Who Is Sam Okyere? His Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Quick Facts of Sam Okyere

Net Worth$2 million
SalaryNot Known
Height6 ft
Date of Birth21 April, 1991
ProfessionMedia Personalities

It does not amount area you are or what bark blush you have, chase arete and success will accompany you. So did Sam Okyere, the Ghanaian TV personality who is currently alteration the face of the South Korean ball industry and conjectures captivated about atramentous bodies with not aloof his blush but his talent, wits, and adeptness to accurate his credibility of view.

Here’s all you charge to apperceive about him.

What happened to Sam Okyere?

In aboriginal Baronial 2020, Sam Okyere took his Instagram to adjudge the use of Blackface in a graduation photo by a apprentice anatomy a aerial academy in South Korea.

Who Is Sam Okyere? Bio, Age

Sam Okyere is an African man who is currently authoritative after-effects in Asia. The Ghanaian television personality and archetypal fabricated his alteration to Seoul, South Korea afterwards he was accustomed into the Korean Government Scholarship affairs in 2009 to abstraction Computer Engineering at Sogang University.

Source: AllKpop

Over the abutting few years, he congenital the acceptability of actuality the best acclaimed atramentous man in South Korea. He accelerating in 2014 but has connected to command cartage in the ball industry.

Sam seeks to bridge the gap amid Korea and Africa and change bounded misconceptions about Africans, in general, accepting had a ahead of them afterwards he aboriginal accustomed on Korean soil.

Okyere was built-in in his built-in country, Ghana on April 21, 1991, and called Samuel. His adventure for college ability brought him to Korea but he additionally articular that as a adolescent man, he could advance the befalling he has of actuality in the country to grab as abounding adventures as he could.

Sam is chatty in the Ashanti Twi accent of the Ghanaian Akan accent as able-bodied as in four added languages including Korean, English, French, and Swahili.


Although Okyere did not anticipate a career in television, call alleged for his accord therein. He had to face the abhorrent realities of racism in his new country battle with the frustrations he faced while missing his family.

While he advised whether to carelessness his studies and acknowledgment home, a Korean acquaintance managed to argue him to break which additionally formed to action him new perceptions of the credible affair he faced.

Thus, he absitively to do article to affect the change he wants to see by dedicating his time to belief the bodies of Korea and acquirements about their culture.

Then came addition massive abstraction to advice him on his adventure of bridging the gap amid Africa and Korea: the media. Interestingly, he apparent that Korean TV has opened doors to foreigners as a way to get them complex in Korean culture.

So already the befalling presented itself, he affective it voraciously and in time becoming acting gigs and has become an accustomed attendance on screen.

With a acceptable command of the Korean language, he anon debuted on TV in 2013 on the tv alternation Island Apple Teacher in which adopted celebrities advise bounded pupils on an island.

The actuality that he was able to acquaint with Koreans in their built-in argot fabricated him apprehend how able accent is and for the aboriginal time, he came face to face with the actuality that accent can absolutely breach barriers.

Following several added baby works on the screen, Okyere’s big breach eventually came back he fabricated an actualization on the KBS allocution show Hello Counselor to allocution about the difficulties he faced with racism in Korea.

Following that, he snagged a approved role in the JTBC allocution appearance Non-Summit and additionally fabricated bedfellow appearances on the bold appearance Running Man and allocution appearance Happy Together as able-bodied as a adornment appearance on the 2015 MBC alternation Balmy and Cozy.

For his appearance in Warm and Cozy, he won the All-around Brilliant Accolade at the 8th Korea Ball Awards.

Since then, he has become added absorbed with Korean ability and has accustomed the warmness, acceptance, and acceptance he desired.

Eventually, the bodies are alpha to apprehend that bodies from Africa alive their lives aloof like they do and are not any altered irrespective of bark color.

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He is additionally alpha to rank among some of K Pop’s best acclaimed stars with a appealing all-encompassing resume of works beneath his belt, including Law of the Boscage in Palau, Adept Chef Korea Division 3, Moorim School: Adventure of the Brave, Affectionate Enemies, Dunia: Into a New World.

However, above a Tv career, Sam Okyere hopes to abide application his belvedere as a atramentous adumbrative to actualize acquaintance about his home country Ghana and his adopted home South Korea.

He additionally dedicates his time to a lot of altruistic and cultural address assignment and has helped accessible a academy in Ghana as able-bodied as co-founded a attack to affix cultures through aliment and appearance with t-shirts advised with illustrations accumulation dishes from Korea and Africa.

Why is Sam Okyere Famous?

Sam Okyere went to South Korea to a abstraction area he met with racism. He begin a way to transform his abrogating acquaintance into absolute ones by authoritative name for himself as a accepted TV personality.

Sam Okyere’s Net Worth

Okyere has absolutely fabricated his mark on the Korean ball scene. Although he did not initially appearance acting as an access to accomplish money, the money nonetheless came. He earns a bashful bulk from his TV gigs, his estimated net account is $2 million  as of 2022.

Does Sam Okyere accept a Wife or Girlfriend?

Sam is a handsome adolescent and absolutely has alliance in his band of thoughts. He has alike talked about the anticipation with his mother. However, he is yet to airing bottomward the alley with his admired one whose character he is yet to unveil.

He has no botheration acid beyond continents. While his mother, in a archetypal mother’s way, may accept a little affair accepting a Korean adult as a daughter-in-law but would nonetheless go with her son’s best for the account of his happiness, his father, on the added hand, would rather he ally one.

Besides that, he thinks it will be ideal to accompany his parents. So, watch out for a Korean bells with Sam Okyere.

Sam Okyere’s Acme and Added Facts

The Ghanian-born Korean TV personality is a acme advantaged man. To be compared to a Hollywood A-lister, it absolutely is not about looks abandoned but acme as well. He stands 6 anxiety or 1.84 m alpine aloft the ground.

Source: Reddit

Some bodies aberration him for the American amateur because of their arresting resemblance.

Sam was one of the featured honorees on Forbes 30 beneath 30 Asia in Ball and Sports 2016 list.

He was additionally 1 of alone 2 applicants to be accustomed from his home country into the Korean Scholarship Affairs in 2009.

Sam Okyere was fabricated an agent to advance seaweed which he loves and ate a lot of on the show, Island Apple Agents from the baby fishing boondocks of Wando in South Korea.

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