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The “King of Youtube” Psy, is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter and almanac ambassador accepted internationally for his hit distinct Gangnam Style which he appear in 2012. He is additionally acclaimed locally for his abundant funny videos and date performances admired by all.

His hit distinct Gangnam Appearance is so accustomed and globally accustomed that by December 12, 2012, it became the aboriginal video to ability a almanac one billion YouTube views, and by May 31st in 2014, it angled that cardinal and had about 2 billion views. Currently, Gangnam Appearance is the third best watched video on YouTube.

Psy’s Real Name and Wiki 

Psy is addressed formally as Esplanade Jae-sang, a South Korean built-in on December 31, 1977, into an flush ancestors in the Gangnam commune of Seoul, South Korea to parents Esplanade Won-Ho; and Kim Young-hee; his mother.

Psy was a advantaged kid who started elementary and average academy apprenticeship aback he should. He got enrolled in Banpo Elementary and Average academy and Shewa Aerial Academy as at aback due. While in school, he didn’t like it abundant but he was acclaimed as the chic clown. He begin it actual accessible to drive the absolute chic to beam at his jokes and this fabricated him absolutely popular. It is affliction to see he had a affair for ball from way aback in time.

Despite his aloofness in academic education, his parents were bent to ensure he got appropriately accomplished as he was the abutting in band to booty over from his ancestor as administrator of DI Corporation. He was beatific to the US to abstraction business administering at Boston University, but aloft his accession in the US, he absent absorption in apprenticeship and appropriately spent his actual charge funds in purchasing agreeable instruments, electric keyboard, computer, a MIDI interface and of advance ball equipment. He still begin it accordant to appear an English-language summer course and advised for one abounding division there.

He assuredly alone out of Boston University and enrolled at Berklee Academy of Music. While at Berklee, he fabricated acceptable use of his time back he was now accomplishing what he admired to do – Music. However, he after alone out of Berkley and alternate to South Korea to absolutely accompany a career as a singer. This accommodation apparent the alpha of his career as a world-famous musician.

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In South Korea, Psy fabricated several appearances and afflicted up the Korean pop music arena with concealed alluring ball moves, acutely edgeless lyrics in affairs that he accounted it all-important and a artistic faculty of actualization which becoming him the appellation “The Camp Singer”. His appearance ahead had not alike be absurd before, let abandoned seen. He was so acceptable that his awesomeness could not be independent in South Korea alone. Psy had a aftertaste which the accomplished apple had not apparent and acknowledgment to Gangnam Style, he is a all-around celebrity today.

Psy’s Height, Net Worth

The 1977 built-in Gangnam Appearance celebrity and Baron of Youtube has an boilerplate anatomy anatomy which stands at 5 anxiety 7 inches or 170cm. His Chest admeasurement is 43 inches (109cm), waist – 38 inches or 96.5cm and it’s all arranged into a anatomy weight of 82kg or 181lbs. Not bad at all for addition who dances as interestingly as he does.

Other than advancing from a affluent home, Psy has fabricated money for himself. He drives a Hyundai Equus but still lives with his ancestors in Seoul, South Korea. He has a net account of $25 actor and is the aboriginal Korean pop artist so broadly accepted in the west and of course, the blow of the world. Adamantine assignment and committed months of practising his different ball moves got him all-around recognition.

Is Psy Gay? Wife/Girlfriend 

Psy has a beeline animal orientation. He got affiliated to his longtime academy adherent Yoo Hye-yeon in 2006. The brace was said to accept been alien to anniversary added by a alternate associate and their abutment has produced accompanying daughters. Yoo Hye-yeon, a cello above at Yonsei University was the one who encouraged her bedmate Psy to accompany the South Korean based YG Ball characterization in 2010 afterwards his compulsatory aggressive account as a signalman

Quick Facts about Psy

Birth Name: Esplanade Jae-Sang

Date of Birth: December 31, 1977

Birth Place: Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea

Profession: Rapper, Dancer, Producer

Stage Name: Psy

Nationality: South Korean

Height & Weight: 5 anxiety 7 inches (1.70 m), 82 kg (180 lbs)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital status: Affiliated to Yoo Hye-yeon

Net Worth: $45 Million

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