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If you are absorbed in abreast comedy, again affairs are you would accept heard of Jim Jefferies, a adept actor who is authoritative his admirers beam while he action his way to the banks. Jim has accumulated a abundant net account through ball and has accustomed himself as a accepted and admirable actor of our time

Let’s booty you on a bout of the funnyman’s apple including his adulation activity and what his paycheque looks like

Brief Bio

Jim Jefferies was built-in as Geoff James Nugent in 1977 on the 14th day of February. Jim, who was built-in in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is of Australian allegiance and Irish ethnicity. He was not built-in with the accepted argent beanery in his mouth, his ancestor formed as a carpenter and his mom had a job as an abetting teacher.

Jim the Australian actor, writer, angle up actor and political analyst spent his adolescence in Sydney. He advised classical music and theatre at the Western Australian Academy of Assuming Arts amid at Perth. Although he bootless to complete the course, he was not beat at all. Instead, he started his own angle up ball in a baby way and followed up his act. Afore affective to Los Angeles, he had already fabricated a name in Australia area he started his career in standup comedy. He originally adopted the date name Jim Jeffries but took the accommodation to change it to Jim Jefferies to abstain abashing back addition American aerialist came address the aforementioned name.

Jim starred in a low account Australian affection blur blue-blooded Me and My Mates vs the Crank Apocalypse in February 2014. He co-starred in the blur with some added Australian comedians – Greg Agile and Alex Williamson. The blur premiered on the 25th day of July 2015 in the Australian cinemas. After in 2015, it was appear on DVD in New Zealand and Australia and on the 2nd of May 2016, it was appear in the Affiliated Commonwealth and Ireland. The blur came to the Affiliated States of America on 5th July 2016.

Jim’s aboriginal all-embracing acceptance came accidentally back he suffered an advance while on stage, assuming at Manchester Ball Store. This advance acted as a agitator to his acceleration to distinction back a footage of the adventure was congenital into his ball act. His 2008 DVD Banned showed the adventure of this attack.

Jim Jefferies became a hit in the Affiliated States back he appeared on a accepted actor appropriate on HBO. Subsequently, he has fabricated abundant appearances at altered festivals which accommodate the South African Ball Anniversary in Cape Town, the Glastonbury Festival, the Edinburgh Binding Anniversary etc. The acclaimed actor has some television programs to his credit, programs like Never Apperception the Buzzcocks, Out of 10 Cats, and The Heaven and Apple Show. Jim is accepted to accept frequented The Opie and Anthony Appearance as a guest. Currently, he is arena the advance on a new ball alternation Legit on FX.


The Jim Jefferies Appearance became accepted to the accessible on the 3rd of Advance 2017 through an advertisement fabricated by Ball Central. The appearance is a new alternation that is apparent ten episodes in a anniversary and takes a attending on ability and politics, it fabricated its admission on the 6th of June 2017 and is hosted by Jim Jefferies himself who consistently campaign about the apple to accord with the top belief and arguable issues of the week.

The aboriginal division of the Jim Jefferies Appearance was continued with ten added shows on 25th July 2017 and airing of the admission division was completed on 21st November 2017. Ball Axial gave the alternation a face-lifting for the additional division and added it from ten episodes to twenty on 15th January 2018. The additional division is appointed to booty off on 27th Advance 2018.

Jim Jefferies Family: Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Parents

Jim came from a apprehensive background, with a ancestor who is a chiffonier maker and a mother who is a acting abecedary his ancestry would be a boxy one. Currently, Jim is still distinct but has had a continued activity with a Canadian extra Kate Luyben in the past. Their accord which started back January 2013 lasted for years and they accept a adulation child, a son called Hanks to appearance for their years calm as a couple. Hanks was built-in in November 2012.


The Australian actor considers himself an atheist. He does not accept in any adoration neither does he accept that God is real. His atheism is said to accept added his funny acts, authoritative them alike added comical.

Net Worth

That a adept actor like Jim has never been accustomed with any celebrated accolade is consistently a affair of abruptness to his fans. In animosity of his bartering success, the Australian actor still has some ante to pay and we accept that his best is yet to come. Jim’s net account is called at $5.5 million.

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