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Kaycie Lee is a fast-rising American awning brilliant best accepted for her apt assuming of the advance appearance (Anne Frank) in the Broadway affectation of The Account of Anne Aboveboard at the Lab Theatre in 2015. The extra started her acting career from a actual adolescent age; her aboriginal adulation was storytelling as able-bodied as autograph activated movies and afterwards a while, she switched into acting fulltime.

The extra currently boasts an absorbing resume with several movies to her credit. Some of her notable appearances accommodate Actual Lynch, Seers of Ablaze in Shadows, Back the Night Falls, and Dejected Guitars, amid abounding others. Apprentice added about Kaycie Lee in the above-mentioned paragraphs.

Kaycie Lee – Bio

Born on the 8th day of May 2001, Kaycie Lee is a built-in of Continued Island, New York, in the Affiliated States. She was built-in to American parents whose identities accept not been disclosed. The adolescent extra spent her aboriginal years in Continued Island and as a aftereffect of the ability she had for storytelling and acting, she confused to Florida back she was 7 years old.

As a child, Kaycie was able in the works of arts and she wrote several belief which she after adapted into activated films. This, she connected until back she angry 13 and absitively to adventure into acting abounding time. There are no annal of her educational accomplishments because the extra has not aggregate such advice with the media yet. That notwithstanding, it is safe to accept that the extra is well-educated.


Kaycie Lee kicked off her acting career with her aboriginal blur role in 2015 TV alternation Bedraggled Deals. There, she portrayed the bedfellow role of Afraid and after in the aforementioned year, she fabricated her Broadway debut, arena the role of Anne Aboveboard in the date assembly of The Account of Anne Frank. The comedy was able to accompany her to the absorption of arresting filmmakers in America; appropriately allowance her acreage above roles subsequently.

Still, in 2015, the extra additionally played the role of Tesha in the abbreviate film, The Blind Millstone as able-bodied as Flowers in the Snow-FTP. 2016 saw the extra comedy the role of Neville Lewis alongside Kelly Weaver and Abundance Attack in the TV series, When the Night Falls. She additionally starred in abbreviate films like What’s the Point, The Aroma of Her Soul, Dejected Guitars, and Hanging Milestone in the aforementioned year.

In 2017, the extra was apparent arena the role of Bianca in the abbreviate film, Seers of Ablaze in Shadows as able-bodied as Butterflies. The afterward year, she fabricated bedfellow appearances in the abhorrence TV series, Necessary Evil. After in the aforementioned year, she additionally played as Samantha in Caleb and as Lacey in Surviving Lynch. In 2019, Kaycie Lee starred in films such as Why You Don’t Accelerate Nudes, Fallaway, GymBrats, and Vice Squad: New Orleans, amid others.


The extra comes from a close American family. However, the names of her parents and what they do for a active are currently not known. Back the extra has not aggregate abundant advice about her family, it will appropriately be adamantine to acquaint if she is the alone adolescent of her parents. The abundant we apperceive is that her ancestors has consistently accurate her every footfall forth the way. It is acknowledgment to this that Lee has placed herself amid the fast-rising Hollywood stars.

While annihilation abundant is accepted about her family, it is additionally the aforementioned case as commendations her claimed life. Her admirers accept been analytical to acquisition out if she has a admirer or not; nevertheless, they were larboard with beneath or no answers. However, annal appearance that the extra is currently distinct and not in any accord at the moment. She has never been affiliated to anyone or any accord to date. Added so, she doesn’t accept any kids yet. Apparently, Kaycie Lee is currently focused on extensive a greater acme in her acting career.

Kaycie Lee’s Net Worth

For an extra like Kaycie Lee who is currently experiencing an upshoot in her career, annihilation abundant could be accepted added than a huge banking worth. However, the exact abstracts of her net account are currently bare as it’s still beneath review. We achievement to accumulate you acquaint back we accept absolute advice apropos her net worth.


Other Absorbing Facts You Charge To Know

1. By the advantage of her bearing month, Kaycie Lee’s astrological/zodiac assurance is Taurus.

2. The extra is actual tall, continuing at a acme of 5 anxiety 6 inches (1.68 m) with ideal anatomy weight.

3. The capacity of her anatomy abstracts including bust, waist, and achievement are currently unknown.

4. She has albino beard and a brace of dejected eyes.

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