Top 10 Best SoundCloud Grumble Rappers You Should Follow

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Mumble rap is a subgenre of rap music that is characterized by breathless and incomprehensible lyrics. The music acquired acceptance in 2010 afterward the arrival of such rappers to online music administration belvedere SoundCloud. The belvedere gave such artists a adventitious to bypass music admiral and radio stations to ability its audience, appropriately the SoundCloud grumble rappers phrase.

While abounding grumble rappers accept accomplished huge success due to its added popularity, the appearance is about not accustomed by boilerplate or old academy bang bap rappers who congenital their reputations based on the content/lyrics of their work. Artists like , , and accept outrightly bidding their annoyance with grumble rappers. Behindhand of opinion, the actuality that this music brand is acceptable a force to account with cannot be brushed aside, appropriately our accumulation of whose music you should accumulate an eye out for.

As you read, agenda that music is abstract and any added being ability accept a name or two which they feel should be added to this list. Also, with the accessibility SoundCloud has accustomed musicians, a thousand and one grumble rappers assume to be arising up every added day and as such, in years to come, this account will not be the same. However, this account was aggregate based on influence, success, and acceptance as at the time of writing.

10 Best Soundcloud Grumble Rappers


, generally august as “6ix9ine” was built-in Daniel Hernandez on the 8th of May 1996 in Brooklyn, New York to a Mexican mother & a Puerto Rican dad. He accustomed apprenticeship up to 8th brand afore he was expelled for alien reasons. That was the aftermost time the adolescent ambitious grumble rapper saw the four walls of a academy as he never went back, allotment instead to get complex with annihilation that would agreement him a payday, including affairs marijuana.

In 2004, Tekashi69 started absorption on a music career, absolution a cardinal of songs on SoundCloud. His aboriginal attempt at fame, however, came a few years afterwards in July 2017 via an Instagram post, which saw him agitation bubble black beard and grills with altered versions of “69” tattooed all over his body. The video went viral and angry him into a meme. He again went on to get his advance a few months afterwards that afterward the absolution of his admission distinct “Gummo” which ailing at cardinal 12 on the U.S Advance Hot 100 and afterwards got certified platinum by the RIAA, and the blow became history.

A Ankle wit da Hoodie

is addition notable grumble rapper to accumulate an eye out for. The Bronx, New York built-in got his name from the appearance A Ankle in the cine Paid in Full (2002), and his adulation for cutting a hoodie. He began rapping in aerial school, however, it was until he accelerating that he was able to almanac his aboriginal song, “Temporary”, in 2014.

A Ankle began to accept civic absorption afterwards Forbes Annual featured him on their account of up and advancing rappers in February 2016. It added helped that Platinum-selling recording artisan brought him forth on his and Future’s Summer Sixteen Bout area Ankle served as the aperture act in July that aforementioned year. What followed abutting was annihilation beneath than adapted as A Ankle wit da Hoodie was arrive to accomplish in a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, afterwards which he appear his aboriginal EP blue-blooded TBA, an acronym for The Bigger Artist.

Lil Yachty

Of all the grumble rappers that would be actualization on this list, ability arguably be the best successful, which aback makes him a ambition of anybody that dislikes the music genre. Rolling Bean has declared the Grammy and Advance Music Awards-nominated artist’s music as a “proudly amateurish singsong” while The Guardian alleged it “rap absent to songcraft and structure”.

Lil Yachty began his adventure to distinction in 2015 back he confused from his hometown of Atlanta to New York. Here, the rapper began alive as a archetypal while accomplishing his music. His big breach came back one of his songs from Soundcloud blue-blooded “One Night”, was acclimated in a viral ball video. The abutting year, he collaborated with artist ATOM to accomplish the Advance Hot 100 cardinal 5 hit, “Broccoli” which led to a collective adventure almanac accord with Capitol Records, Motown Records, and Affection Ascendancy Music.

Lil Uzi Vert

is addition Grammy and Advance Music Awards-nominated grumble rapper who has disconnected opinion. Some accept declared him as a accustomed amateur with a different rap appearance while others accept aloft eyebrows at his absorption in Satanism.

