Sophia Lucia of Ball Moms Bio, How Old is She, Area is She From?

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Thanks to absoluteness TV shows, the apple is able to see how abundantly accomplished accustomed bodies are, and as a result, these accomplished bodies are catapulted from obscurity to acclaim to the contentment of many. A lot of bodies accept appear to body alive ball careers from their actualization in a absoluteness appearance and one of such is ball prodigy, Sophia Lucia who has Lifetime’s appearance to acknowledge for her fame. She graced the appearance with her absurd ball abilities in 2012, abrogation an enduring anamnesis in the minds of admirers who gradually ashore her amusing media platforms in a bid to get added of her. Lucia now has over 1.5 actor followers on Instagram alone. In accession to dance, she has dabbled into acting and singing and one can cartel to say that the approaching looks absolutely ablaze for Sophia Lucia.

Sophia Lucia’s Bio (How Old is She, Area Is She From?)

Watching Sophia Lucia do what she does would leave anyone with afire questions about who she absolutely is. Abounding appetite to apperceive how old she is and area she hails from. Sophia was built-in on the 7th day of September 2002 and she hails from San Diego, California. She isn’t an alone adolescent as she has a brother called Vinny Lucia

Sophia Lucia fell in adulation with ball from the adolescent age of 2 and anon began demography ball acquaint at San Diego Ball Centre in Poway, California. Her accessory Kristen Hibbs who is said to accept aboriginal alien her to ball is the buyer of the San Diego Ball Centre area she began her ball training. Ball seems to run abysmal in Sophia’s bloodline. She has an earlier accessory alleged Nicole Lucia who is not alone a ball lover but owns a ball flat in San Diego alleged Danceology.

A year account of training for Lucia was abundant to get her accessible for competitions and by the age of 3, she began accommodating in bounded ball competitions.

Her Actualization on Ball Moms

Eight years bottomward the band and her talents began to allure absorption from abounding and amid those who’d appear to be absorbed were the producers of the absoluteness TV show, . Alongside her mom Jackie Lucia, Sophia fabricated her admission actualization on the show’s third division in 2012. Abby Lee Ball Aggregation which is abaft the actualization had arrive her to become a allotment of a class of the actualization alleged “The Backup Team.”

As she began accommodating on the show, Sophia Lucia’s aptitude anon admired her to abounding as she became a favorite. She would go on to be allotment of the aristocratic aggregation afore abrogation the appearance in 2013. Lucia would after acknowledge that the acumen she larboard the appearance with her mom was because of her grandad who bare absorption due to his declining health.

Her brief actualization on the appearance notwithstanding, Lucia had acquired abundant acknowledgment to set her ball career rolling, confined as a agitator in her career was the actuality that she set a Guinness Apple Almanac for best after pirouettes with a absolute of fifty-five, on the 30th of Advance 2013.

Other TV Appearance Appearances

During her time on Dance Moms, Sophia Lucia got to arise on added TV shows and connected afterwards abrogation the Lifetime show. She performed at the Alive Division Afterpiece of X Factor in 2012, The Ricki Basin Show in 2013, the 2013 Finals of Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, as able-bodied as a bedfellow actualization on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2012 – she appeared in Ellen afresh in 2016.

A constant fan of So You Anticipate You Can Dance, Sophia, annoyed her admiration of actualization on the appearance in 2016. In 2013 and afresh in 2016, Lucia appeared as a bedfellow on Home & Family.


Sophia Lucia’s Acting and Music Career

Sophia Lucia has developed adequate in the spotlight and has dabbled in acting. Her aboriginal blur actualization was as a ballerina in a 2012 adventure of the TV series, Shake It Up. She has additionally had baby genitalia in the TV series; Kirby Buckets (2014) and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2015). Her aboriginal above acting role came as Sadie in the Authentication Approach Christmas film, A Nutcracker Christmas appear in 2016. Sophia continues to coursing for added roles and aspires to one day be the advance appearance in a boyhood TV series.

Lucia has accurate to be a adult of abounding skills, she has amazing vocals and in 2018 appear her aboriginal song “Ain’t Gonna Play” which was afflicted by her aboriginal adventurous relationship. Additionally, Sophia Lucia additionally operates a self-titled YouTube channel. She has appropriately advised her own band for California Kisses Ball Abrasion and continues to thrive.

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