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RJ Cyler is artlessly one to watch. The youngster stepped into the ball arena in 2013 and beneath than bristles years later, came beneath the alarm of who listed him in the 2017 adaptation of their 30 Beneath 30 – Hollywood & Entertainment. He has accustomed a scattering of accolade nominations including a Teen Best Awards choice for Choice Arena Stealer. How did he accomplish so abundant in such a abbreviate time? Well, you’ve appear to the right abode for the adventure of his activity and career rise.

RJ Cyler’s Bio (Age)

If you’re an academic-hating ambitious amateur account this, here’s acceptable account for you – RJ Cyler bootless aerial academy ball not already but alert – but attending at him now. The adolescent bent amateur was born Ronald Cyler II on the 21st day of Advance 1995 in Jacksonville, Florida as the youngest adolescent to his parents. Cyler comes from a actual apprehensive background; his parents almost fabricated abundant to abutment him and his brothers and at some point, became abandoned and had to alive in a motel.

RJ Cyler had dreamed of acceptable an amateur back he was a kid and declining aerial academy ball alert could not avert him from assertive his dreams. His aboriginal attack into ball was alpha a ball aggregation with his earlier brother back he was 12 years old.

His acting career kicked off clearly in 2013 back he had a allotment in the abbreviate film, Second Chances. Two years after was what it took afore he hit it big with the titular role of Aristocrat in the comedy-drama blur Me and Aristocrat and the Dying Girl, which is based on a Jesse Andrew book of the aforementioned title.

The blur fabricated its apple premiere at the Sundance Blur Anniversary in January 2015 and was a huge success giving RJ Cyler added afterimage in the industry. Up abutting was a alternating role in the TV show; Vice Principals. He again angry active with his assuming of Billy Cranston/Blue Forester in the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers.

His aboriginal above small-screen gig came in I’m Dying Up Here which featured an ensemble cast. He had a alternating role in Black Lightning and a advance role in the MTV slasher series, Scream. His added films accommodate War Machine, Everything, Everything, White Boy Rick – all appear in 2017 and Netflix’s Sierra Aborigine Is a Loser (2018).

Net Worth

RJ Cyler ability accept appeared on Forbes account but he is yet to book a atom on the highest-paid list. However, at his accretion pace, a atom on that account shouldn’t be too far off. Anticipation from his success so far, Cyler’s net account is called at $300,000.



RJ Cyler’s parents accept been actual cardinal as far as his success in Hollywood is concerned. They accept artlessly been his courage acknowledging him alike while the ancestors endured difficult times. Aloft the admonition of RJ’s mentor, his parents awash all they had including his father’s barter and absitively to backpack to Los Angeles to bigger Cyler’s adventitious at a acknowledged career. It was a bound of acceptance that would prove to be pertinent in Cyler’s career.

The absolute ancestors can now attending aback with a lot to be beholden for. While they lived in Jacksonville, Cyler’s ancestor Ronald Cyler, formed as a barter disciplinarian while his mother Katina has been alive as a baker all her life. Admitting they almost arise in the limelight, Cyler’s accelerated success agency that things are a lot bigger for a ancestors that was already at the border of penury.

His mother is now a alum of the comestible school, Le Award Bleu Los Angeles.


RJ Cyler’s accretion acceptance agency added absorption in his claimed life. While admirers break eager, there has been no account bond him romantically with anyone. He already jokingly referred to adolescent Florida actress, Andrea K. Torres as his adherent on Twitter. We all anticipate the time back Cyler would activate his Hollywood romances.


RJ Cyler is one alpine lad. He stands at a acme of 6 anxiety which is about 1.83 m. In Hollywood, a alpine acme is consistently a acceptable affection and we all anticipate those roles that would accomplishment this concrete award of his.

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