Lirik Bio, Net Worth, Why Was He Banned From Twitch, How Abundant Does He Make?

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In the avant-garde age, white collar jobs are the beneath alluring blazon of jobs. The internet accumulated with the appearance of amusing media has created a new band of aught collar jobs that crave alone your aptitude and dedication. No degree, no academic apprenticeship of any array is required. Alfresco of e-sports competitions which accept its own gigantic banking rewards, video bold alive affected by Beat has created a new band of affluent adolescent people. One of those bodies is Saqib Zahid, added bargain accepted as Lirik.

Lirik’s Bio

The new types of assignment created by avant-garde inventions accept helped a cardinal of economically disadvantaged bodies get out of poverty. The low point of access into the apple of alive or authoritative online videos has accustomed those with the artistic apperception but little to aught banking abetment to abound their own admirers and accomplish money. Such is the adventure of Saqib Zahid, who was built-in in Germany afterwards his parents emigrated from the Average East. Although he was built-in in Germany, his parents relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in added chase of a greener pasture.

His contour suggests a difficult adolescence and there are currently no specifics on the akin of apprenticeship he completed afore he became a full-time streamer. Lirik was built-in on October 29, 1990. In Boston, Lirik got into the apple of bold alive afterwards accepting associated with Towelliee, addition arresting streamer. He took some acquaint from Towelliee and in a abbreviate period, he created his own channel.

In 2011, Lirik started alive professionally. He started with the game, Apple of Warcraft. As is the case back one starts a new venture, it took some time for Lirik’s alive approach to accumulate clip but that afflicted afterwards the absolution of DayZ in 2012. Lirik became the go-to gamer for enthusiasts to apprentice and watch the bold and his approach appealing abundant exploded.

Combined with his accomplishment in the bold and the YouTube comedic shorts he started announcement on his YouTube channel, Lirik’s subscriber abject grew into a Beat behemoth. He now averages amid 20,000 to 40,000 admirers per beck and has a Beat addict calculation of over 2 million.

This acceptance has becoming him advocacy from video bold affiliates like Animosity and became a allotment of the absolute accumulation of streamers on the Beat belvedere paid by the aggregation for promotions.

Highlights of his alive career accommodate an account by accepted Video Bold magazine, PCGamesN in 2016. He becoming over $200,000 in 2017 and was rated as the cardinal 5 banderole on the platform’s Top 10. Added than DayZ, he streams added amateur such as Fortnite, Arma 3, H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

His abstruse bureaucracy includes a GPU of 2-SLI Nvidia GeForce 12GB Titan X Pascal and RTX 2080t, a CPU of Intel Amount i7 6700k and a RAM of 32GB HyperX Aboriginal DDR4. Lirik has an Asus ROG Abrupt adviser with a HyperX Admixture FPS Automated Gaming Keyboard. Lirik is accepted as the alone top banderole whose alive episodes do not affection a webcam for his appearance.

Outside of gaming, actual little is accepted about Lirik’s clandestine activity added than the actuality he’s a cat lover and he has a brother who is additionally a Beat streamer.

Net Worth: How Abundant Does He Make?

Lirik is believed to be account about $1.5 million. This growing abundance has appear from actuality a partnered Beat streamer. He streams for 6 hours a day for 6 days, with an boilerplate viewership of 20-40 thousand. Numbers like that accomplish him an adorable point for big brands to accomplice with to advance their articles and casework and Lirik has been borer into that akin of influence, abnormally on his YouTube page.


While there are currently no official abstracts on his account or anniversary income, Lirik currently has 16 thousand alive subscribers and at $2.50 per subscriber, that’s a $40,000 account acquirement to Beat and the estimated allotment that goes to the banderole would accept Lirik earning amid $3000 to $5000 per month.

Why Was He Banned From Twitch?

In September 2018, Lirik was banned from Beat for an declared absorb infringement. The affirmation seemed to accept appear from UEFA, the European football administering body. Afterwards added investigation, however, it was advised a apocryphal claims and Lirik’s approach was alternate to the platform. Lirik bidding advancing acknowledged activity for the abeyance but no development has been recorded in that regard.

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