Kirk Hammett Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Age, Is He Gay?

Quick Facts of Kirk Lee Hammett

Net Worth$200 million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 8 in
Date of Birth18 November, 1962

There is no abstinent it, Kirk Hammett is a metalhead through and through. It is not absolutely hasty that his interests gravitated appear metal music. Accustomed that through his aboriginal adolescence and boyish years, his interests confused from abhorrence movies to Led Zeppelin, his charge to abundant metal music seems about like the anticipated abutting footfall in his evolution.

Before Hammett’s time with the popular Metallica heavy metal band, he formed a bounded metal debris bandage called Exodus. He has additionally been called in several magazines and publications as one of the greatest guitarists in the history of American music.

Which is the admired guitar of Kirk Hammett?

Kirk’s best admired guitar is ESP KH2 M-II “The Mummy”. It is a signature archetypal which is fabricated by ESP and he got this guitar in 1996. He acclimated this guitar for the aboriginal time to almanac the anthology alleged “Load”.

Kirk Hammett’s Bio, Age

Kirk Lee Hammett was built-in in San Francisco on November 18, 1962, and spent his adolescence in El Sobrante, California. While at De Anza Aerial School, he met Les Claypool who became his constant acquaintance and adolescent bedrock head.


Hammett’s passions confused about for a little bit afore he focused on music. At the age of five, he got into a action with his sister and sprained his arm in the process.

Perhaps in a bid to “scare” him aback to his senses and about-face his focus from his sister, his parents beatific him in advanced of the television. It was during this period, afterwards watching the 1960s abhorrence archetypal The Day of the Triffids that adolescent Kirk’s allure with all things alarming began.

He began to comedy with his brother Rick’s Frankenstein abstracts and anon started spending his own money to acquirement abhorrence magazines.

After about a decade absorbed in the apple of horror, addition of Rick’s accouterments bent his absorption – his music collection. Actuality he apparent legends like UFO, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix.

Kirk started to advertise aggregate in his abhorrence accumulating to acquirement music records. Back he was fifteen years old, he focused on acquirements to comedy the guitar and bought a abominable Montgomery Ward.

He anon upgraded to a 1978 Fender Stratocaster archetype and subsequently, a 1974 Gibson Aerial V. He alike took up abrupt application at Burger King. As anon as he was able to acquirement a Marshall amplifier, he abdicate the establishment.

Where does Kirk Hammett rank as a guitarist?

Back in 2003, Kirk was ranked 11th on Rolling Stone’s account of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Kirk’s Time With Departure and Metallica

In 1979, while Kirk Hammett was aloof 16 years old, he took his affection for music further, basic his own batter metal band. It additionally included Paul Baloff, Gary Holt, Geoff Andrews, and Tom Hunting. They became absolutely a force to account with in the Bay Breadth batter movement.

In 1983, luck shone on Kirk back he got a alarm from Metallica to appear and audience to alter their just-fired advance guitarist, Dave Mustaine. He was still demography guitar acquaint at the time, however, he adopted some money and flew to New York for the audition. His achievement was so absorbing that they offered him the position on the spot.

Source: UDiscover Music

As of 2016, Hammett and Metallica accept appear ten flat albums. Their aboriginal was appear in 1983 blue-blooded Metal Up Your Ass. Since their admission album, Kirk has gotten added complex in the group’s agreeable development.

For their additional album Ride the Lightning, he was he congenital a riff he had accounting while he was still with Exodus. His riffs accept been acclimated in advance like “Creeping Death”, and “Enter Sandman”, the aboriginal clue in their eponymous album Metallica.

In 1986, while the bandage was on a abutment bout in Europe, Kirk Hammet able afterlife aback a confounding saw him accord up his sleeping applesauce at the aback of their bout bus to bassist Bluff Burton.

Early the abutting morning, the bandage accomplished a aberration blow that saw Bluff befuddled through the window of the bout bus and after ashamed beneath its weight. Although he is beholden to be alive, Hammett says the acquaintance still haunts him to this day.

The rocker begin time to appear college between 1991 and 1996. This was the aeon amid their fifth and sixth flat albums, Metallica and Load. He accelerating from San Francisco University with a amount in Blur and Asian Arts, and a newfound adulation for applesauce music and blues.

This new access showed in his improvisations and solos on Load, Reload, and the two albums afterwards them. He has back refrained from adopting best of those influences in the band’s music in order to advance their candor as a abundant metal bedrock band.

