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Roxann Dawson is an old name in the Hollywood blur industry and would be best accustomed to admirers of the iconic science fiction series, Star Trek: Charlatan – the fifth alternation in the Brilliant Expedition authorization which ran from January 1995 to May 2001 airing a absolute of 176 episodes. Dawson played one of the capital characters, B’Elanna Torres – a half-human/half-Klingon. The role won her three ALMA Awards alongside added coveted nominations. Dawson has reprised her role in added Star Trek productions including video games. Afterwards the curtains came bottomward on Star Trek: Voyager, Dawson appeared in a scattering of added projects but none has fabricated a bigger mark than Star Trek: Voyager, in contempo years the accomplished extra has stepped behind-the-scenes demography up projects as a blur producer, writer, and director.

Roxann Dawson – Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Roxann Dawson, aloft her bearing on the 11th of September 1964 in Los Angeles, California, was accustomed the name Roxann Caballero. The American extra was built-in to Richard and Rosalie Caballero. Admitting Roxann has never appear her indigenous background, affairs are that she has roots from Latin America as her beginning name ‘Caballero’ is accepted amid the Latinx association and agency a “knight” or a “horseman” in Spanish.

Dawson is an alum of the University of California, Berkeley from area she accelerating from in 1980 with a Available of Arts Amount in Amphitheater Arts. As with best actresses that advised amphitheater in college, Roxann Dawson anon began her career afterwards academy as a date extra and her admission role came in a 1982 Broadway assembly of A Choir Line. She had roles in a scattering of added plays afore authoritative her awning admission in an adventure of the TV series, Another World.

Dawson again appointed bedfellow roles in added TV shows including Baywatch, Matlock, Equal Justice, and Jake and The Fat Man. She had a alternating role in The Annular Table and in 1995, she landed what would become her advance role in Star Trek: Voyage. Afterwards the show, she appeared in a cardinal of added shows including Any Day Now, The Division, and Without A Trace.

In accession to TV shows, Dawson has additionally appeared in films, admitting alone a few. Some of her films accommodate Pointman (1994), and Darkman III: Die Darkman Die (1996).

Dawson’s action as an extra began to abate afterwards Voyage as she became added focused in filmmaking. She fabricated her authoritative admission in an adventure of Star Trek: Voyager and has not looked aback since. Some of her contempo authoritative credits accommodate the TV shows Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Rosewood, The Path, amid others. Her autograph credits accommodate the Tenebrea trilogy, co-written with Daniel Graham.

Net Worth

Thanks to the Star Trek franchise, Roxann Dawson was able to get the big breach she so deserved, a role that larboard an enduring mark on her career. Anticipation from the success of the show, Dawson actuality one of the capital characters benefitted hugely. Her balance from the appearance accompanying with added projects accept helped her accomplish a net account of $6 million.


Roxann Dawson is adequate a beatific ancestors with her bedmate Eric Dawson and their daughters. As is generally the case with actresses, Roxann met her bedmate on set. Her husband, Eric, is a casting administrator whom she met in the backward 80s on the set of the TV series, Nightingales. In the series, Roxann played the role of Yolanda ‘Yolo’ Elena Puente for 13 episodes.

Roxann anachronous Eric for the abutting bristles years afore they got affiliated in May of 1994 and accept back remained together. They accustomed their aboriginal child, Emma Rose Dawson on January 16, 1998. Two years later, Roxann Dawson and her bedmate accustomed the additional affiliate of their family, addition babe – Mia Meicai Dawson, who they adopted from China. The Dawsons alive calm in Los Angeles.

Roxann’s bedmate Eric is a built-in of Lincoln, Nebraska and was built-in on the 10th of June 1962 authoritative him four years earlier than the actress. In accession to Nightingales, Eric Dawson has been the casting administrator for several added projects, amid them are Supernatural, Quantico, American Abhorrence Story, The Acceptable Doctor, and more.

Though Eric’s alliance to Roxann was his first, it was the additional for Roxann who was ahead affiliated to amateur Casey Biggs. The brief alliance lasted for almost two years from 1985 to 1987. Like Roxann Dawson, Biggs is a acclaimed amount in the Star Trek community, however, their alliance had appear to an end afore either of them was casting in a Star Trek franchise. Biggs would go on to ally Brigit Binns in 2004.


Roxann Dawson stands at a acme of 5 anxiety 5 inches which, in allegory to the boilerplate American woman, agency that she is of boilerplate height. Her estimated anatomy statistics are accustomed as 33-26-33 inches for her bust, waist, and achievement respectively. The extra has artlessly aphotic amber beard and aphotic amber eyes.

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