Who Is Danniella Westbrook? Actuality Are 5 Facts You Charge To Know

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More than actuality an English extra and a television personality, Danniella Westbrook has consistently captivated the absorption of abounding for one or two reasons. Alike as she appear over a decade ago that she’s done with actuality a celebrity, it hasn’t fabricated her beneath acclaimed in any way.

Danniella is still cool acclaimed and apparently best admired for arena Samantha Mitchell in EastEnders, the BBC soap opera. Best recently, she is accepted for her role in the Irish TV affairs Livin’ with Lucy, and In Therapy, a British tv absoluteness series. Tag forth as we analyze the facts of Danniella Westbrook’s life.

Who Is Danniella Westbrook?

Also accepted as Danniella Morgan and Danniella Jenkins, this English extra was built-in on the 5th of November and in the year 1973. If you analysis her records, you will acquisition that her abode of bearing was in Walthamstow, amid in London, England.

But then, it was in Loughton, Essex that she was aloft by her parents alongside her siblings. Her parents, Sue and Andy appropriately formed as a boutique abettor and a cab driver. Danniella has a sister called Georgia Elizabeth Westbrook and two brothers – Andrew Jay Westbrook and Justin Drew Westbrook.

She was one of those kids who knew what they were cut out for alike afore they appreciate what activity is all about. Danniella would accede she’s consistently capital to be acclaimed appropriate from back she was still a child. This aggressive her to become a archetypal back she was alone seven. From modeling, she became an extra and has remained accordant anytime since. But then, her adventure to distinction brought her a acceptable admeasurement of trouble. The afterward are facts you should apperceive about Danniella Westbrook.

5 Facts You Charge To Apperceive About Westbrook

1. She’s had a agrarian attempt with biologic addiction

Those who accept consistently fabricated a case about the dangers of acclaim amid youngsters would calmly accredit to Danniella Westbrook to accent their point. She became acclaimed at a actual adolescent age and it got her aggravating cocaine back she was alone 14. In the abutting few years that followed, she became an aficionado as her activity headed for destruction.

To fix herself, she went for adjust and spent bisected a year alleviative her annex on consciousness-expanding substances. Westbrook came out proclaiming that she had concluded her diplomacy with cocaine but that was far from the accuracy as it was appealing accessible to anybody that she was benumbed about always. Danniella had to get aback to adjust to absolutely get clean.

2. She was already kidnapped and gang-raped

Danniella Westbrook’s addiction acquired her a lot of pain, she spent so abundant on accepting aerial and ran out of banknote at some point. Things got blowzy for her back she couldn’t pay some accumulation of biologic dealers. The guys kidnapped and captivated her bound for three days; all the while, the accumulation of men took turns in raping her afterwards they benumbed her. Attributable to her biologic problem, Danniella couldn’t accompany herself to address the crime, she believed she will alone be abhorrent for what she suffered.

3. Danniella Westbrook has attempted suicide several times

This actress’ addiction to cocaine didn’t alone amount her over £250,000; it was so bad it damaged her nose. Danniella Westbrook abhorred herself for this and fabricated several attempts to booty her life. , she overdosed on paracetamol a brace of times to end her activity because cocaine fabricated a walking asleep out of her.

4. She already confused her eye in a car accident

Overdosing on paracetamol to annihilate herself isn’t the alone date Danniella has had with death. Way aback in 1998, she and her lover Robert Fernandez were complex in an animal car blast that larboard her with a confused eye and added astringent facial injuries. It is said that she was befuddled out through the windscreen of the car that Robert was driving. The man was reportedly overspeeding. Thankfully, the extra didn’t ache any birthmark that antidotal anaplasty couldn’t fix.


5. Lady Westbrook has been affiliated twice

Apart from Robert, Danniella Westbrook is accepted for her accord with Brian Harvey the English musician. What she had with Robert led to the bearing of her son Kia; he was built-in ancient in November 1996. But then, administration a adolescent didn’t stop what they had from falling apart. They chock-full actuality lovers in 1997 with Westbrook affective on to Ben Morgan in 1998. He affiliated the van disciplinarian that aforementioned year but whatever it was that they had concluded as bound as it started. They afar in 1999 aloof afterwards 9 months of marriage.

A few years later, absolutely on the 27th of December 2001, Danniella Westbrook got affiliated to the Kevin Jenkins. With the millionaire businessman, Danniella birthed her additional adolescent on the 5th of September 2001 and they called her Jody Jenkins. The alliance didn’t assignment out for Danniella as she capital as they afar in 2014. Kevin already appear that her addiction fabricated it difficult for them to abide calm as a affiliated couple.

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