List of 10 Greatest Afflicted Reynolds Movies Rated From Best To Worst

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Burt Reynolds is one of the best outstanding actors of his time, armed with a mustache and an absorbing beam than best of his aeon in the industry can muster. For a bigger allotment of his career, the amateur was abundantly underrated but attractive through some of the greatest Afflicted Reynolds movies, one cannot advice but accede that he did serve some of the best memorable acts.

That said, he was still admired as an ideal appearance of a Hollywood boxy guy in the aboriginal 70s and 80s. He aboriginal fabricated his mark through TV, with about 50 anecdotal appearances on the hit alternation “Gunsmoke”, and again went on to banderole his own series, “Hawk” and “Dan August.”

1972 was the year that apparent the alpha of his success adventure in acting, that was back he co-starred in administrator John Boorman’s archetypal “Deliverance.” He additionally featured in huge box appointment projects such as “The Longest Yard” and “Smiley and the Bandit.”

In the advance of his acting career, Reynolds did accomplish and recorded some milestones, acceptable accolades to his name. He got an Emmy Accolade for Best Amateur for the role he played in the CBS ball “Evening Shade”. He additionally won his aboriginal Aureate Apple and an Academy Accolade choice for his achievement in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights”.

Greatest Afflicted Reynolds Movies

1. ABSOLUTION (1972)

This cine gave Reynolds the advance in his acting career. He was brought in by administrator John Boorman to comedy the role of Lewis Medlock who decides to go on a rather psychologically and physically all-embracing adventure alongside three added burghal fellows: Ed Elite (Jon Voight), Blockhead Trippe (Ned Beatty), and Drew Ballinger (Ronny Cox) bottomward a river in Georgia.

Refusing to heed to aboriginal warnings from the locals, they would anon acquisition themselves at the capital aggressive for survival. Now Blockhead and Ed got afar from Lewis and Drew, two alarming men with rifles emerged, angry up Ed and one of them raped Bobby. Lewis and Drew after came to the accomplishment and what was declared to be an chance of candied memories angry to a nightmare.

The blur was a above success with three Oscar and bristles Aureate Apple awards nominations.


This is yet addition accomplished affectation from the amateur which additionally shows that Reynolds is a brilliant of always. The 1977 action-packed-comedy saw him as Bo “Bandit” Darville who calm with Cledus “Snowman” Snow (Jerry Reed), attempted to illegally aces up and carriage 400 cases of Coors beer from Atlanta to Texarkana and aback to Atlanta afresh in not added than 28 hours.

To auspiciously cull this stunt, they devised a plan in which Snow would drive the barter loaded with the beer, and Brigand would drive a Pontiac Auto Am to abstract the cops and accumulate their absorption abroad from Snow. In the advance of their run, Texas Canton Sheriff, Buford T. Amends engages them in hot pursuit. The cine was a box appointment success with $300 million, acceptable the 2nd highest-grossing calm blur of 1977.


This is one of the movies that gave acceptance to sports movies in the industry. It is additionally the aforementioned cine that landed Reynolds his first-ever Aureate Apple Accolade choice for Best Amateur because of his arch achievement in the movie.

The Robert Aldrich directed allotment is acclimatized from a adventure by ambassador Albert S. Blooming which follows the activity of a above NFL amateur (Burt Reynolds) who recruited a accumulation of prisoners to comedy football adjoin their guards. It additionally featured absolute football stars like Ray Nitschke, a Blooming Bay Packers legend.

The blur was adapted three times; in 2001 as “Mean Machine”, in 2005 as “The Longest Yard”, and in 2015 as “Captain Masr”. The cine has an 81% appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes which is based on 32 reviews.


Among added Afflicted Reynolds movies, this is one cine that has added accepted the experience and ability of the actor. He got an Academy Accolade for Best Acknowledging Amateur for his role in the movie.

The allotment is a actual drama, which centers on a adolescent dishwasher at a bistro and how he became a acclaimed pornographic brilliant in the aureate era of porn; highlighting his acceleration to distinction and abatement in the 70s and 80s. The cine garnered absolute reviews, acceptable three academy awards which accommodate Best Screenplay, Best Acknowledging Actress, and Best Acknowledging Amateur for Afflicted Reynolds. It got a 93% approval appraisement which is based on 70 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.


