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Torri Higginson is one of Canada’s arch actresses. She is bargain accepted for the characters she played in Stargate Atlantis and the TekWar franchise. Her career has spanned television, theatre, and film. She has won several awards for the roles she has portrayed and is additionally a administrator and producer. Back her big breach into the cine industry, Torri has managed to accumulate dozens of acting credits to her name and has remained relevant. Tag forth if you appetite to apprentice added about her.

Torri Higginson Biography

Sarah Victoria “Torri” Higginson was built-in on December 6, 1969, in Ontario, Canada. Her parents had alone two children, her and her brother Luke. Advice about her aboriginal adolescence and apprenticeship are not the accountable of accessible knowledge. She abounding the Guildhall Academy of Music and Ball area she bagged an bookish education, which she again leveraged to advance her acting career forward.

Unlike added actors who delay for opportunities to appear to them, Torri absitively to accomplish her own afterlife by starring and bearing The Photographer’s Wife, a abbreviate cine which she fabricated in accord with a Dutch aggregation that approved to get added adolescent filmmakers to analyze and advance aloft their craft. It was her aboriginal actualization on screen.

In 1992, she denticulate her aboriginal television role arena Erica in the TV alternation Forever Knight. She additionally starred in added abbreviate films including The Woman of Windsor and Family Picture. Her advance moment came back she was casting to comedy Beth Kittridge, a admirable scientist in the TekWar movies. She additionally reprised the role back it was fabricated into a series.

Torri went on to co-star in Jungleground, a affected activity movie. She after cinched a bedfellow role on the aperture adventure of Stargate SG-1, which led to a above role on the consecutive Stargate Atlantis which she captivated for three seasons afore she was fabricated a alternating appearance in the fourth season. However, her appearance was not renewed in the afterward division and she had to move on to added productions.

She went on a aperture for a few years, and back she alternate it was to comedy Blythe Hall, a appearance in Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal. She again went on to affection in the cine You, Me, Love, Smile, and Save My Soul. Torri Higginson was additionally casting in several shows like Dark Matter, This Life, The Raven, Highlander, Canada: A people’s History, The City, and Criminal Minds: Doubtable Behaviour. She additionally played Mary in the alarmingly acclaimed movie, The English Patient.

Her assuming of the appearance Katherine Strachan Berg – a socialite and advocate in The City becoming her a Gemini Accolade for Best Achievement by an Extra in the Continuing Arch Affecting Role. She was additionally nominated for Saturn Award’s Best Acknowledging Extra on Television for her achievement in Stargate Atlantis.

Surprisingly, admitting her long-spanning career, the appealing extra has managed to beacon bright of altercation in her claimed and able life. There was a lot of rumors surrounding the affairs beneath which she larboard the role of Elizabeth Aboideau on Stargate SG-1. However, it was after explained that annihilation funny had happened, the role was aloof never meant to be a above one, but a acknowledging role and the time had appear to retire it.

Torri’s estimated net account is alien at this time, although it is the accountable of abundant speculation. She is absolutely alive on amusing media and her admirers can ability her on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


Is Torri Higginson Married, Who Is Her Husband?

The extra has managed to accumulate her clandestine activity beneath lock and key, preferring to absorber it from the spotlight instead of laying it bald for all the apple to see. Torri has never been married, although she has entertained her fair allotment of macho suitors.

She already anachronous Paul Raven, the guy who plays bass in the Killing Antic band. However, they went their abstracted means and she has been added focused on her career. Although there is account activity about about a cyclone activity and affair that Torri is affected in, the extra has not announced about this and still parades herself as a distinct lady.

Siblings and Family

Not a lot is accepted about Torri’s family, which is aloof how she brand it. She has a brother called Luke Higginson, but about annihilation is accepted in agreement of what’s up with her parents. Torri doesn’t accept any accouchement of her own.

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