Source: Mixdown Magazine

Kirk Hammett’s bandage has apparent periods that accomplish admirers accept that they are a ancestors and not aloof addition band.

In 2001, during the recording of St. Angers, the accumulation apoplectic recording to acquiesce time for their front-man James Hetfield to abide adjust for his booze problems.

Kirk who has bidding absorption in accomplishing a abandoned anthology appear his aboriginal advertisement Too Abundant Abhorrence Business with Abrams Angel on October 1, 2012.

It was about an display of all the abhorrence memorabilia he had garnered over 30 years. The 228-page book included aggregate from apparel from accepted abhorrence movies to cine backdrop and horror-themed toys.

In April 2009, Kirk Hammett, Bluff Burton, and added accomplished and present Metallica bandmates were inducted into the Bedrock and Cycle Anteroom of Fame.

Source: YouTube

The rocker has additionally suffered actuality corruption at some point in his career. He experimented with cocaine and heroin but assuredly absitively to wean himself off the addiction because he did not like its accessory depression.

Hammett says that his banana book and abhorrence addiction are a bigger another to his biologic addiction and advice him break on clue and off drugs.

Did Kirk Hammett leave Metallica?

Former advance Guitarist of Metallica Dave Mustaine was accursed from a bandage due to his corruption and abandon afterwards that Hammett accustomed a alarm from the bandage for an audience and on the aforementioned day Dave was let go from the band. Kirk Hammett is continuously arena concerts with Metallica all over the world.

Kirk Hammett’s Guitar Collection

In his music career, Kirk has acclimated abounding types of guitars. Some of his guitar collections are

  • ESP MM-270
  • ESP MM-290
  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • ESP KH-3 M-II
  • ESP KH-2
  • ESP KH-2 M-II
  • ESP KH-2 M-II Frankenstein
  • ESP KH-2 M-II Dracula
  • ESP-KH-3 Spider
  • 1970s Gibson Aerial V
  • Jackson Aerial V Randy Rhoads Model
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Black
  • Fernandez Stratocasterter

Which Tube announcement does Kirk Hammett use?

Kirk Hammett is a huge fan of Ibanez so he uses an Ibanez Tube Announcement and for distortion, he acclimated Acropolis Ankle amplifiers.

Kirk Hammett’s Family, Mother, Kids, and Wife

Kirk’s parents, Dennis Hammett and Teofila Hammett accept adopted ancestries. His father, Dennis is allotment Irish and his mother Teofila has Filipino heritage. He additionally has a brother called Rick and a sister whose name is unknown.

Kirk Hammet has had several relationships in his time, however, he has gone to the chantry on two occasions. In 1987, he affiliated his aboriginal wife, a woman called Rebecca.

Three years later, in 1990, they concluded their marriage. This happened while Metallica was alive on their self-titled fifth album.

Source: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia                  (Rebecca Hammett and Kirk Hammett)

In 1998, he got affiliated to his additional wife, Lani. This has accurate to be a added accordant abutment as they accept been calm back then. Kirk and Lani accept two children. His aboriginal son, the Angel, was built-in in September 2006, and his additional son, Vincenzo, came in June 2008.

Source: Abutting Biography                (Lani Hammett and Kirk Hammett)

Is Kirk Hammet Gay?

Over the years, some pointers to Kirk’s homosexual acclimatization accept appear out. They accommodate capacity of gay porn in the band’s The Atramentous Anthology (Metalica).

Also, pictures accept alike of bagman Lars Ulrich kissing added associates of his bandage mostly on the cheek, but with tongues out too.

Among them all, Kirk seems the best adequate with the poses. However, Ulrich says it is all aloof badinage about and Hammett has not said or done annihilation to actualize the rumors.

Source: Ultimate Guitar

What is the Net Account of Kirk Hammett?

All-time public’s admired Guitarist of Metallica Kirk Hammett has a net account of $200 actor as of 2022.

Kirk Hammett’s Acme and Added Facts

  • The guitarist stands at 1.72 m (approx. 5 anxiety 8 inches)
  • He frequently performs approach muting and fast-picking techniques. As a result, he consistently tapes his acrimonious duke to assure his skin
  • He appeared as one of the above characters on Neversoft’s agreeable game Guitar Hero: Metallica
  • Kirk had his acquaintance from aerial academy and adolescent metalhead Les Claypool audience to ample Bluff Burton’s atom afterwards the latter’s death.

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