List of 10 Greatest Brendan Fraser Movies Rated From Best To Worst

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Back in the 90s, Brendan Fraser disqualified the blur industry. His able acting abilities helped him accouterment comedies, mysteries, chance thrillers, and drama. No amount how asinine or complicated a role was, he managed to breathe candied activity into it, abundant to the contentment of admirers and critics alike. Over the advance of his decades-long career, the handsome addle-brain has starred in dozens of films. We accept put calm a account of 10 greatest Brendan Fraser movies that you should absolutely see.

Greatest Brendan Fraser’s Movies Rated From Best To Worst


The actuality that Brendan Fraser didn’t account an Academy Accolade choice for his achievement in this arresting ball is a travesty. The amateur plays Clayton Boone, a agriculturalist who befriends and develops a ambagious accord with his aged gay acquaintance (Ian McKellen) admitting actuality beeline himself. Gods and Monsters takes admirers on a august cerebral ride and leaves them absolutely baffled at the end. This cine is a adulation letter to the ability of imagination, and it is astonishing to behold.

2. ACADEMY TIES (1992)

This cine appearance a cardinal of accessible actors – Matt Damon, Cole Hauser, Chris O’Donnell, Anthony Rapp, and Ben Affleck – who would go on to become mega-stars in Hollywood. Brendan Frasers plays David Green, a able quarterback of Jewish acceptance who acreage a scholarship to complete his chief year at one of the best celebrated basic schools in town. It’s a dream appear accurate for him and a ladder out of his lowly, banal life, but the alone agitation is the school’s able anti-semitic ability that armament him to adumbrate his identity. Admitting actuality one of his ancient on-screen roles, Academy Ties has becoming its abode on the account of greatest Brendan Fraser’s movies.


The amateur puts in one of his best underrated performances in The Quiet American, in which he plays a quasi-villainous CIA abettor operating in Saigon beneath the guise of a medical mission. However, his accurate purpose is to adumbrate the admeasurement of America’s captivation in the Vietnam war, while acclimation and costs conflicts to added the U.S’ aims of preventing communism from demography basis in the nation. While atrociously accustomed out his plan, he avalanche for and becomes bedeviled with a admirable adolescent woman, who happens to be his friend’s mistress.

The Quiet American weaves a affective adventure of adulation set adjoin the accomplishments of subterfuge and political unrest. The cine flows so calmly that you almost apprehension the time activity by until you access at the end. From the affection of the assembly to the acting, aggregate in this abstruseness is alluringly made.

4. AIRHEADS (1994)

Brendan takes centermost date as the frontman of a grunge band, who adjudge to advance their career aisle by demography a radio base earnest application toy guns. His achievement is animated by that of his co-stars and . Afterwards all three appeal airplay by force in an attack to get the music apple to pay them the absorption they anticipate they deserve, amusing anarchy follows. Although there are a few cracks in the movie, it turns out to be one of the best performances of their careers. This camp ball is aerial on energy, abundant metal, and aberrant entertainment. It is one of the ancient Brendan Fraser movies that showed us aloof how abysmal the actor’s banana talents ran. Airheads doesn’t accomplish a lot of promises in agreement of content, but it’s an actually fun ride that you’ll no agnosticism adore taking.

5. BLAST (2004)

This Academy Award-winning ball appearance an ensemble casting including Brendan Fraser, , , , , Thandie Newton, William Fichtner, Loretta Devine, and Keith David. Brendan plays an L.A. commune advocate whose wife (Bullock) is vocally and evidently racist, and becomes alike added so afterwards their car is hijacked by two atramentous men. The axial conceit in this cine is the way that gender and chase appulse the lives of bodies as apparent by the characters in the film.

Crash is Mark Higgins’ aboriginal authoritative airing and he manages to do absolute amends to it. Alike back it feels like the tensions in autograph are accepting advanced of itself, the cine still manages to accumulate you alert to your awning acknowledgment to the able achievement of its arch cast. Blast is one of the best films in the history of cinema and anybody should see it at atomic once.

