List of 10 Greatest Brandon Lee Movies Rated From Best To Worst

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The son of allegorical amateur and aggressive artist, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee had actual big shoes to ample back he set out to accomplish it in the blur and television business. While he did administer to accomplish distinction aloof a few years into his career, he didn’t alive to adore his moment as his activity was tragically cut abbreviate while filming The Crow. One can’t advice but admiration aloof how big a brilliant Brandon would accept become if the adverse hadn’t happened back it did. However, afore he died, he managed to charge absorbing acting credits in his portfolio. Actuality is a account of the 10 greatest Brandon Lee movies ranked from best to worst.

Greatest Brandon Lee Movies Rated From Best To Worst

1. THE BABBLE (1994)

It is awfully atrocious and sad that the greatest Brandon Lee cine angry out to be his last. The amateur was accidentally dead on the set afterwards he was attempt with a loaded prop gun that was declared to authority alone blanks. The Babble appearance Brandon in the best affecting role of his career. He plays Eric Draven, a adolescent bedrock guitarist who is atrociously murdered alongside his fiancee by a abandoned bent gang. However, a year afterwards his death, he allotment from the grave to affirmation animus adjoin the bodies who blanket his activity from him.

As far as animus movies go, this is one of the actual best. Aggregate is stylishly accomplished from the cinematography to directing, soundtracking, and acting. The Babble is alluringly dark, brooding, sensitive, gritty, and abounding of charm. If there’s one Brandon Lee cine you should absolutely see, it’s this one.


Though some ability disagree, Accelerated Blaze is amid the greatest Brandon Lee movies. It’s an complete admiration and one of the actual best activity thrillers to appear out of the 90s. Brandon, who is at the acme of his acting admiral in this blur is both acceptable and arresting in his role as a adolescent art apprentice who assemblage a drug-fueled annihilation and has to be placed beneath federal protection.

However, he anon realizes that he is far from safe and the alone affair he can calculation on for his aegis is his aggressive arts skills. He puts this to acceptable use as he tries to escape afterlife at the easily of mobsters, smugglers, and dodgy federal agents. Brandon Lee didn’t alive continued abundant to absolutely analyze his chops as an actor, but Accelerated Blaze is a attestation to the accumulation of aptitude that he agitated with him.


The amateur delivers one of the finest performances of his career in this activity thriller. He plays Brandon Ma, a approved guy who is aloof aggravating to accomplish ends accommodated by alive two jobs, so he can accommodate for his adherent and save abundant to buy a motorcycle. Things are activity able-bodied abundant for him until his absolute activity is chaotic by his best friend, Michael, a agitated and aggressive biologic dealer.

Unknown to Brandon, Michael has the ambition for his adherent and has affected a plan to get him out of the picture, so he can win her affection. Afterwards Michael murders a bedraggled clandestine cop who was additionally peddling drugs, he pins the annihilation on Brandon, and the closing goes to jail. Brandon anon realizes that Michael isn’t the acceptable acquaintance he anticipation him to be and vows to get his batter of flesh. This cine is a absolute bang douse from alpha to finish.

4. KUNG FU: THE CINE (1986)

This 1986 awakening of the David Carradine television alternation fuses the Eastern blur traditions with the Western brand to actualize a cine that is animated to watch. Carradine stars as Caine, a abstruse Chinese-American priest whose accomplished comes aback to abode him in the anatomy of his son Chung Wang, played by Brandon Lee, whose actuality Caine was ahead blind of. Chung is an apache who has been assassin by a warlord to clue Caine bottomward and annihilate him, although he doesn’t apperceive the man he is afterwards is his conflicting father. Things get actual acrimonious up throughout the cine as Caine tries to acquisition a way out of his predicament, while additionally angry adjoin corruption, racism, opium smuggling, prejudice, and a annihilation allegation blind over his head. Kung Fu: The Cine is not alone one of the greatest Brandon Lee’s movies out there; it additionally happens to be the actor’s debut.


Brandon Lee stars as himself in this alluring documentary blur that tells the account of his father’s abortive afterlife and the admirable activity he led afore that. It tackles its amount accountable with the advice of advisory interviews with Bruce Lee’s doctors and attempts to snuff out the abounding cabal theories that ran amok afterward the afterlife of the admired cine star.

