The Interrupters – Bio, Members, Facts About The Band

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The four-piece music bandage The Interrupters has its agent in Los Angeles, California. The bandage is composed of advance diva Aimee Burglar and three brothers Jesse Bivona, Justin Bivona and Kevin Bivona. They specialize in a music subgenre accepted as ska jailbait and they accept appear up to three flat albums back their accumulation in 2011. Amid added highlights of their career, the Interrupters performed at the 2019 Coachella festival.

The Interrupters – Bio

The three Bivona brothers started arena calm on a bandage called “Telacasters”. They were touring with two added bands The Bedraggled Active and Amoroso Ray in 2009 back they met Aimee Allen who was a abandoned artisan at the time. One of the Bivona brothers Kevin started autograph songs with Aimee afterwards which they arrive the added two brothers to comedy instruments. Their recording sessions accepted acknowledged and afterwards alive calm for a while, the bandage was clearly formed in 2011.

Band Members

Aimee Allen

The best acclaimed affiliate of this band, for accessible reasons, is Aimee Allen. Back she performs for the band, she takes up the date moniker Aimee Interrupter. Actuality a accustomed performer, Aimee appropriately assumes her agreeable and abundant added absorbing persona anniversary time she mounts the stage.

She was apparent in 2002 by music ambassador and above “American Idol” adjudicator Randy Jackson. She recorded a admission anthology which never saw the ablaze of day although her admission distinct was released. However, some of the songs on the anthology accept been reworked by added artists over the years. She after appear her aboriginal abandoned album A Little Happiness in 2009 and additionally formed briefly as a radio host afore the accumulation of the Interrupters in 2011.

Kevin Bivona

Kevin Bivona is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, complete engineer, and mixer. He began his career as a adolescent jailbait back he formed the ska jailbait bandage Telacasters with two of his accompany in the mid-1990s. By the age of 19, he became the touring keyboardist for the jailbait bedrock accumulation “Transplants” on the Vans Angled Tour. He additionally formed with several added agreeable acts in altered capacities. Amid added highlights of his career, Bivona formed alongside on the Grammy-winning Assault Bluff album Rebirth (2012).

Justin and Jesse Bivona

Justin Bivona is the bassist of the Interrupters while his accompanying brother Jesse Bivona is the band’s drummer. Their careers started in 2008 back they both abutting their earlier brother Kevin on the latter’s bandage Telacasters. Justin and Jesse both additionally served as touring abutment associates of the bedrock bandage Amoroso Ray and were eventually recruited as abounding associates of the bandage in 2010. Their time on the Amoroso Ray calendar was rather shortlived as they abutting to anatomy the Interrupters anon afterward.

Facts About The Band

After advancing calm in 2011, the Interrupters connected touring with added bands alike as they began to assignment on their own songs. They got to accomplish at the American music anniversary Anarchism Fest in Chicago and Denver and additionally at the Absent-mindedness Rockfest captivated in Quebec, Canada.

The bandage eventually appear their aboriginal two singles ‘Liberty’ and ‘Family’ in the year 2013 with the closing featuring Tim Armstrong. Their eponymous admission flat anthology The Interrupters was appear in Baronial 2014. The anthology entered the iTunes US Albums blueprint at No. 85. It’s lead distinct “Take Aback The Power” became actual accepted as it got featured in above TV commercials as able-bodied as TV shows and films.

The interrupters embarked on a bout of Arctic America and Europe in abutment of their admission album. In the US and Canada, they toured with bands like The Boss Boss Bosstones, Artery Dogs, Beneath Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Rancid and The English Beat. For the European leg of the tour, they were accurate by Bad Religion. The bandage additionally performed at Australia’s anniversary Soundwave Anniversary as able-bodied as the Groezrock music anniversary in Belgium.

The Interrupters’ additional flat anthology Say It Out Loud was appear in June 2016 and it begin added success on the music charts. The anthology entered the iTunes US Albums blueprint at No. 56 and it ailing at No. 7 on the Billboard Heatseekers Anthology chart, No. 25 on the Billboard Absolute Albums chart, No. 38 on the Billboard Top Bedrock Albums blueprint and No. 22 on the Billboard Vinyl Albums chart.

In advance of Say It Out Loud, the interrupters played in the age-long Vans Angled Bout in the summer of 2016 and anon afterward, they embarked on their aboriginal headlining bout of the Affiliated States bringing forth the Los Angeles-based all-female jailbait bandage “Bad Cop/Bad Cop” for support. The bandage connected touring altered genitalia of the apple as headliners and additionally with added bands such as Blooming Day.


The interrupters ultimately took a breach from their touring to put calm a new anatomy of music and armed with several years of acquaintance in date performances, they absitively to put out their aboriginal alive album. Their third album Fight the Acceptable Fight was recorded alive to band and was produced by their longtime assistant Tim Armstrong. The anthology was appear in May 2018 and its achievement on the music archive was abundant bigger than their beforehand releases.

Fight the Acceptable Fight reached No. 2 on the Billboard Absolute Albums blueprint and No. 141 on the Billboard 200. The album’s advance distinct “She’s Kerosene” additionally ailing at No. 4 on the Billboard Another Songs chart. In accession to their feature albums, the Interrupters accept additionally appear several EPs including Liberty EP (2013), Family EP (2013) and Babylon EP (2015).

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