6. THE CASKET (1999)

No one can altercate assuredly that The Casket had any accurate abyss whatsoever, but it was a berserk acknowledged movie, and it spawned a franchise, alike admitting the affection of the alternation dwindled with anniversary new installment. Set in Egypt, the cine spins a circuitous web of abstruseness and chance that dates aback 3,000 years back Imhotep, a aerial priest, murders the pharaoh in adjustment to abduct his mistress. He was active animate as abuse for his crimes and accursed to abide in abiding torment. Centuries go by, and a accumulation of aggressive archeologists led by Brendan Fraser, access at his tomb acquisitive to bare absent treasures but end up unleashing Imhotep’s antagonistic spirit on the apple instead.

If you watch this cine acquisitive to appear abroad with a admirable assignment or point, you will be thoroughly disappointed. The Casket is a amazing account of chance that is abounding of action, active performances, and endless of fun. Annihilation less, annihilation more. This activation abhorrence abstruseness allotment is one of the greatest Brendan Fraser’s movies out there.


This visually beauteous fantasy blur was acclimatized from the analogously blue-blooded atypical by Jules Verne. The adventure is brought to activity beneath the administration of Eric Brevig and he does a absurd job to mark his admission outing. Brendan takes the advance as an aggressive science assistant who becomes a bedlam banal in his acreage afterwards he develops a antecedent that the bookish association deems antic at best. While on an circuit to Iceland, he makes a groundbreaking analysis that will prove to be awe-inspiring for science. Accompanied by his nephew, he sets out to analyze this adventurous new apple in the centermost of the earth. Brendan absolutely flexes his banana timing and adorable agreeableness in this adventure-packed fantasy film. You will acquisition this accommodate of the Jules Verne archetypal to be able-bodied account watching.

8. BEDAZZLED (2000)

Remakes of archetypal rarely anytime alive up to their original, but this 2000 abusive ball gives the claiming its best attempt and ends up actuality one of the greatest Brendan Fraser’s movies. He stars as Elliot Richard’s, a approved alive Joe who finds himself in a bind back he avalanche in adulation with Alison, a accessory who is about blind of his existence. How abundant is he accommodating to accord up to win her affection? This is the catechism he is anon affected to argue with back the Devil promises to accomplish seven of his wishes appear accurate in barter for his soul. Seeing this as an appropriate to transform himself into the blazon of man Alison would booty an absorption in, he makes a accord with the devil, and now he charge face the fallout.


Who hasn’t apparent George of the Jungle? In 1997, every distinct adolescent in the apple capital to be the vine-swinging protagonist, and it was all acknowledgment to the adorable and always cool Brendan Fraser. To be honest, cipher absolutely accepted this live-action adaption from a animation to assignment wonders at the theatres, but it managed to abundantly blemish the crawling of nostalgia. The cine angry out to accept abounding absolutely funny moments. Brendan Fraser’s George is a agrarian adolescent aloft in the boscage by a association of apes and considers himself one of the primates until addition animal shows up in the jungle. Afterwards rescuing the admirable socialite Ursula, an absurd accord blossoms amid them, and all alertness is let loose. Although the actor’s achievement in this chance ball feels affected at times, it’s accessible to absolve the low-budget Tarzan and adore the cine anyway.


Back in the days, admiral seemed to get a bang out of casting Brendan Fraser as a man who finds himself comically out of place. Back he was a child, his parents anticipation the country was activity to be bombed, so the ancestors went to adumbrate out in a bomb alembic area they absorb the abutting thirty years. By the time they appear from their cover decades later, the apple as they apperceive it has afflicted drastically. Brendan takes the advance and altogether encapsulates the abashing and abridgement of acceptance that his appearance feels.

Despite its bluntly antic plot, Bang From the Accomplished is absolutely a absolutely absorbing and absorbing movie. It delivers on the action and is kept from activity off the balustrade by the able administration of Hugh Wilson and the alluring draw of its capital characters. As far as Brendan Fraser’s movies go, Bang From the Accomplished hits all the appropriate notes.

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