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The James Band authorization has apparent abounding villains back it began. While some could calmly be swept beneath the carpeting of forgetfulness, Aperture in The Spy Who Admired Me and Moonraker is one that we will not forget; a role that larboard chills as was portrayed by the American blur and articulation actor, Richard Kiel. One of the better man to accept been in Hollywood, there was a time back all the absolute behemothic roles in the industry formed calmly Kiel whose adventure is rather continued and interesting.

Richard Kiel’s Biography

The amateur was built-in Richard Dawson Kiel on September 13, 1939, in the Affiliated States, Detroit, Michigan. As a child, he suffered from a hormonal affair that acquired him to accumulate growing consistent in his aerial body and amaurosis in one eye. Aloft in Detroit, he after confused with his ancestors to Los Angeles back he was 9. While there is not abundant accepted about the adolescence of the amateur or his family, it is, however, accepted that he abounding Baldwin Esplanade Aerial School. Back he entered the school, he was a 6-foot-4 freshman, but by the time he had graduated, he was already 7 feet.

Even afore he absitively on aggravating to become an actor, Richard Kiel aboriginal formed as a cemetery artifice salesman. Afterwards this, he confused to the Hollywood breadth area he approved to breach in as an actor. However, it didn’t go as accessible as he anticipation it would and so he took advantage of his admeasurement to assignment as a bouncer in a night club.

Luckily for him, it was at the bar that he met an NBC ambassador through whom he got his aboriginal role in Klondike in 1960, followed by The D.I. in the aforementioned year. From again on, added roles kept advancing for him and in 1977, he got what would be one of his better roles as Jaw in the James Band cine The Spy Who Admired Me and again The Blob in The Absurd Hulk. In 1979, he appeared afresh in addition Band movie, Moonraker.

His aftermost works accommodate The Body of Albert Cradette, Bloodhounds Inc., and Tangled, all which he did in 2010.

Net Worth

Through his career that spanned over bristles decades, the Jaws appeared in abounding movies and had additionally done articulation acting and writing. Acknowledgment to this, he came to accommodated both acclaim and fortune. To this end, Richard Kiel had a net account that was estimated at $1 actor afore his death.

Wife and Children

Richard Kiel had been affiliated alert afore his death. The aboriginal woman to become his wife was Faye Daniels; the brace got affiliated in 1960 but by 1973, the alliance ended. Again came Diane Rogers who was his additional wife and whom he met while filming The Longest Yard. The amateur and Rogers were both in a ball club back their eyes aboriginal bound and soon, they began dating afore accepting affiliated in 1974. The brace remained calm until the time of Kiel’s death.

Their abutment was adored with 4 accouchement including Richard Jr who additionally appeared in The Spy Who Admired Me but after became a doctor. He additionally has two sons; Bennett and Christopher and a babe Jennifer



A few canicule to his altogether on September 10, 2014, the James Band steel-toothed villain suffered a austere affection advance which led to his death. For several years afore then, Richard Kiel had battled coronary avenue disease.

He was 74 years old at the time of his death. Above-mentioned to the affection advance that concluded things, the amateur was ahead accepted to a hospital in Fresno, California as a aftereffect of a leg abrasion but that was not the basal account of death.


It is in the chic of bodies like Andre the Giant, Carel Struycken, and Matthew McGrory who are the tallest bodies anytime in Hollywood that you will acquisition Richard Kiel. He had a massive acme of 7 ft 1 12 in (217 cm). In accession to this, he had a anatomy weight that was placed at over 300 pounds

Even admitting this aerial acme had put him in a acceptable position to booty some actual absorbing roles in the cine industry, it was acquired as a aftereffect of a hormonal ataxia which is accepted as acromegaly. It is associated with gigantism and amplification of basic on face, hands, and feet. You will anticipate that because of his looks he was accessible to recognize, but there were abounding who abashed him with actors like Andre the Behemothic and Fred Gwynne, article that balked him.

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