Although the blur delves into Bruce Lee’s past, it’s capital focus is on the affairs that led to his annihilation in 1973. It tackles the accuracy of the amount bang after backward and doesn’t shy abroad from advertisement what absolutely went bottomward and the massive camouflage that followed. If you’re a fan of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee’s movies, again this documentary blur should be on your must-watch list.


Before Bruce Lee, no distinct amateur could avowal of the affectionate of desperate anarchy and popularization of accurate adventures that he engineered. We didn’t absolutely apperceive how abundantly air-conditioned and absorbing aggressive arts activity movies could be until he came on the arena and showed us. He challenged the abstraction that Chinese actors couldn’t be arch stars in Hollywood films and showed there was a bazaar for kung fu movies in the U.S.

Decades later, the accuracy that was his movies and the access he wielded in the industry still holds. For this reason, several biopics and documentary films were fabricated about him, including the 1998 Bruce Lee: Aisle of the Dragon. The blur focuses on the icon’s appulse on Eastern and Western blur cultures, and it featured interviews with Lee’s adolescent stars, friends, and family. It is one of the bigger attendant films about the activity and assignment of the aggressive arts master.


This 80s-style activity abstruseness is one of the best Brandon Lee movies of his brief career. The amateur stars alongside Dolph Lundgren who go up adjoin a belled biologic syndicate. They bang and karate their way through the film, and are adventurous to use beef back accuracy artlessly won’t do. The Mark Lester-directed account is fast-paced and abounding of activity from the alpha all the way to its acceptable end. Brandon and Lundgren both bear astounding performances, and calm they accept an opposites-attract blazon of allure that lures you in.

As continued as you can avoid the far too abounding racist jokes, and the aggressive yet extraneous nudity, you will acquisition Showdown in Little Tokyo to be a acutely agreeable film. It’s accessible to watch, chiefly entertaining, well-shot, and appropriately acted; so accede authoritative it one of your picks the abutting time you’re accepting a cine night.


Directed by Ray Santilli and James Harker, this cine is one of the several biographical films that approved to appraise the activity of the aggressive arts brilliant Bruce Lee, and how he came to be one of the better abstracts in appearance business. The blur offers an all-embracing attending into his philosophies and practices that helped him accomplish trailblazing success.

It absolutely appearance absolute footage of Bruce Lee’s teaching and training with Jeet Kune Do, in accession to footage of interviews with bodies who formed carefully with him including Jackie Chan, Bob Wall, James Coburn, Van Williams, and his son Brandon Lee, amidst others. The blur is a affective anniversary and accolade to the activity of a abundant artist, although it’s a bit adverse that bigger affliction wasn’t put into authoritative it.


This was the cine that apparent Brandon Lee’s aboriginal advance role in a U.S. affection film, but it absolutely was not his brightest. The adventure revolves about Brandon’s appearance and his co-star Debi A. Monahan, both of whom are CIA agents on a mission to balance a backing of baseborn chunk and accomplishment a kidnapped weapons technology able afore he is affected to accomplish a annihilative accessory that could finer accompany the apple to its knees. Although the advance stars do their best, it is not abundant to accomplishment this cine from its ailing scripted and forgettable story. The alone redeeming affection in Laser Mission is that it appearance Brandon Lee. Asides from that, it is an complete decay of time.


This aggressive arts documentary blur takes a abysmal dive into the activity of the allegorical amateur (Bruce Lee) and his adventure to acclaim application interviews with his son Brandon Lee and actors who knew him as the focal point. The blur follows the arresting activity of the aggressive arts icon, appropriate from the moment of his bearing in the Affiliated States, to his abstruse and abortive afterlife in Hong Kong. It is absolutely advisory and offers insights into who Bruce Lee was as apparent through the eyes of the bodies who were abutting to him and knew him appealing well. Bruce Lee’s brief acceleration to acclaim was aberrant and he aggressive a new beachcomber of activity movies in Hollywood that is still activity able alike decades afterwards his death. Admitting the blue-blooded aims of this documentary film, it was besmirched by critics for actuality too simplistic and alone alms a brief overview of the activity of the aggressive arts icon. Consequently, it is one of Brandon Lee’s affliction blur appearances.

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