Uzi Vert began rapping in aerial academy back he and his accompany formed the now-defunct accumulation Steaktown. Afterwards accepting kicked out of academy and his home by his mother, he began recording music and went on to absolution the EP Amethyst Thoughtz Vol. 1 in January 2014. Some of Lil Uzi Vert’s best accepted songs till date accommodate Money Longer, XO Bout Llif3, and a affection on Bad and Boujee.

Lil Pump

is a Miami, Florida grumble rapper of Colombian descent. As a adolescent boy, Pump, who was built-in Gazzy Garcia on the 17th of August, 2000, struggled to break in academy as he was expelled from every academy he attended. By the time he was 16, he began accommodating with ambassador Smokepurpp and was putting out his music on the SoundCloud platform. Anniversary of Lil Pump’s ancient songs was a hit online, accumulation over 3 actor streams each. By 2017, he appear two new tracks; Bang-up and D Rose which added propelled him mainstream.

Lil Pump’s big breach came in Baronial 2017 with the song Gucci Assemblage which ailing at the cardinal 3 atom on the Advance Hot 100. He has back again gone advanced to absolution two albums and has formed with artists like , , and .


began his career in June 2013, aloof afterwards he was appear from a adolescent apprehension center. The backward grumble rapper, who focused on authoritative music that avoid a ablaze on brainy affliction and suicide, was best accepted for songs like Attending at Me, Sad!, Changes, and Moonlight.

In June 2018, the grumble rapper was dead in a robbery while he was abrogation a motorcycle dealership in Florida. XXXTentacion has again been posthumously accustomed the Best New Hip Hop Artisan accolade at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards and the Admired Anthology – Soul/R&B at the American Music Awards.

Lil Xan

Lil Xan, who derives his name from the decree biologic Xanax due to his addiction to it, began his rap career afterwards accepting alone out of aerial school. He aboriginal awash drugs and again pursued a photography career afore he began rapping and announcement his assignment on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Lil Xan’s blemish song, “Betrayed” was appear in Baronial 2017 and it ailing at cardinal 64 on the Advance Hot 100. His admission anthology blue-blooded Absolute Xanarchy came about a year after in April 2018, peaking at cardinal 10 on the Advance 200 chart.

BlocBoy JB

BlocBoy JB is addition grumble rapper on this account that has Drake to acknowledge for his ultimate acceleration to fame. The Memphis, Tennessee native, who was built-in on the 19th of May, 1996, began his music career at the age of 14. During that time, he was heavily complex with a belled artery assemblage that he committed crimes with, one of which led to his arrest and incarceration.

After confined time, BlocBoy JB began to booty music added actively and was putting out a cardinal of annal on SoundCloud. Some of the songs appear included No Choir Pt. 6, Shoot, and Departer which were all viral hits. This bent the absorption of Drake who went advanced to coact with him on the song “Look Alive” which ailing at cardinal 5 on the Advance Hot 100 chart.


Playboi Carti

, built-in Jordan Terrell Carter on the 13th of September, 1996, is grumble rapper and archetypal from Atlanta, Georgia. Carti began his career in 2012 beneath the alias Sir Cartier, but about after started activity by his accepted name in 2015. About this time, he began publishing his music on SoundCloud and was accepting huge acceptance in the underground Atlanta rap scene.

Carti bent his big breach back he began accommodating with New York-based hip-hop accumulation A$AP Mob which led to a accord with their characterization AWGE and Interscope Records. Some of his best accepted songs are “Magnolia” and “Woke Up Like This”.

Rich the Kid

The final name on the account of best SoundCloud grumble rappers is Affluent the Kid. He came unto the music arena in 2013, at the age of 21, back he appear his admission abandoned mixtape blue-blooded Been About the Benjamins. The success of that mixtape led to collaborative efforts with hip-hop accumulation Migos which added animated his acceptability in the growing grumble rap scene.

The Queens, New York native, who had now alleged Atlanta his home, connected to allure heavyweights from the boilerplate rap arena to coact with him as he went on to barrage his actual own almanac label, Affluent Always Music, while additionally inking a almanac accord with Interscope Records. Some of his best accepted songs are On My Way, New Freezer featuring , and Bung Walk.

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