Vera-Ellen Adventures – Waist-line & Quick Facts About The Dancer

Quick Facts of Vera Ellen

Net Worth$3 million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 4 in
Date of Birth16 February, 1921

Does the name Vera-Ellen arena a bell? She was a abounding American actress, singer, and ballerina who garnered acclaim during the 1950s afterward her aberrant ball performances in musicals. She is best remembered for her role in agreeable films such as On the Town (1949) and White Christmas (1954).

Asides from movies, Vera additionally appeared in several Broadway productions. Apprentice added about the actress/dancer below.

What happened to Vera-Ellen?

A acclaimed dancer, as able-bodied as an extra Vera-Ellen, larboard the apple on Baronial 30, 1981 due to Ovarian Cancer.

Vera Ellen’s Bio, Age

The American ballerina was built-in as Vera-Ellen Westmeier Rohe on the 16th of February 1921 to Martin Rohe and his wife, Alma Catherine Westmeier.

Her ancestor was a piano banker while there is no account of her mother’s occupation. Back asked about her hyphenated name, the ballerina appear that afore she was born, her mother had a dream in which she had a babe called Vera-Ellen.

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At a actual young, she developed an absorption in assuming arts, absolutely dancing. This led her parents to accept her in a ball chic at Hessler Studio.

Amazingly, at the age of ten, she was already a accomplished dancer. Notably, she and was co-students while at the ball studio. While there, she performed in altered shows including date performances and Broadway productions.


When she angry 18, Vera-Ellen fabricated her aboriginal Broadway actualization in the 1939 musical, Very Balmy for May. At the time, she was the youngest ballerina for the American ball company, Rockettes and she was additionally a approved aerialist at the Radio Burghal Music Hall.

She went on to account added roles in added Broadway productions including A Connecticut Yankee, Panama Hattie, and By Jupiter.

During one of her performances, Vera was spotted by Samuel Goldwyn who would after casting her adverse Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo in his 1945 blur blue-blooded Wonder Man.

1946 saw the extra arise in two films – The Kid from Brooklyn as Susie Sullivan and Three Little Girls in Blue as Myra Charters. Two years later, she portrayed the role of Maggie Phillips in the agreeable ball film, Love Happy and Ivy Artisan in On the Town.

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Her added notable films accommodate Three Little Words (1950), Happy Go Lovely (1951), The Belle of New York (1952), Call Me Amazon (1953), Big Leaguer (1953), and White Christmas (1954). Her aftermost awning actualization was in Let’s Be Happy in 1957.

Did Vera-Ellen accept to awning her Neck?

A accepted agreeable extra Vera-Ellen had to awning her close all the time while cutting or filming White Christmas because her close was ravaged by the furnishings of anorexia. Anorexia is a blazon of brainy affliction that pertains a adulterated appearance of how angular bodies accept altered furnishings and best specifically, concrete problems of accepting their anatomy decay due to their acceptance that they are attractive fat.

Vera Ellen’s Rockettes

At Radio City, Vera became one of the youngest Rockettes which led her to get a role in Panama Hattie, A Connecticut, and By Jupiter. 

She was spotted by Samuel Goldwyn and got a adventitious to arise forth with Danny Kaye as able-bodied as Virginia Mayo in the cine alleged “Wonder Man”.

Vera Ellen’s Height, Waist-line, And Anatomy Measurements

Vera-Ellen was acutely beautiful; however, she was additionally notable for her attenuate close and tiny waistline.

Many had said that she suffered from anorexia, an bistro ataxia characterized by low anatomy weight and attenuate appearance; nevertheless, the speculations were not confirmed.

The actress/dancer stood at a acme of 5 anxiety 4 inches and advised 48 kg (105 lbs). Her anatomy abstracts were accustomed as apprehension – 35 inches, waist-line – 23 inches, and achievement – 35 inches. Ellen wore a dress of admeasurement 4 (US) and a shoe of admeasurement 6 (US).

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How did Vera-Ellen die?

A accepted ballerina as able-bodied as actress, who has aggregate a awning with the better stars in the aureate era of Hollywood has died because of Blight at Los Angeles Medical Centermost at the age of 55. She took her aftermost animation on the 30th day of Baronial 1981. Her charcoal were active at the Coulee Anchorage Canonizing Esplanade amid in Sylmar, California.

Vera Ellen’s Bedmate And Children

Vera-Ellen was affiliated alert in her lifetime, unfortunately, both marriages concluded in divorce. Her aboriginal alliance was to Robert Hightower, a adolescent dancer.

The brace got anchored in 1941 and was calm for bristles years afore calling it quits in 1946. They didn’t accept any kids from their union.

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Soon afterwards their divorce, Ellen begin adulation again, this time in the accoutrements of a millionaire, Champ Rothschild. The ballerina angry the bond with Champ in 1954 and they had one adolescent called Victoria Ellen, built-in in 1963.

Sadly, Victoria died from abrupt baby afterlife affection three months afterwards her birth. A few years later, Ellen’s accord with Champ began to deteriorate, appropriately arch to a annulment in 1966.

Vera Ellen’s Quotes

  • Just attending at me now – I’ve never been so blessed in my life!
  • Getting complex is so, so…. involving.
  • I’m not absolutely repulsive.
  • Well, you’re not absolutely Superman, but you’re clumsily available.

What is Vera Ellen’s Net Worth?

In her prime, Vera-Ellen appeared in over 30 films as able-bodied as Broadway productions. She fabricated a affluence from her dancing career, acting career, and added endeavors. Her net account afore her afterlife was $3 actor in 1981.

What is the Account of Victoria Ellen’s Death?

In the closing allotment of her life, afterwards the accident of her babyish Victoria Ellen in 1963, the extra absitively to break abroad from the limelight. Hence, she retired from acting and started active a aloof life, far abroad from the prying eyes of the media.

While her admirers were analytical to apperceive what had happened to her, it was after apparent that she was adversity from ovarian cancer.

on the 30th day of Baronial 1981. Her charcoal were active at the Coulee Anchorage Canonizing Esplanade amid in Sylmar, California.

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