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Wendy Chavarriaga was Pablo Escobar’s ex-girlfriend who was ordered to be dead by Pablo himself. Amuse accumulate account to apprentice added about what happened amid them and how she died.

According to Colombian badge data, 49 lovers of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the Medellin Cartel’s leader, were dead on the biologic lord’s orders.

According to assorted sources, the biologic aristocrat ordered the assassinations because one of his ally was aggravating to accept a adolescent for him. Wendy Chavarriaga is one of the abundant victims.

Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was a glamorous, able archetypal with “that seemed to appear out of her neck” and one of Popeye’s admired women.

Pablo Escobar And Wendy Chavarriaga Gil Accomplished Accord Explored

Popeye met Wendy back she was the bedmate of Pablo Escobar. Popeye says that back Wendy Chavarriaga Gil was with Pablo Escobar, sHe led a activity of affluence active with planes, big-ticket cars, the best jewelry, the best haute couture designers, affluence travel, and more.

Everything she asked for, Pablo gave it to her,” said the hitman.

In addition, he told why Pablo Escobar concluded his accord with the admirable model. The alone affair that Pablo forbade his lovers was that they get pregnant. And Wendy did not comply.

Source: Busline Ecuador

What Did Pablo Escobar Do To Wendy Chavarriaga?

Unacceptable was the bearing of a adolescent out of wedlock. Escobar advised his ancestors to be sacred.

She became abundant for banking gain, but Pablo Escobar was not absorbed in acquirements the accuracy and accomplished two men and a veterinarian to abstract the adolescent from her.

At Hacienda Napoles, they put her to beddy-bye and affected her to accept an abortion. Back the woman regained consciousness, El Angel abreast her that the accord had appear to an brusque end.

How Did Wendy Chavarriaga Gil  And Popeye Met Again?

Jairo Velasquez Vasquez apparent her in a fashionable bistro in Medellin. She offered him a drink, and the two of them conversed, danced, and eventually became absorbed by one another.

And again they went calm to the comfortable accommodation that Escobar had accustomed to the archetypal during their time calm as a couple. That aforementioned night, Popeye fell arch over heels in love. The afterward day, the biologic banker abreast his superiors of his captivation with Wendy.

“I was loyal to Pablo aboriginal and foremost,” he said, abacus that he was consistently accurate with Pablo Escobar and that he never aria to him.

Jhon Jairo Velasquez And Pablo Escobar
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During his time with her, Velásquez recalls that Pablo Escobar accepted him permission to be with her but brash him to be cautious.

‘Let me acquaint you that you aren’t a man for Wendy: she is absorbed in capos.’ Accumulate your eyes peeled, there’s article aberrant activity on there,” the “Patron” cautioned him. Again Popeye kept his boring anchored on Wendy.

How did Escobar Acquisition Out?

Escobar became apprehensive of Wendy and began to attending into her. He beatific her to tap the phone. He apparent that he had not been mistaken afterwards alert to the recording.

Earlier in the day, the archetypal was speaking with associates of the Chase Block, a Colombian badge appropriate operations assemblage tasked with acumen the biologic aristocrat asleep or animate afterward his escape from the La Catedral prison.

“Popeye hasn’t accustomed me any advice about Pablo’s whereabouts.” “Yes, yes, as anon as you acquaint me, I’ll let you know,”

Wendy assured the officer, who was about to duke over the best capital man in Colombia. “I’ll acquaint you back I acquisition out,” Wendy added.  She had become an accuser for the Bloc.

For all this time, he had admired to exact animus on John Jairo.

Because of the decoy, she had chosen, she had concluded up with the man who had bootless her and abhorred her in the aboriginal place.

Then Pablo Escobar abreast Popeye of what he had apparent and ordered Wendy Chavarriaga Gil’s assassination.

How Was Wendy Murdered?

One of the best fashionable restaurants in boondocks was area Popeye had appointed a affair with Wendy. And he accomplished two of his men to complete the task.

Despite the actuality that Popeye was a adept apache who had murdered hundreds of men. He was clumsy to annihilate Wendy because he admired Wendy. Back the aide alleged out for Absence Wendy, his men were anon ordered to action. Wendy’s heels were abutting her at the bar. And again he heard the gunshots and Wendy’s scream, according to Popeye’s account.

Popeye provided added advice about the crime: “When I saw her lying in a basin of blood, I was affected with animosity of rage, love, sadness, and hatred. “It was as if an angry spirit had emerged from me,” he explained.

“I accept never accomplished annihilation like it since. Back you annihilate addition you adore, you accept no abstraction what you’re accepting yourself into.”

“However, Wendy had betrayed my God, Pablo Escobar Gaviria, “added Popeye. Account the contest of what he considers to be a watershed moment in his life.

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