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Melissa Theuriau is a actual attractive French television anchorperson and reporter, who rose through the ranks in her called career to become the Editor-In-Chief of her organization, through professionalism, adamantine work, and dedication. She is additionally a philanthropist, who has teamed up with all-around bodies to set up a alms account – with the aim of eradicating the babe adolescent benightedness all over the world. Melissa is additionally a actual admiring wife and mother to her children.

But Melissa is not all about assignment and professionalism though, she is additionally a stunningly admirable woman, and this aspect of her’s has additionally won her a lot of laurels, plaudits, and acclaim worldwide; she is advised as one of the best admirable women in the acreage of journalism.

Melissa Theuriau – Bio, Age

Melissa Theuriau was built-in in the actual baby association of Echiorolles in France on July 18, 1978. She has never appear any advice about her family, ancestors – if she has any, or what her determinative years and actual aboriginal educational adventures were like.

However, she got acceptance into the celebrated Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) – a abstruse University amid in Pierre-Mendes, Grenoble in France, area she acquired her aboriginal amount in Account Communications. She proceeded to the Convention of Communications and Media (ICM) in Echeriolles, France, area she acquired her Master’s amount in Audio Beheld journalism.

Having now been formally accomplished in the nitty-gritty of journalism, she approved to put all she had abstruse to acceptable use immediately. Melissa Theuriau started her able journalism career in 2002 back she was active as a anchorman for Bout Television in her built-in country, France.

In 2003, Melissa confused to La Chaine Advice (LCI) which was the aboriginal French all-news approach and formed as both an anchorwoman, newscaster, and a reporter. It was while she was in the apply of this base that she became able-bodied accepted to the French audience. She additionally was the host of a biking adviser show, at the station. She handled about 3 altered programs for this base which included – The Charlatan Biking Show, LCI Matin in the mornings and the 6:40 news.

Sometime in 2006, Melissa angry bottomward an action by the TF1 Accumulation (parent aggregation of LCI) for her to become the anchorman of the Black Account on weekends, acting as a acting backup for the sitting anchorwoman, Claire Chazal. Her accommodation afraid her employers, who had anticipation that she would jump at the opportunity.

In September 2006, Melissa Theuriau was on the move professionally again. She abutting the television channel, Metropole 6 (or artlessly M6) as an Editor-In-Chief, and was the host of an analytic account advertisement appearance Zone Interdite, translated as the “Forbidden Zone”. As time went on and while alive in this organization, took on a few added roles as host and/or presenter of a few added awful absorbing affairs and annual shows. She still works at M6 till date, and her chance actuality seems to be actual rewarding.


On Advance 29, 2008, afterwards dating a adolescent man alleged Jamel Debbouze for a while, they appear that they were now engaged. Jamel is a Morrocan-French screenwriter, television producer, and director, as able-bodied as an actor; admitting he is added bargain accepted as a actor comedian.

By May 7, 2008, both Melissa and Jamel clearly got married. Melissa was reportedly abundant at the time of their wedding. The brace had their aboriginal child, a boy, in December 2008; they called him Leon. Their additional child, a daughter, Lila Fatimat was built-in in 2011. She was called Fatimat afterwards Jamel’s mother. The brace has had a scandal-free alliance so far.


Melissa Theuriau has never appear any advice about her biological parents and siblings. The accountable of her parent’s names and allegiance has generated a lot of altercation amid her abundant fans. Some authority the assessment that her parents are both French nationals, while others angrily disagree with that position. Some additionally say that she is of Iranian-French descent, but there has been no acceptance of this. Addition academy of anticipation believes that her parents are from the Mediterranean and Aerial regions.

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Interesting Facts About Melissa Theuriau

Net Worth

Melissa is currently account $18 million. She is ranked at #8 in the Top 20 baronial of accomplished paid account anchors in the world. She reportedly has an anniversary bacon of about $ 1 million. Her husband, Jamel has a net account of about $25 million, admitting some accept he is account abundant more.


Melissa teamed up with bristles announcer accompany and they formed a charity-oriented accumulation alleged “La Rossa” – with the capital aim of educating the babe child. “La Rosa” works with UNICEF.

Recognition For Her Beauty

The Circadian Accurate in 2006 voted her as the “Most Admirable Account Reporter” in Europe.
In the aforementioned year, the online advertisement ADAGE voted her as “Television Sexiest Account Anchor”. The French advertisement “MATCH” referred to Melissa as “The Television Bombshell” (La Bombe Cathodique).

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