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The Los Angeles-based American musician, disc jockey and producer, Hayden Capuozzo, contrarily accepted as Kayzo, has become a force to account with in the American music industry. The accomplished DJ garnered acclaim through his jaw-dropping remixes and hit songs. Interestingly, his agreeable appearance involves accumulation allurement and hardstyle genres to aftermath what could be referred to as a different and advancing sound. He garnered advanced acceptance in 2017 afterwards he alone his single, Wake Up in collaboration with RIOT.

While he has become a arresting amount in the American music industry, he garnered his advance afterwards he was listed amid the assuming artists at the celebrated 2019 Coachella Basin Music and Arts Festival. Apprentice added about Kayzo’s bio, career, and added absorbing facts below.

Kayzo – Biography

Born Hayden Capuozzo on the 8th of October 1991, the DJ was built-in in Houston, Texas, Affiliated States. Growing up, he spent his aboriginal years in Los Angeles with his family. He is accomplished in hockey and during his aerial academy days, he played for his academy team.

His absorption in music began back he was actual adolescent and this ability led him to accept at the cyberbanking music assembly school, Figure Aggregate anchored in Los Angeles. There, he spent nine months, admission in 2012. While he was there, he was able to adept the basal elements of cyberbanking music and additionally acclaimed himself as a bass artisan with advancing complete and elements of trap, hardstyle and dubstep genres.

Music Career and Acceleration to Prominence

Soon afterwards his graduation from the music school, Kayzo kicked off his music career in 2012. He recorded his blemish achievement back he alternate in Insomniac’s Analysis Activity claiming that year. Afterwards putting up an absorbing performance, he became the champ of the competition. As a aftereffect of his victory, he got the befalling to assignment as a DJ at the Escape from Wonderland Music Anniversary that year. That airing additionally apparent his aboriginal assignment as a DJ.

The afterward year, he launched his aboriginal distinct blue-blooded Malfunktion 2.0 in accord with Duelle. He followed it up with added singles, Gettin Down featuring Aspersion (American DJ duo – Derek Andersen and Scott Land) and Recoil with Jordan Alexander. Overextension his tentacles, Kayzo started accommodating with added DJs from added genitalia of the world.

In 2014, he appear a collaborative distinct blue-blooded Crank alongside Australian artist Seek N Destroy. He additionally launched his aboriginal EP, Fired and it was produced by Firepower Records. The year that followed saw Kayzo accommodating with Dotcom to absolution a distinct dubbed Take a Picture ft. Sam King. After in the aforementioned year, he alone addition single, Hasselhouse.

The accomplished DJ went on to begin his own almanac characterization alleged Aversion Recordings; appropriately bearing the EP Welcome to the Doghouse in 2016. In the aforementioned year, he appear two added hit singles including Home featuring Cesqeaux, and Frequency alongside Gammer. He was additionally featured with Dotcom and Ookay on Yultron’s song Tempura Roll.

2017 was a actual active year for Kayzo as he appear two hit singles – This Time and Whistle Wars. He additionally performed at the Nameless Music Anniversary captivated in Italy that year. His abutting project, which happens to be his admission album, came in January 2018 and it was blue-blooded Overload.

Additionally, Kayzo has done the remix of several songs from accepted artists. Some of which accommodate Salt Shaker by Ying Yang Twins and ; Lunatic by and Mercer; Last Resort by Ancestor Roach, Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex and , amid others.

Through his jaw-dropping performances, Kayzo has won the hearts of abounding hip-hop lovers. His different and absolute combinations of hardstyle, dubstep, trap, and hardcore music genres accept fabricated him a standout DJ in America. He became alike added accepted as he was arrive to accomplish at the 2019 Coachella Basin Music and Arts Festival.


The accomplished DJ, Kayzo, came from a common American family; however, advice apropos his parents and family, arise to be a affair of abstruseness to the accepted public. This is alone because the DJ hasn’t aggregate any advice in that regard. Kayzo is actual backstairs back it comes to his claimed activity and this has fabricated it difficult to acquisition out about his family. Also, it is not assertive if he is the alone adolescent of his parents or not. Meanwhile, the music brilliant consistently mentions his ancestors in his tweets alike admitting he never appear their names. He has declared his ancestors as actuality actual caring and admiring of his career.

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Other Absorbing Facts about the DJ

1. Kayzo has formed with several accepted artists including Candyland, , Chance Club, Krewella, and abounding others.

2. He recorded his blemish year into the American music arena in 2012 back he clinched the Ascertain Activity Challenge.

3. His accord with ANARCHISM for his 2017 distinct Wake Up garnered over 200 thousand plays and downloads aural 24 hours.

4. Kayzo appears to be distinct at the moment as he has not been affiliated to anyone or any accord to date.

5. He has become abundantly acknowledged in his agreeable career and has garnered an absorbing bulk of abundance for himself; nevertheless, his net account is still beneath review.

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