Max Shifrin Bio, Age, Quick Facts About Sara Haines’ Husband

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Max Shifrin is an American advocate based in New York. He is mostly accepted as the bedmate of Sara Haines, the above Good Morning America anchor and ABC News correspondent.

Like best individuals affiliated to accepted figure, Max Shifrin has been active in his wife’s shadow, but that ends here, the man has done able-bodied for himself and we will be attractive at the facts of his activity here.

Max Shifrin Bio – Age

Not abundant advice about Shifrin’s bearing date and aboriginal activity is accessible but we do apperceive from his LinkedIn biography that he accelerating from the University of Connecticut in 2005, with a Available of Arts in History and Political Science. He after abounding Brooklyn Law Academy and earned a Juris Doctor Amount in Law in the year 2010.


After graduation, Shifrin formed as a acknowledged intern at the United States Commune Cloister For the Eastern Commune of New York from Aug 2008-Dec 2008. Thereafter, he became a apprentice prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s Office from Baronial 2009 to June 2010. In 2011, he became an accessory at Fried Frank, New York, until Advance 2013, back he confused on to Storch Amini & Munves as an associate.

He is currently an accessory at Baker Hostetler LLP and has been there back June 2014. Shifrin has listed Appeals, Civilian Litigation, Acknowledged Writing, Westlaw, Acknowledged Research, Action and Bent Law as his able suites. He focuses on circuitous bartering litigation, apery not alone big outlets but baby businesses and individuals as well. According to him, he does this for clients in a advanced ambit of industries and it has enabled him to accretion acquaintance in administering all aspects of pre-trial litigation.

At Chef Hostetler, Shifrin is additionally on a aggregation as court-appointed admonition for the Balance Broker Aegis Act (SIPA) Trustee for the defalcation of Bernie Madoff‘s firm, BLMIS. This has to do with the over 1,000 lawsuits filed by SIPA Trustee to balance assets for the account of defrauded BLMIS customers.


Quick Facts About Sara Haines’ Husband

  • His Wife Is Earlier Than Him

Max Shifrin is affiliated to Sara Haines who is . His wife is the former Today Show and Good Morning America anchor, and the accepted co-host on The View. She is best known for her active personality on set.

The brace met through an online dating site OKCupid with the abetment of her brother who additionally doubles as her abutting companion. They absitively to accommodated one night for drinks and the accord kicked off from there.

Max and Sarah anachronous for a brace of months and they confused in calm a year after. Max proposed a few months after and on 22 November 2014, they angry the bond in the Bahamas. The brace resides in Brooklyn, New York.

  • He’s So Far, A Ancestor Of Two Kid

Max Shifrin and Sarah Haines are parents to two children, a son Alec Richard built-in on March 5, 2016, and a daughter Sandra Adroitness built-in on December 23rd, 2017.

Max seems to shy abroad from the media spotlight but his wife Haines who is artlessly a media being already that she sometimes tends to overshare news… everywhere! The bearing of both accouchement was aboriginal appear by Haines through altered amusing media platforms. She appear their son Alec’s bearing and the acumen for his name via Periscope.

According to the couple, their son who advised 7 lb. 5 ounces at bearing was called afterwards their dads. They additionally did aforementioned via Instagram for their babe and 2017 little Christmas amalgamation Sandra Adroitness who weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces at birth. She was called afterwards Sarah’s mother. They additionally accept two chihuahua pets.

  • He Doesn’t Adorned Haines Active Personality On Air

Any morning television fan would absolutely apperceive that Shifrin’s wife Haines is admired by her admirers for her actual active spirit on the set of every appearance she’s anytime formed on. Surprisingly, this on-screen personality which has helped Haines affix with her audience beyond America actually annoys Max to some extent.

  • His Net Account and Salary

Max Shifrin has not appear the exact amount of his bacon or net account and there are no annal apropos that. But sources acknowledge that his net account is aural seven abstracts and he earns about $167,670 per year. However, his wife, Sara Haines has an absorbing net account from her works as a presenter, ballast and hosts beyond altered shows on TV. She is actuality paid able-bodied as the accepted co-host of The View which afresh becoming her the Daytime Emmy Accolade as an Outstanding Ball Allocution Appearance Host. Haines’ net account is estimated to be over $1million.

  • He’s a Polyglot

The New-York based acknowledged adviser is a multilinguist who is chatty in three languages namely, English, French, and Russian.

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