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Whatever lens you accept to appearance the activity and times of Champ Hugo, one affair is assertive – his arcane achievement sets him in a chic of his own. Adored with a amusing ability and arresting persona, this aberrant biographer and artist larboard an enduring mark on the French arcane mural in accurate and the accomplished of Europe by extension. He was added than a writer, as he was additionally an activist, politician, and statesman.


Born Champ Marie Hugo on February 26, 1802, in the eastern arena of Franche-Comté. His dad was Accepted Joseph Léopold Hugo, a French Army Arch who fought in Napoleon’s Army while his mother was Sophie Trébuchet, a All-embracing whose affairs and choices generally came at allowance with that of Victor’s father. He had two earlier siblings; Abel Joseph Hugo and Eugène Hugo.

Victor Hugo’s accomplishments complex a lot of biking mainly because of his father’s occupation. His adolescence complex trips from Paris to Naples, via the albino arresting peaks of the Alpines, an acquaintance that broadened his acuteness an angle at a adolescent age.

By 1812, Victor’s mother had developed annoyed of the alternation of aggressive activity and craved for adherence for her son, appropriately chief to achieve in Paris. Her accord with Accepted Hugo was added artificial because of his abridgement of All-embracing behavior and at this point, their alliance was branch for the rocks. The chief Hugo objected to his sons active with their mother and insisted on sending them to boarding school, far abundant from her influence.

At the age of 15, afore he was off to boarding house, Hugo had collapsed in adulation with a neighbour’s daughter, Adéle Foucher, and was angled on abiding for her duke in alliance afterwards his studies.

Between 1815 and 1818, Champ Hugo advised Law but consistently had an eye for autograph and abysmal bottomward approved to seek out a career in the arcane field. He never practised his profession.

In 1817, he alternate in a composition antagonism and accustomed acclamation from the Académie Française. Two years later, he came out acme in addition civic balladry contest. Champ after got affiliated to his boyish sweetheart Adèle Foucher in October 1822.

Victor Hugo appear his aboriginal atypical in 1823 titled Han d’Islande, and two years after it’s English adaptation was out as Hans of Iceland. He appear bristles volumes of balladry amid 1829 and 1840, they included Les Orientales, in 1829; Les Feuilles d’automne, in 1831 and Les Chants du crépuscule, 1835; Les Voix intérieures, 1837. Les Rayons et les Ombres was appear three years after in 1840.

With his publications broadly accepted, Hugo’s contour was on the acceleration aural the arcane association but in 1943 his career took a altered aisle afterward the afterlife of his earlier daughter, who got drowned during her honeymoon. Hugo abutting backroom and approved to accomplish his articulation heard in a association ability accelerated political changes and upheavals.

In 1841, he was adopted into the Académie française and four years after he was fabricated a Associate of France by Baron Louis-Philippe. He was again adopted into the Civic Accumulation of the Additional Republic in 1848.

In December 1851, Champ Hugo fled to Brussels afterwards arch a bootless attrition to the actualization of Napoleon III. During an banishment that lasted two decades and included stints in England, he produced some of his finest writings. He after alternate to France in 1871 to a hero’s welcome.

Seven years after in 1878, he fell ill and was diagnosed with bookish congestion. He died on 22 May 1885, at the age of 83 from pneumonia. Adverse to his appeal to be active like a pauper, Hugo was accustomed a admirable French Accompaniment burial, his charcoal lay in accompaniment beneath the Arc de Triomphe and were active in the Panthéon.

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Interesting Facts About the French Artist Champ Hugo

1. Hugo had an clamorous appetence for sex and claimed he had sex with his wife nine times on their bells night. Capacity about this were begin in Hugo’s claimed diary. Able-bodied into his 70’s, he remained sexually alive and acutely enjoyed the adventure of assorted partners.

2. Whenever he begin afflatus adamantine to appear by, Hugo would resort to autograph nude. He would alone get aback into his clothes afterwards he had accomplished autograph for the day.

3. During the American Civilian War, Champ Hugo’s book Les Misérables was published. The novel, which is on almanac as one of the longest atypical anytime accounting with 655,478 words, was said to be a admired amid soldiers at the time.

4. A Vietnamese adoration with about 5 actor followers sees Hugo as a Saint for extensive out to the accumulation during séances.

5. His 80th altogether was one huge party! 5,000 musicians played the French canticle for him and it had in appearance over bisected a actor bodies who paraded accomplished his abode while he sat with his grandkids watching.

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