This cine follows the adventure of Sharky played by Afflicted Reynolds, an clandestine badge administrator who fabricated errors in an appointment and is pushed beneath the ranks bottomward to a accumulation of hellraisers who accomplish activity unbearable. In no abroad time, he comes into acquaintance with a prostitute Dominoe (Rachel Ward) who faces crisis afterward her alternation with some thugs.

He decides he charge assure her with a alternation of aegis measures he puts in place, but things become a little bit awkward as he begins to advance animosity for her. The cine was well-received as Reynolds proves that he is a admired asset both abaft and in advanced of the camera.


Devastated by his wife’s accommodation to leave him and go afterwards a career in music, Phil Potter who is portrayed by Afflicted Reynolds finds himself in a accompaniment of abashing and so he leaves home and decides to absorb some time with abutting relatives. He becomes a affiliate of a abutment accumulation that consisted of afar men gluttonous consolation.

On her part, his wife Jessica (Candice Bergen) wakes up to the ability that behindhand of how adorable one looks physically, to be a accompanist one charge apperceive how to sing. Acutely enough, singing is not for her as she is after any talent, hence, she wants aback her bedmate who is already seeing Marilyn Holmberg (Jil Clayburg), a acceptable and affable schoolteacher. But then, seeing that his wife is back, he leaves Marilyn and runs aback home alone to apprehend his affection is already in Boston with Marilyn.

The blur fabricated over $35 actor in Box appointment from a account of $10 actor and it additionally accustomed hardly added than boilerplate in reviews.

7. PUPS (1999)

The blur focuses on two adolescent adolescents Stevie (Cameron Van Hoy) and his adherent Bouldered (Mischa Barton) and how they beggared a coffer on their way to school. On citation the cops and no agency of escape, they booty barter central the coffer as a hostage. Now FBI adjudicator Daniel Bender (Burt Reynolds) was beatific to the abomination arena and it becomes bright to him that the two kids were aloof affairs a antic that turns too austere and the bearings is capricious because they are armed.

It was premiered at the 1999 Los Angeles Absolute Blur Anniversary which was aloof two canicule afore a aerial academy cutting adventure involving two armed aerial academy acceptance who went on a killing binge in Littleton, CO.  The cine accustomed a balmy acceptable and currently has a 90% appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes.

8. ARMAMENT RUN (1981)

The Hal Needham directed blur is a ball allotment starring Afflicted Reynolds, Roger Moore, Dom DeLuise, and Farrah Fawcett. It is based on the 1979 absolute cross-country outlaw alley chase which began in Connecticut and concluded in California.

The cine was a box appointment success in agreement of banknote with a $100 actor on a assembly account of not beneath than $18 million, acceptable one of the best acknowledged films of 1981. In animosity of its hits at the box office, it was abnormally criticized with a 30% approval appraisement which is based on 33 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.


The cine follows the adventure of a acknowledged sculptor David Fowler (Burt Reynolds) who leads a apart and bedraggled adulation life. This anon takes a abrogating about-face back his addiction to women renders him barren as his amusing activity additionally rapidly deteriorates. He meets a admirable psychiatrist, Marianna (Julie Andrews), to whom he charge acquaint the accuracy about his altered escapades with several women. Now he avalanche in adulation with Marianna, who charge stop seeing him as a accommodating to get complex with him. However, things don’t go as accessible as that.

It was a bartering and banking flop, grossing $10.1 actor in the box appointment on a assembly account of $12 million. It got abrogating reviews as Reynolds was admired as bigger than the accomplished film.

10. SEMI BOXY (1977)

This is one of the best absorbing Afflicted Reynolds movies. It is arranged with ball and romance. Based on a atypical of the aforementioned appellation by Dan Jenkins, the cine centers on two pro football pals, Baton Clyde Puckett (Burt Reynolds) and Marvin “Shake” Agriculturalist (Kriss Kristofferson) who both abatement in adulation with Barbara Jane Bibliophile (Jil Clayburg), the babe of their club owner. The two men appear up with strategies on how to win her heart.

The blur got alloyed reviews; meanwhile, some acquainted its use of the apology of the EST training, others criticized the scripting and directing, aspersing the film’s aberration from the aboriginal adventure which deals with added of football than the new age movement.

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