Minatozaki Sana Contour And Biography: 7 Facts You Charge Apperceive About Her

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Minatozaki Sana, who is bargain accepted as aloof Sana is a Japanese built-in accompanist and a affiliate of the musical accumulation TWICE (South Korean babe accumulation formed by JYP Ball in 2015 through a absoluteness show SIXTEEN).

On the absoluteness show, 16 contestants competed for eight much-coveted spots in the accumulation (which after became accepted as Twice) and Sana was called for her abilities and pop-star potentials. Added associates of the accumulation are Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun Chae-young and Tzuyu.

Ever back the accumulation debuted in 2016, Sana’s acclaim and acceptance has connected to billow as the diva and advance ballerina of the group. The group’s second EP (released in 2016) was the most accepted anthology appear by a babe accumulation in South Korea. As appear by JYP Entertainment, over 160,000 copies were sold.

Below is the biography/profile of the brilliant babe with a arbitrary and approachable personality and seven added alluring facts you charge apperceive about her.

Minatozaki Sana – Profile, Biography

Minatozaki was born in Osaka, Japan on December 29, 1996. Her admiration to join a K-pop accumulation (a ample name for the agreeable brand produced aural South Korea’s music industry) as a accompanist and ballerina absolutely began afterwards seeing the acceleration of babe groups such as Girls’ Bearing (also accepted as SNSD) and of KARA.

Her dream came accurate back afterwards an audience in 2012, K-pop amassed – JYP Ball recruited her while she was still in average academy in Japan.

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7 Facts You Charge Apperceive About Her

  • She Is An Alone Child

Although her parents are not that accepted online, Sana is the alone adolescent built-in to them. They don’t accept any added child(ren) afterwards her.

  • Sana Got Casting While Out Arcade With Friends

While there are some almost accepted means of acceptable trainees in Korea and abounding aspirants would do annihilation to be amid the industry’s best, some of the industry’s top idols were absolutely casting in very anarchistic ways, some weren’t alike ambitious for the position alike admitting they had the aptitude and Sana was such.

Sana was spotted by a aptitude advance while she went out arcade with a acquaintance aback in Japan. She was offered a casting action on JYP Ball aptitude hunt. Sana who was in 9th brand at the time angry bottomward the action but after accustomed it back she learnt Wooyoung and Suzy of KBS drama Dream High were in the company.

  • She Adapted Bounce Rolls On Sixteen

Can you exhausted that? while added contestants were active assuming off their singing and dancing abilities at the JYP adaptation show SIXTEEN, Sana absolutely showed off her affable abilities by authoritative bounce rolls. At atomic the board were able to attending above the affable abilities to see a abeyant singer/dancer.

  • She Is Clumsy

Oh yes! that is one-word Minatozaki Sana absolutely acclimated in anecdotic herself. She said she is clumsy but at the aforementioned time tries to accept fun in the process. During a absoluteness TV programme, Sana says “To be honest, I don’t absolutely accept a faculty of balance.”

Speaking to GQ Korea, she said back she was a trainee, she couldn’t attending in the mirror that abundant back all she did was convenance but, now, she spends a lot of her time in advanced of the mirror accepting her beard and composition done.

  • She Is Multi-Lingual

The accomplished singer/dancer is additionally acceptable with languages. Sana speaks Japanese, Korean and English. Admitting she accepted to GQ Korea that her Korean was bigger afore she appeared on SIXTEEN than what it is now. She said these days, her argot keeps accepting askance and flipping and that her accentuation isn’t as acceptable as before.

  • She Has Appeared In Music Videos By Got7 And Junho

As a abecedarian with JYP Entertainment, she appeared on Got7’s music video “A” as able-bodied as on Junho’s music video Feel.

  • Her Hobbies Are

The absolutely active and affable Sana enjoys shopping, collecting perfumes, and eating.

She already accepted that she and Momo secretly ordered jokbal (a Korean dish) while they were trainees, unfortunately, they were bent by their administrator because they had abandoned to apple-pie up a allotment of bill on the ground.

Minatozaki Sana would eat yoghurt smoothies any day, any time because she loves it but will never try beans and eggplants.

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