What Absolutely Happened To Ainsley Hayes, The West Addition Actress?

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It takes one of two things to accomplish one a memorable appearance in any accustomed blur or TV show: either you are acceptable or bad. For Ainsley Hayes, the Republican Accessory White Abode Admonition in the NBC political drama, West Wing, alike admitting she appeared in not added than 12 episodes, she charcoal amid the series’ best memorable and admired characters.

Often referred to as a “blonde Republican sex kitten,” Hayes served as the Accessory White Abode Admonition and later, as the Agent White Abode Counsel. As a Republican, Hayes generally captivated claimed positions that were at allowance with those of the Bartlet White House. She was aforetime a law agent for the Absolute Cloister Amends Dreifort and usually wrote op-eds adjoin the Bartlet Administration. Interestingly, the aforementioned administering was the one that assassin her as a White Abode Admonition afterward her hot agitation with Sam.

Who Is Ainsley Hayes?

Ainsley Hayes is a fabulous appearance played by . She aboriginal appeared in the alternation during the additional season, in 2000 through 2003, and again in 2006, she connected in her alternating role.

Ainsley, aloof like Procter, was aloft in Arctic Carolina area her ancestor was a affiliate of the Republican Party. She was a third-generation Republican as her grandfathering was additionally the Accompaniment Armchair of the Arctic Carolina Republican Party. She never mentioned her mother on the show. Hayes accelerating from the Artisan Academy in Northampton, Massachusetts and again from Harvard Law School. Besides actuality a life-long affiliate of the Republican Party, the Southerner was additionally Episcopalian, as able-bodied as a affiliate of the Federalist Society.

Following her studies and afore demography up a position in the White House, Ainsley Hayes clerked for Accessory U.S. Absolute Cloister Amends Ronald Dreifort. She additionally wrote and appear a cardinal of columns analytical of the Bartlet Administering and the Autonomous Party. Ironically, she came to Admiral Bartlet’s absorption afterwards an actualization on alive television, Basic Beat, adverse Sam Seaborn (). She so baffled Sam that the blow of the Chief Agents fabricated fun of him.

Interestingly, her barbarous defeat of Sam fabricated a way for her to accompany the administration. Calling her “smart,” the Admiral asked Leo to appoint her. Hayes submitted her resume in hopes of acceptable abounding White Abode Counsel. Ainsley Hayes started as Accessory White Abode Admonition and brash chief White Abode agents on a cardinal of occasions. She additionally provided a argument on issues from beyond the alley – while accouterment a cardinal of acclaimed food-related quotes such as “can I booty this muffin?” forth the way. Of course, she brand aliment and has a candied tooth, abnormally for muffins and Fresca which she calmly substitutes with ale. She was eventually answer to Agent White Abode Counsel.

What Absolutely Happened To Ainsley Hayes On West Addition Actress?

After the third division of the show, back we accept collapsed in adulation with the smart-mouthed sass, Southern agreeableness Counsel, she chock-full actualization in the series. As we activate to anticipate of accessible affidavit and catechism why that was so, one of the affidavit that came to apperception was that the writers may not accept bare the appearance for any of the plots thus, autograph her off. While that could be true, it was apparent that she has taken a role somewhere else, thus, her unavailability.

Ainsley Hayes was casting as a alternating appearance in the NBC series. She appeared in the additional and third seasons of the show, alone back she was accounting into the scripts. Emily after larboard the show, and during the fourth season, was apparent on CSI: Miami, making it absurd that her appearance would arise abundant (if at all) on West Wing.

While it seems autograph Ainsley Hayes out of the appearance was the appropriate accommodation at the time, the alternation architect Aaron Sorkin appear that not advancement her to a approved casting affiliate and absolution the badge procedural appearance breeze her up was his better regret. On her part, Procter admired the appearance and didn’t appetite to go. She would accept backward on it always if she anytime got a adumbration that advancement her bold was a possibility. However, it angry out that the duo ability accept blurred anniversary other.

Hayes after appeared in the seventh division of West Wing, in 2006.

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