 1940 in Los Angeles, California. From a actual adolescent age, at the age of 6 to be exact, St. John began acting on the radio as she abutting the Children’s Ballet Aggregation which actresses Natalie Copse and Stephanie Admiral were additionally associates of at the time. The adolescent extra went on to accomplish her television acting admission at the age of 9 in a TV assembly of A Christmas Carol (1949).

While actualization in a cardinal of shows and demography up baby roles in films like Thunder in the East (1951), St. John abounding Admiral Able Academy and accustomed her aerial academy authority from Hollywood Able Academy in 1955. The afterward year, she enrolled at UCLA’s Addendum Academy as her career confused to the abutting akin with roles in above flat films like Summer Love (1958), Holiday for Lovers (1959), and The Absent World (1960) amid others. In 1963, Jill St. John accustomed a Aureate Apple Accolade choice for Best Extra for her achievement in the blur Come Draft Your Horn (1963), which additionally starred Aboveboard Sinatra.

In the advancing decades, St. John appeared in abounding added big-budget films, best conspicuously the James Band blur Diamonds Are Forever (1971), afore opting to leave Hollywood and move to Aspen, Colorado, area she focused on claimed interests like skiing and cooking. From time to time, however, she has fabricated her way aback to Hollywood to arise in some films and series.

Jill St. John Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jill St. John has an estimated net account of $10 million. The extra who began alive in the ball and blur industry as a adolescent fabricated her abundance mostly from her career in advanced of the camera. At the age of 16, she abundantly active a seven-year arrangement with Accepted Pictures which paid her $200 per week. She has back that time gone advanced to arise in assorted films, earning a Aureate Apple Accolade choice forth the way.

St. John has additionally reportedly fabricated some money from assembly a cookbook blue-blooded The Jill St. John Cookbook (1987).


Family – Spouse

Jill St. John is currently in her fourth marriage. Her aboriginal alliance was in May 1957, at the age of 16, to Neil Dubin, an beneficiary of a linen fortune. The brace eloped to Yuma, Arizona and were affiliated for aloof over a year afore they divorced. Two years later, in Advance 1960, St. John entered her additional marriage, this time to the alone adolescent of Babara Hutton and beneficiary of the Woolworth fortune, Carve Reventlow. Their abutment lasted for about three years afore they beggared means in 1963. St. John abundantly accustomed a adjustment of $86,000 afterward the divorce.

In the backward 1960s, the extra was in a well-publicized accord with amateur and accepted 60s applesauce and pop singer, Jack Jones. The two eventually got affiliated in 1967 but alone managed to break calm for two years as they afar in 1969. Jones cited the demands of his singing career as what led to the abasement of their marriage. St. John went on to focus on her career as she took a footfall backwards from the dating scene. In February 1982, however, she began dating amateur Robert Wagner. The two anachronous for eight years afore chief to tie the bond in May 1990 and accept been calm anytime since.

Height And Other Facts

Jill St. John has a acme of 5 anxiety 6 inches (167.6 cm) and weighs about 54 kg (119 lbs). The Arresting Mr. Pennypacker (1959) extra is abbreviate anatomy congenital and has anatomy abstracts of 39-19-36 inches.

Jill St. John is amorous about aliment and cooking. She acquired absorption in it through her parents’ buying of a restaurant back she was growing up. It is said that St. John took affable classes in Europe and is accepted to allocution to chefs of restaurants that she enjoyed their food, in adjustment to aggrandize her knowledge. As mentioned above, she has back authored a cookbook and appeared on television affable shows.

St. John’s mother was in allegation of her career back she was young. She conspicuously afflicted her daughter’s aftermost name to St. John from Oppenheim back she was 5 years of age. She additionally helped her babe get a adenoids job back she was 16 because she accomplished it would accomplish her abundant added attractive.

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