Reggie Couz Bio, Age, Height, Music Career and Ancestors Activity of The YouTube Star

Quick Facts

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
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ProfessionMedia Personalities

Reggie Couz is a amusing media personality who has acquired acclaim on Backcountry area he does ball and music. Added than aloof the platform, he has additionally acquired a massive followership on added amusing media sites such as Instagram and YouTube area he has millions of followers. Actuality is all to apperceive about him.

Reggie Couz Bio and Age

It was on July 1, 1994, that the above Backcountry brilliant was built-in in New Jersey. While not abundant is accepted about his adolescence or how he was brought up, it is accepted that Reggie grew up as an alone child.

What acquired acclaim for Reggie as declared was his amusing media activities best abnormally his videos on Backcountry back the belvedere was buzzing. Interestingly enough, he began there anon afterwards abrogation aerial school. Instead of accommodating with added Viners as was the case, he did it all abandoned and yet was anon able to cull a lot of followers in no time. By the time Backcountry assuredly shut bottomward in 2017, Reggie Couz was already abutting 4 actor followers as he had already accomplished 3.9 actor Backcountry followers.

Apart from Vine, he has additionally got massive followership on added media sites such as YouTube which he began in 2013. Back then, he has been able to aggregate abutting to 100 actor angle and abutting to a actor followers on the platform. On Instagram, he has been able to get calm over 2 actor followers.

More so, Cheep is addition belvedere area the YouTuber enjoys abundant afterward with over 91 thousand followers. On Facebook, Reggie has added than 1.3 actor followers and he is able to get abundant in agreement of engagement.

One of the best absorbing things about him is his adeptness to coin into abounding characters, which is what has been able to angle him out. Amid his characters are Mr. Johnson, Pappa Couz, Angelic Tony, Pastor Riley, and abounding more.

Family Activity Of The YouTube Star

As commendations the ancestors activity of Reggie Couz, while not abundant is accepted about his family, he has been able to charm his ancestors in his comedy, arena the allotment of Ancestor Couz which is a fabulous father. In the character, his ancestor who wears a mustache consistently tells him, additionally arena the allotment of the son to “shut yo ass up”.

Even though, as stated, not abundant is accepted about his absolute parents, he has appear that his mother has was afraid for him authoritative a activity out of his called profession. Although she had her fears at first, she still accurate him and got absolutely assertive that he was activity the appropriate way back it started advantageous out. As at 2017, the YouTuber appear that she was his business manager.

Musical career

For his agreeable career, what has able him for that was his apprenticeship at the Cicely Tyson Academy of Assuming and Accomplished Arts, East Orange. There, he got the befalling to apprentice Classical music in altered languages including Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.

After proceeding to The University of Arts in Philadelphia area he absitively to abstraction music, but couldn’t get added than a year there.

Thanks to that music accomplishments and his skills, Reggie was able to advance the appearance of Mr. Johnson’s Hip-Hop Choir which has become actual accepted on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He has additionally appear a cardinal of songs such as Overnight, Angelic Tony, Goin Down, and M.O.H.


Even admitting he has not taken his music to what any can alarm the mainstream, he has still managed to get his fair allotment of his fan base, which is mostly fabricated of bodies on his amusing media circle. Hence, the better allotment of admirers he gets are bodies from YouTube best especially. Nonetheless, his songs are additionally on assorted added platforms such as SoundCloud area he has over 55 thousand followers, iTune, Tidal, and abounding others.

Height and Weight

One of the things that one hardly acquisition any acumen to altercate about Couz is that he is a actual nice attractive guy with a acceptable acme and a rather abbreviate build. Attractive at the numbers, he stands at a acme of 6 bottom 4 inches tall. For his weight and added anatomy measurements, that still charcoal alien in the accessible domain.

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