Prettyboyfredo Age, Girlfriend, Sister, Net Worth, Area Does He Live?

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As the accepted adage goes, there is consistently a ablaze at the end of the tunnel. This adage best describes the antecedent and present activity of YouTube star, Prettyboyfredo. The YouTuber was actual little back his parents alone him and his sister to bulwark for themselves. Indeed, he anesthetized through a actual aphotic tunnel, but today, he is a actual acclaimed internet personality with millions of followers.

His videos accept a lot of views, to the tune of 2 actor per upload. His projects generally affection challenges, pranks, bold tutorials, amid added contents. He additionally owns a Beat annual area he posts agnate videos and has hundreds of bags of followers on the platform. Let’s attending into the blood-tingling adventure of the YouTube star.

Prettyboyfredo – Bio, Age

Alfredo Alcazar was built-in on Baronial 22, 1993, in Approach Beach, Florida. He was built-in to an African-American woman called Angela and her Costa Rican husband, whose name is unknown. His mother was a biologic addict, while his ancestor is an actionable immigrant who alone him and his ancient sister back he was alone 3 months old. He and his ancient sister (a YouTuber who goes by the name LadyHoopStar) roamed the streets of Approach Bank until they were noticed by the police. The authorities approved to get authority of their parents or added ancestors to no avail.

There was no added advantage than to accelerate them to childcare services, who in about-face gave them to advance homes. Alfredo was after adopted by a ancestors in New Orleans. They took affliction of him, enrolled him in academy and additionally offered to accept his sister, although, she declined.

He abounding the Backbone Association Aerial School, Haines City, Florida for his aerial academy apprenticeship and was complex in basketball and football. He additionally began accepting tattoos and afflicted his name to Prettyboyfredo as he acquainted Alfredo was no best cool. He had opened a YouTube approach in June 2009 and acquaint an NBA 2k video. Afterwards admission from aerial school, with no money and no antecedent of income, he remembered the approach after in October 2014 and started reposting videos on it.

At this time, Prettyboyfredo was not acquainted of the ability of amusing media and started uploading videos on YouTube for fun, not for the money or popularity. He began with NBA 2k15 XBOX 360games, he would appearance his television awning and how he played the games. He began accepting a brace of angle and demography the approach seriously. His videos started acceptable added absorbing as he included capacity like pranks, challenges, and amusing experiments. Anon after, his approach hit 300,000 subscribers and a abbreviate while after, it rose to a whopping 1 million.

At 300,000, Prettyboyfredo got his aboriginal car and it was luxurious. He is currently a apprentice at the University of Axial Florida, majoring in Marketing. He additionally has millions of followers on Instagram, Cheep and hundreds of bags on Twitch. Some of his accepted videos accommodate MYPARK ANIMAL JUMPSHOT CHALLENGE, AMUSING GF VS BF BUZZ CHALLENGE, NEW SPORTS CAR FOR CHRISTMAS PRANK, BELT ME PRANK, BATTY SHOCK COLLAR CLAIMING and more.

Net Worth

With acceptance on YouTube and massive cable comes wealth. Alfredo Alcazar is a YouTube star, who has over 3 actor subscribers. He has no added accepted antecedent of assets than his approach – assets from his the belvedere bought the big-ticket car he now uses and the abode he lives in. With his connected uploads of vlogs, pranks, challenges and amusing agreement videos on his channel, he has been able to accretion a net account of $1.4 actor and is still growing financially.

Sister, Girlfriend

Prettyboyfredo shares a actual appropriate band with his ancient sister, the alone biological ancestors affiliate who loves and cares for him. Her absolute name is not known, however, her appulse is. She took affliction of him back their parents alone them while they were actual young. There is little accepted about Prettyboyfredo’s sister asides the actuality that her Cheep handle is @LadyHoopStar_ and she has over 2k followers.

Alfredo is currently in a accord and affianced to his appealing girlfriend, Jasmine. She is additionally the mother of his child, Ava. Jasmine is additionally a YouTube brilliant who was built-in on Baronial 11, 1994. Her approach is alleged Jasmine2Times while her collaborative approach with her admirer is dubbed Fredo&Jas.

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Where Does He Live?

The YouTuber and his adherent began dating in 2013 and accept been calm anytime back she alone his alliance angle alert but assuredly agreed the third time. The two currently alive calm in Alfredo’s Approach Bank abode in Florida but are yet to tie the bond officially.

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