Parker Mckenna Posey Bio, Son, Age, Parents and Ancestors Life

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Parker Mckenna Posey is all developed up and annihilation like her Kady Kyle appearance on ABC’s My Wife And Kids which still affectedness reruns. A cruise to her Instagram folio area she bound accumulated over 1 actor admirers shows that while we weren’t advantageous attention, Posey got scorchingly hot.

In contempo years, she’s has alternate to acting, absorption added on TV but additionally accessible to blur roles. She’s additionally into appearance and owns a swimwear band alleged Honey Dip.

Parker Mckenna Posey Bio (Age, Parents, Ancestors Life)

Parker Mckenna Posey was built-in on 18th Baronial 1995 in Los Angeles California to parents; extra Heather Stone, and Polo Posey. She has an earlier sister called Dilynne, an earlier brother called Khari, as able-bodied as, two adolescent brothers called Boor and Cal.

Her mother’s acting DNA rubbed off on her and began to manifest at a actual aboriginal age. Posey fabricated up her apperception from back she could allocution that she capital to be an actress.

At the age of three, she had started actualization in TV commercials. She denticulate her aboriginal acting role as Latanya in NYPD Blue. Admitting a small role, it did set the brawl rolling for her acting career.

Inspired by The Cosby Show, Damon Wayans and Don Reo abutting armament to actualize a family-friendly ball about a acknowledged atramentous family. The ball was titled My Wife And Kids and Posey was called to comedy the appearance of the youngest kid in the family. Posey connected to reprise her role for the absolute series, actualization in about 121 episodes.

After the alternation came to an end in 2005, Posey appeared in Nickelodeon’s iCarly and the ball film Alice Upside Bottomward (2007). She additionally appeared in TV film Summer Camp, Able Medicine, and Accommodated the Santas.

Subsequently, things went quiet from Posey until the apple stumbled aloft her Instagram annual abounding with scantily-clad photos of her. Admirers bound took to the animadversion area to bidding their atheism at her transformation.

During the aeon back she went beneath the radar, Posey was up to abounding things including commutual her aerial academy education. In contempo years, she had added appearance artist to her repertoire.


Mckenna Posey has undergone training in appearance and has produced her actual own swimwear line. She hasn’t accustomed up on acting though. Some of her contempo appearances accommodate the films Lucky Girl, and 90 Account Of The Fever, as able-bodied as, TV show, Snowfall.


Nope! Parker Mckenna Posey has no son, able-bodied at atomic not yet. However, in Advance 2018, she faced a backfire from admirers of YouTube stars and above brace Chris (Chris Sails) and Queen afterwards she acquaint a photo of herself with their son, CJ.

The photo featured her cutting a lingerie and admirers of the now broken-up brace were not accepting it. The abhorrence stemmed from suspicions that Posey was the acumen their admired YouTube stars breach as Chris Sails was apparent to accept cheated on Queen.

The abrogating comments were so abundant that Posey had to accomplish her annual clandestine for some time. Admitting Posey had denied actuality romantically complex with Chris, it didn’t aloof add up for the admirers who kept tagging Queen to the photo which they labeled as “disrespectful.”

Surprisingly, Queen reacted in a actual balmy way, arresting the bearings for good. In a , the kid’s momma began by answer that she is not one of those “petty absinthian ex-baby momma’s” afore abacus that in co-parenting she is actual adequate with whoever her ex chooses to be with as continued as her son isn’t actuality maltreated.


Addressing Posey’s best of accouterment for the photo, Queen dedicated the above adolescent extra adage that she had aloof Facetimed her son CJ appropriate afore the photo was acquaint and had already apparent Posey in the lingerie which she was cutting not aloof for fun but because she was in the average of cutting a music video with Chris. The video would be his first.

Before rumors of Posey actuality in a accord with Sails, she was dating Compton rapper, Problem. Address to in a 2017 account how she began dating the rapper, Posey said that he slid into her DM on Instagram.

She additionally agitated that they had been activity able for three years on. We did the math, and it appears they began dating in 2014. Well, from the attending of things, it appears she is now dating Chris Sails… or not?

Posey’s Height: 5 anxiety 7 inches (1.7 m)

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