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Considering his all-inclusive and ever-increasing fan base, W2S calmly belongs to the chic of the best acknowledged British YouTubers. The career which kicked off in his aboriginal age hasn’t alone fabricated him famous; the chap’s affluence has been aerial over the years. Accepted in some abode as Wroetoshaw, W2S’ bearing name is Harold Christopher George “Harry” Lewis. He’s acclaimed as the youngest affiliate of The Sidemen (a accumulation fabricated up of seven British YouTubers) and admired for the activity and accordance he expresses in his videos.

W2S has consistently done things that accretion him the absorption of the accessible – both for the appropriate and amiss reasons, let’s abide on the closing a bit. Already aloft a time, he affected his followers to booty a attending at his bum as he aggregate a annual of himself naked. Those who asked, “what was he thinking”? alone their aperture back pictures of his scrotum appeared on his Cheep handle. It was abatement to apprentice that the annual was afraid but then, the actuality that he had pictures of his testicles on his buzz fabricated bodies echo the catechism – what was he thinking? The amount didn’t get any bigger back the YouTuber proclaimed that they were his balls.

Another instance was back he had anybody assertive he had acquired a Ferrari 458; this was in November 2014. Anon after, he accepted that the rose gold-tinted car wasn’t his and that he alone rewrapped the car he adopted to accept the rose gold colour. In all, W2S is a blithe fella, and there are a good number of things account alive about him. Acquisition answers to some of the questions generally asked about him below.

W2S Bio (Age)

The British YouTuber was built-in on the 24th of November and in the year 1996. It is accepted that his abode of bearing was in Alderney and that he was brought up there until his ancestors confused to Guernsey; Annoy was alone seven at the time. In the Approach Islands of British Isles, he became one of the acceptance of Guernsey Grammar School.

How W2S became a fan of FIFA Soccer video bold is not far-fetched, he played football with a aggregation alleged Rangers F.C while he was in aerial school. Now accepted for videos of his FIFA games, his WROETOSHAW YouTube approach which has been alive back the 26th of July 2012 has been able to accumulate about 4 billion angle and 14 actor subscribers as of Advance 2019. That’s not the alone approach he runs, there’s additionally W2SPlays area he plays a array of games. This approach was created on 7th July 2013 and has accumulated over 62.5 actor angle alongside about 1.2 actor subscribers.

In appearance of how acknowledged his YouTube endeavour has been, it is difficult for one to accountability him for abandoning his studies to focus on arena video amateur and administration them on the internet. Yeah, W2S alone out of academy back he was 17 and confused to London to become a able YouTuber. Anytime he decides to acknowledgment to school, there is no agnosticism that he will calmly acquisition his way about it. According to reports, he was a actual ablaze student.

What’s His Net Worth?

Various abstracts accept been quoted as Harry’s net account over the years and it ranges from $5 to 12 million. Alike as we accept been clumsy to actualize any of these amounts, it is not adamantine to accept that he’s account more, because the millions of bodies subscribed to his channels.

Sometime in 2015, he gave abroad £800 to about 16 of his followers on Cheep – who accomplished beeline A*-A’s in their GCSE. That aforementioned year, he acquired a collapsed in Guernsey; this was additionally the year he reportedly bought his 50th Ceremony Copy of Lamborghini Gallardo.

W2S’s Sister, Brother, And Parents

While about annihilation is accepted about his parents, it is believed that they are partly amenable for their son’s affection for gaming. As the adventure goes, they alien him to the gaming apple back they gave him a Nintendo GameCube. The YouTuber isn’t the alone adolescent of his parents, he has a adolescent sister and brother appropriately called Rosie and Josh.

The above is the oldest of his two siblings, she was built-in on September 1st, 1999 and has been featured on a acceptable cardinal of her brother’s videos. Built-in on December 3rd, 2001, Chaff has called to airing in his brother’s shoes. He is additionally a YouTuber and his approach (Joshlewisgsy) boasts of over 60.6 actor angle and about 898 subscribers as of Advance 2019.


Who Is His Girlfriend?

To the best of our knowledge, Katie Sarah Bleed is the adulation of W2S’s life. It was ancient in 2014 that the YouTuber called her as his lover. A few years later, she appeared in one of his videos. It is believed that they are still an account but we haven’t been able to accredit that.

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