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Kevin Boner is the champ of the fourth division of America’s Got Talent. His achievement on the appearance was ballsy and it captivated audiences to no end as his best of songs were classical and they were rendered with so abundant emotion. He concluded up acceptable the admirable award-winning of $1 million.

Despite acceptable the brilliant prize, his wife alone him aloof afterwards he won, answer the act by adage that money is not everything. This may additionally accept contributed to the country singer’s adventure into a accompaniment of abasement which in about-face afflicted his brainy health. Apprehend on to acquisition out all about Kevin Boner in this absorbing commodity about the accomplished singer.

Kevin Skinner’s Biography

Skinner was built-in on 25 February 1974 in Graves McCracken Canton in Kentucky as Patrick Kevin Skinner. He grew up with three siblings, Jennifer, Rodney, and Michael. Appropriate from childhood, he has consistently been absorbed in music and singing. He began to comedy the guitar and started autograph his own songs back he was 12 years old. It is no account that he gets aggressive consistently by his ambiance in Kentucky, a accompaniment accepted for country music.

His father, Joe Skinner, was additionally a artist and a abundant lover of music. This is allegedly how Kevin came about his adulation of music. He has a actual affable and blessed accord with his earlier brother who is additionally his alone accepted sibling.

Kevin’s adulation for music led him to participate in the accepted American Aptitude appearance area he performed Garth Brooks’ song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and got a lot of admirers and votes from the audience. Leveraging on the massive adulation which he got on the show, he fabricated his way to the afterpiece adventure of the aptitude show. He is acclaimed to accept said that he was abiding to win because his ancestor had been there to abutment him through it all and it angry out to be aloof like he said.

He was awarded the brilliant award-winning of $1 actor which he requested should be paid to him in 40 years annuity. This agency that he will get $25,000 every year for 40 years. This justified the actuality that money wasn’t his alone antecedent of afflatus for abutting the competition. Unfortunately, his wife may accept anticipation contrarily back she absitively to leave him anon afterwards he had been called the champ of the admirable aptitude show.

Also accompanying the brilliant award-winning of $1million, he was accustomed to accomplish his own appearance in Las Vegas. As a musician, he was actual blessed to accommodated the army and for this alone, Kevin Boner was actual beholden that he had won the antagonism which helped addition his career.

He produced his aboriginal anthology blue-blooded it “Long Ride” which was appear on 17 Advance 2010 – this date didn’t aloof abatement on the canonizing of Saint Patrick’s Day by chance, it was a advised act by Kevin because he shares the name with the saint. In 2011, he appear addition anthology with the appellation “Kevin Skinner: Alive and Unplugged”.

Kevin is additionally accepted to appoint in alms works in his community. He is of the assessment that bodies should never go into music with the money as their alone antecedent of motivation. He credits his parents for absorptive acceptable virtues in him such as bashfulness – he claims that this is the antecedent for his accurate happiness.

Kevin Skinner’s Net Worth

Kevin is said to be currently account $1 million. His balance are basically from the award-winning he won from America’s Got Aptitude competition, auction of albums and alive performances.


Kevin was affiliated to Kristen Boner and they both had two accouchement – a babe alleged Sydney and a son whose name is not known. Sadly, Kristen larboard him afterwards he emerged the champ of the aptitude show.

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Where Is Kevin Boner Now?

Rumor has it that Kevin currently has brainy bloom problems and that he finds it a bit of a claiming to sing in advanced of a alive audience. In 2014, he was appear to accept gone missing but was anon begin by the Kentucky Accompaniment Police. He is currently gluttonous advice for his brainy illness.

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