Who is Christian Yu: Here’s Aggregate You Charge To Apperceive About The Musician

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A reasonable allotment of celebrity success belief usually absorb some array of abandonment – bodies who had to leave their home country to acquisition success in a adopted territory. The adventure of Christian Yu is the opposite; He catholic beyond the seas to acknowledgment to his home country and alpha a career in the music industry. Today he is heralded as one of the best at what he does in the music mural of South Korea.

Who is Christian Yu?

Christian Yu was built-in Yu Ba Rom on September 6, 1990, in Australia, in the burghal of Sydney. Not abundant is accepted about Yu’s heritage, except for the actuality that his parents are from South Korea. Annihilation abroad is accepted about their identities. Yu Ba Rom, the alone adolescent of his parents, fell in adulation with music and dancing at a adolescent age.

He had his aerial academy and university apprenticeship in Australia. It is not accepted absolutely which aerial academy he attended, however, Yu went to the University of Sydney. His above was science and art.

At this time, Christian Yu was already a ballerina and was fatigued acerb to the apple of music and entertainment. Eventually, the cull became too abundant for him to ignor so Yu absitively to abdicate his university apprenticeship and acknowledgment to his built-in acreage of South Korea to accompany a career in the industry. Yu Ba Rom’s antecedent plan was to become a able Bboy ballerina back he landed in the burghal of Seoul but fate had added affairs for him.

Christian Yu’s time with the K-pop Bandage C-Clown

His aboriginal ache at acclaim came with the South Korean boy bandage accepted as C-Clown. The K-pop accumulation was active to Yedang Ball and had bristles added associates besides Ba Rom: Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, T.K, and Maru. Yu Ba Rom went by the name Rome, which is acutely a aftereffect from his aftermost name Rom.

Ba Rom’s C-Clown – which is abbreviate for Acme Clown, appear their aboriginal flat activity on July 18, 2012. It was a mini-album titled Not Alone. The success of the anthology and its advance distinct “Solo” brought them some much-needed recognition. They got on Mnet’s alarm and anon fabricated their admission achievement on Mnet’s affairs M! Countdown.

On November 15, of the aforementioned year, Yu and his boy bandage alone their additional activity titled Young Love. Inspired by Rom’s able aftertaste in music, the group’s abutting anthology explored added genres of music than their pop-laden aftermost two albums appropriately the anthology titled Shaking Heart was appear on April 2, 2013.

The accumulation connected to advance boundaries with the absolution of a few singles in aboriginal 2014. They appear advance like Tell Me and Justice and again on July 7, 2014, they alone a music video for their song Let’s Love.

By aboriginal 2015, signs began to appear that appropriate that all was not able-bodied in C-Clown land. One of the best accessible was that Yu Ba Rom afflicted his Instagram username from @romecclown to @christianyu_ and took bottomward all of his pictures from the annual in April 2015. The account’s description was now a cryptic account that appropriate that the characterization was aggravating to change Yu into article he did not appetite to be. At first, admirers anticipation this was a assurance that Yu was walking abroad from the accumulation and annihilation more.

Everything remained ambiguous until the characterization itself appear a accessible account on October 4, 2015, announcement that the K-pop accumulation had disbanded. But it was not all doom and gloom. Yedang Ball appear that alike admitting the bandage was no more, the talents in the accumulation would all abide beneath its umbrella. The sixth affiliate of the group, Maru, backward on as a accompanist beneath the agency, while the blow transitioned into bearing while accepting talks about basic a new group.


Here’s Aggregate you Charge to Apperceive about the Musician

A lot has afflicted back the canicule of C-Clown and Rome. For one, Yu Ba Rom has confused on but he is added than aloof a artist now. Actuality are a few things you charge apperceive about him.

1. Christian Yu was a YouTuber Afore his C-Clown Days

You wouldn’t accusation a guy for aggravating his luck. The ballerina cum rapper had acutely heard of the belief of abounding who became acknowledged on amusing media and absitively to try it out. However, it did not absolutely assignment out the way he anticipated, so back C-Clown came along, he jumped at the opportunity. Afore C-Clown, Yu was additionally a actor on KBS2’s Let’s Go Dream Team! Division 2.

2. Christian Accomplished Added Associates of the Accumulation English

Ba Rom’s position as the baton and aboriginal affiliate of the accumulation was bottomward to a host of qualities. One of them is that he could allege chatty English and acquaint in his built-in accent too. This fabricated him by absence the group’s centralized English tutor.

3. Christian Yu has Gone from Singing to Directing

Yu has confused up the ladder back his canicule as a rapper and ballerina for C-Clown. He went on to assignment for an absolute label DPR (Dream Absolute Regime). He works as the administrator and arch editor of the bureau area he has formed with artists like Blockhead from iKon to create some of the best music videos in the country. The bureau additionally has altered artists from altered music genres on their roster.

4. Christian Yu Still Meets with his Above Accumulation Mates already in a while

It turns out that the C-Clown disbandment did not ruin the accord amid the associates of the group. Christian Yu and the others are all accomplishing their own affair now. However, they still accomplish out time to get calm and bolt up every already in a while.

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